Plan your attack on your kids candy.

With Halloween falling on Monday in the United States, our kids are gearing up to get their sugar fix for the year. But what about us?

Last year a friend of mine made Candy Vodka. Crazy? Genius? You decide! But it was delicious, I’ll tell ya that much. I called on her, this Halloween season, so we can spread the joy, and I was shocked to learn that making your own candy flavored liquor is actually pretty simple.

First: Fill a Mason Jar with Vodka (you may even wanna try a different liquor.)

Second: Add candy. Hard candy like lemonheads, skittles, peppermints, jolly ranchers, butterscotch, etc. work best. Unwrapped of course.

Third: Let it sit for two days in a safe spot, out of the reach of little hands.

Some candies will desolve, while others will leave little bits and pieces at the bottom. If that should happen, simply strain and serve on the rocks! TA-DA…candy flavored booze. Now who said Halloween was a kids holiday…let’s change all that!

So this year, as you are Trick Or’ Treating with your little ones, make sure that they ask for some extra for mommy and daddy. Heck, you may even want to bring your own goody bag!

This year, I’m attempting Candy Corn Vodka. Wish me luck! Have Fun and be safe and drink responsibly.



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