Taking your children to the theater/Freckleface Strawberry The Musical

By: Natalie Diaz

At the tender age of seven, I finally took my twinnies to see their first live performance. For New Yorkers, I feel like we were a bit overdue since I can remember taking my niece to see The Lion King when she was five. I suppose as a mother of twins, I was twice as nervous that they would shout out to the folks on stage, or worse yet, try to get up and dance and sing with them.

We decided that their into to theater should be a fun children’s production called Freckleface the Musical. This play is based on the best selling book Freckleface Strawberry, the New York Times children’s book by Julianne Moore. This story tells the tale of tale of a little girl with red hair and freckles and how her road to acceptance and friendship was filled with just a few bumps.

This classic tale has now been turned into a fun filled musical. This story brings the pages to life, brings a smile to your face and a tap to your toes.

Before the performance I prepped the twinnies and told them how the audience is there to watch the show and not take part in it. I explained how we should try and not distract the actors so they can put on their best show. This was easy to explain since they despise when one interrupts the other when singing a song or even reading out loud. I told them that they needed to watch the play like a movie. My nerves started to tingle as we went into the theater and were seated in the FIRST ROW! How was I going to stop them from running on stage (which was not as much a stage, it was just a performance area on the main level which we were sitting). EEEK!

I am proud to say, that all my worry was for nothing. They were captivated by the performance from start to finish. The music kept them in their seat and the 17 songs are as toe tapping as can be.

As the mom of a redhead, this story hit home for my daughter in many ways. She said “It was awesome, Strawberry was just like me!” This show will resonate even with the smallest of fans and adults alike because we can all relate to central theme, fitting in.

The Diaz Duo gives Freckleface Strawberry four thumbs up!

This production of Freckleface the Musical is featured at the MMAC Theater in New York City. Tickets can be purchased at Telecharge or at the MMAC Box Office.

Can’t get to a performance? You can always download the soundtrack on iTunes!

Disclosure: The Freckleface team provided tickets for the twinnies and I to see the production. The review is entirely our own.



  1. I brought a three year old and she kept asking “Where did the boys go?” every time they left the stage and when it got dark she would ask “What happened?” other than those few outbursts she did great! 7 is probably the perfect age.