Multiplicity Annual Gear Guide!

Hey kids, check it out. Your favorite site for all things multiple-related has got their first annual treat for you: Multiplicity’s Annual Gear Guide.

“But what could be inside it?” you wonder. “Twiniversity already gives us such great daily updates, and Multiplicity is so full of information and good advice! There can’t possibly be any more they could do!”

There’s always something more we can do, my pretties. You know we’d do anything for you.

In this Gear Guide, we have everything from recommendations for stylin’ diaper bags and bottles to tips for planning your dream nursery and what should be inside it. We wouldn’t lead you wrong with any of the products inside: there’s things that you’ll recognize from well-established companies and things you might not from brand new-companies, but it’s all what we feel is the best of the best.

Do take a gander and use what you find. Have fun.