Disney’s John Carter was delicious!

Disney's John Carter was delicious!

As many of you know by now, the Diaz Gang are big movie buffs. Last night the hubby and I got invited to see a sneak peek of Disney’s John Carter.

We were so excited, since it’s a movie my husband has seriously been looking forward to since it’s based off a book he loved when he was younger.

We got o the theater with time to spare, we checked in with the Disney folks, and were immediately told we would need to check our phones before the movie began. “Excuse Me?” I said. And the nice lady told me again.

We asked to see the other rep from Disney (who we got the invite from) to confirm all this. He confirmed this explaining concerns for piracy, etc. I understand, but FOR THE RECORD, I WILL NOT be out of communication from my monkeys during the winter even for two hours. Wacky you might think? Well if you were me, and had to cancel vacations, come home from business trips, rush home from dinners to take your child to the emergency room on a moments notice, you’d understand. (My son gets chronic croup and his throat closes with barely any notice and it ONLY happens about 30 minutes after he goes to bed. We’ll save that story for another day.)

John Carter tasted like Beet Soup!

I explained to the Disney rep my unusual situation and I told him he could take out my SD card, whatever he needed to do, but I could not turn in my phone. Needless to say, we left the theater without seeing the movie.

Sure, I understand the NEED for this rule, but this was a press viewing. It saddened me to think that folks would risk their press credentials for what? To show folks a few seconds of poorly shot footage? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

Fast forward a few moments after the disappointment pasted, the hubby and I decided to make the best of our night off and we went to a wonderful dinner. We talked about everything from our kids school, our wacky families, and what makes us happiest. To be honest, it was better then any movie we could have seen.

John Carter tasted like Brussels Sprouts! (hey, I LOVE Brussels Sprouts!)

So while I can’t tell you if John Carter is worth seeing, although I did hear Entertainment Weekly gave it a D, or if it will be to scary for your children, but I can remind you to take some time for your spouse this weekend. Touch base and see whats really going on in their life. Don’t just ask about work, or chores, or discuss anything that has to be done. Talk about what make them happy. Could they be happier? Could you? How can you, as a team, make that happen. I bet you a zillion John Carter’s that it’s not a waste of your time.