Calling all Cuties! Do you think your twins have what it takes to be on the cover of a magazine?

Calling all cuties! If you would like for your duo to be considered for our next cover, please send a high quality, PROFESSIONAL photograph (with your photographer’s permission, of course). Though they may capture precious for mom, we will not even consider photos that are candid shots taken around the home or elsewhere. Also, a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect photo(s) you’d like to send in:

*should be vertical in position
*should have a “quiet” background, with mainly your twins in focus — we need to be able to highlight articles, etc. without it coming across as too busy
*should be seasonal (i.e. we will never run a Christmas/holiday shot in July and will never use babies in bathing suits in fall/winter, etc.)

When you have found that perfect shot (or more than one if you can’t decide!), please send to me ( and I will handle from there. If selected, your twins will have a brief bio on the Table of Contents page, and your photographer will get a photo credit and interactive link to his/her website. Thank you for considering being part of us!