Maclaren USA declares bankruptcy

-By Natalie Diaz, Founder of Twiniversity

The other day wrote a article about how Maclaren USA filed for bankruptcy. Did anyone else hear about this? I can’t believe it either.

What I find interesting is that it seems the only people covering this story are online writers and bloggers. What happened to the major networks covering this? Am I the only person wondering why a multi-million dollar company is going bankrupt when they had record sales just a few years ago according to their sales team?  Didn’t any red flags get raised when their revenue tanked 99.5% suddenly last year? Even with their recall, I still find that much of a plumet hard to believe. Is it just me?

Why is this all so hush-hush? Is Maclaren doing this to get out of any injury claims from their 2009 recall? Are they restructuring because they are going out of the baby biz and focusing their efforts on sailing?

Personally this story makes a few pieces come together. You see, after years of working with Maclaren USA and having very close relationships with their staff, I was surprised when they had a massive round of layoffs last year. Did you know that Twiniversity started teaching classes in the Maclaren Showroom in Soho and even in Maclaren’s Norwalk store. At one time Maclaren was like the extended Twiniversity family.  THEN, once they layoffs occurred, and the staff was replaced, Twiniversity was told that they were seeking a “higher caliber client” than the moms that I had apparently been bringing to the store. Yeah, I was shocked too. Apparently twin parents weren’t good enough for them, or at least for their new marketing team. Odd considering that they have one of the best selling twin strollers (in that price range) on the market and I figured they wanted to keep it that way.

Well to say the least, I’m not surprised by this news, but I am surprised how undercover it all is.

Hopefully some other folks will pick up this story and we can get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

For now, hold on to your Maclaren’s. They do make a great twin stroller, but you may not find it on the shelves for long depending on how their bankruptcy goes.