Our March 2012 Super M.O.M, Heather Clark!

Meet our Super M.O.M for March 2012:

Heather Clark

For our March Super M.O.M, Twiniversity would like to take a moment and honor Heather Clark. She is the outstanding mama of Max and Ty. This Super M.O.M is raising her autistic twin boys and deserves our round of applause for this month.

We found Heather thanks to her friend Elizabeth Paddock who nominated her,  here is what she had to say:

“I met Heather in an online M.O.M group and we have become the best of friends over the last two years.  I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazingly strong woman and mother she is.  From a very early age, Heather had very serious concerns about both of her sons. While family, friends, and even multiple doctors tried to tell her to take the “wait and see” approach with her twins’ development, Heather knew something was not right and that she didn’t want to wait until it was too late to get help for her boys.

She did not hide from her fears, but fought until they were confirmed… both of her twins have Autism.  Heather has become the most amazing advocate for her sons.  Whether it comes to their medical care, their therapies, their educations, or just helping them be normal little boys, Heather works day in and day out, from the deepest depths of her heart to make sure that her sons are healthy and happy.  Sadly she has faced enormous challenges in the last two years.  The world is not a kind place for children with Autism.

But Heather doesn’t want her boys to know or experience that.  She is fighting to help make her community and the world a kinder place for her sons and for all of those touched by Autism.  I truly do not understand how she does what she does, or how she does it with this never fading smile on her face.  She is able to see amazing beauty in the smallest things, and I believe this is how she hangs on in the face of such painful challenges.  After meeting her online over two years ago, I’ve had the honor of flying half way across the country to meet Heather in person not once but twice.  The second time, our twins were able to get together and play in the ocean, and I am deeply grateful that my boys will grow up with her sons as friends.  Heather and her boys are a true inspiration and I would love, love, love the chance to give her the recognition she so truly deserves!!!”

We asked Heather a few questions to understand how she manages her family and here is what she told us:

1) What is the biggest challenge with having multiples?

“The biggest challenge with having multiples for me has to be getting over my own expectations of what I thought motherhood would look like. I pictured one little girl, and got two little boys with Autism instead. I realize now, that my former ideal, what I thought would be perfect, would have left me about half the woman and mother I am today. My boys are exactly what I needed to help me become my strongest self, but it took some time to get there.”

2) What is the best advice you ever received?

“All you really have to do in this life is create your beautiful soul.”

3) How do you spend your “free time”?

“What? I don’t understand the question?! Just kidding! I blog about our life and blogging has become my therapy! I rarely have the time to even process our hectic days, so it helps to have a place to reflect.”

4) How do you balance your time?

“I struggle with it. Honestly, time management is a weak point for me. I think the most powerful tool I do have for balance is my ability to redirect my own perspective. Our life is so challenging at times, and if I really dwell on all the negatives, it takes from my energy reserve. So, in order for me to balance things, as the heartbeat of the family, I have to maintain my own positivity and mental strength. I can’t imagine how I would accomplish all the daily responsibilities that I have, if I allowed all of our extra challenges to get me down.”

We here at Twiniversity and Bebe au Lait would like to present Heather with a Spa Finder gift certificate and hope she can find a little time off to use it as a special treat for herself.

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