My Twins Received Expensive Birthday Gifts From a Friend…

It was my twins 7th birthday this weekend and we had a small party. Each twin was allowed to invite six friends. This small group of 14 then went to Chambers Pottery (my aunt’s studioshameless plug!!!) where they each made a bank. Some kiddies made literal “piggy” banks, others made snowmen or trains, one girl even made a chicken!

The party was great. Flawless in fact. It started on time (11am) and ended on time (1pm) and the kids had a blast and learned something in the process.

When we got home, my twinnies could not WAIT to rip into their gifts. I let them open one by one, taking note of what each friend gave so they can mention it in their thank you card.

THEN it happened! We opened up one bag and there it was….a Nintendo DS XL. No, not a DS GAME, but actually the hardware itself. The next twin opened their gift and TA DA… another Nintendo DS XL. I was shocked. These are VERY expensive gifts ($150 each) and were given by a VERY hardworking family. Now I should mention, yes, I live in New York City, but we come from a very middle class area of NYC, not the “Housewives of NYC” kinda place, so gifts like this are not expected to say the least. 

Most of the other kids gave typical gifts like Squinkies and Bakuguan goodies. But the DS XL’s were way out in left field.

Side note to this whole gift experience: My twinnies already received the DS XL’s last year from their overly generous Aunt, so we couldn’t even use them. Not that this should matter, but I wanted you to have all the facts.

So what should I do:

A. Keep the gifts and return them to the store for credit and buy some games the kiddies want.

B. Keep them and donate them to charity and make two other kids holidays?

C. Keep them, but explain to the mom that we can’t reciprocate in such a manner when it’s her child’s birthday.

D. Give them back to the parent and GENTLY explain that we don’t feel comfortable receiving such expensive gifts.

E. A combo of ideas

F. Something else.

Please….any and all ideas welcome!



Founder of Twiniversity and Momma to Anna and Johnnynow 7 years old.


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