HP Print Holiday Favorites

This week ,Twiniversity’s Natalie Diaz, attended a party hosted by HP to show off some items that you may want to add to your holiday wish list.

The party started with a warm welcome from our HP hosts along with celebrity Robert Verdi. You may know Robert from his awesome shows like Fashion Police and Full Frontal Fashion. Robert has a personality that can light up the room and it was a pleasure meeting him. It was  great way to kick off the night.  Ok, getting right down to business, here are some things I saw tonight that will just blow your mind.


#1. Did you know that HP is now making a 3D scanner/printer! Yup. It’s called the HP TopShot. I watched many folks play with this cool new contraption and it was eazy breezy lemon squeezy. (Can you tell I spent too much time with the twins today). The scanner takes ANY item and transforms it into a 3D print/online image. Robert was so intrigued he had to give it a try himself. He decided to scan his shoe! It all happened in one touch. The scanner took three quick photos and transformed his shoe into an outstanding 3D print version of itself. Impressive to say the least. This item should go on the holiday list of any crafter, Etsy store owner, or Ebay’er. You could not possibly get a better image using your standard camera. Retailing at about $400 this scanner should pay for itself in no time flat!

#2. The next item that I saw that you might want to add to your holiday list is the HP Envy 110. This crazily compact printer produced crystal clear images with almost no sound at all. Long gone are the days of the ol’ dot matrix printer which would make that high pitched screeching sound. (Am I dating myself here?). The Envy also features a 1200 x 1200 resolution scanner, 80 page paper tray, and can produce up to 30 copies per minute! This stylish piece of equipment would be a welcome addition into any home or home office. Retails for $249. (currently on sale on the HP website)

#3. Finally the last printer I saw that I think you will LOVE LOVE LOVE is the HP Photosmart 7510. This printer looks more like your tradition all-in-one type systems. However with a touch screen, 125 sheet tray, and print lab-quality photos, this machine takes it to the next level. The outstanding price point of $199 is lower then expected for such a great all-in-one printer. This HP Photosmart 7510 would be perfect for scanning kids art projects, printing scrapbooking items, and making a few extra copies of that cute picture you just took of the kids.

I know what I’m asking Santa for this year (cough…cough…The Envy…cough..cough) which one would you choose?


Disclaimer: Natalie attended the party as a guest. She did not receive any products or compensation for this review. Her views are entirely her own. (Did you know that legally she has to include disclaimers when posting reviews. Just in case you were wondering why she did this.)