Need something the whole family can listen too? Try the “The Merry Goes Round” by Jewel

Recently Twiniversity sent out a few copies of the new Jewel CD to our members. “The Merry Goes Round” is the multi-platinum singer/songwriter’s follow-up to her successful “Lullaby” release. We asked our parents’ what they thought of the new album and here is what they said:

“The new CD by Jewel is a hit!  My twins were captivated at once starting with the first song- Sammy the Spider.  It makes you think of spiders in a whole new light- like little creatures just trying to have a good life and raise a family.  (Another favorite was) The ‘Supermarket Song’ will make you laugh, every Mom who has ever had a child in the cart reaching for and begging for bright shiny boxes on the shelves will relate to that tune.  Also found on this CD is ‘My Favorite Things.’  This is one of my favorite songs to sing to my twins, so I was anxious to hear Jewel’s rendition.  I mean, how do you compete with Julie Andrews on this song?  Well, Jewel did a completely unique take on the song that made it all her own.  She made a blues version that is fantastic! ” said twin mama Kathy Byrd.

The other Twiniversity moms who listened to this CD also found it captivating and not what they expected. Many expected traditional lullabies, but came to found out they were enjoying it as much as the kids….if not more! So if you are looking to update your music collection with something the whole family can enjoy, what are you waiting for? You can download from itunes, or amazon today!

Don’t believe us, take a listen yourself….