Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

The Diaz Duo's 1st St. Patrick's Day! 2005

Even if your family history doesn’t show a trace of Emerald Isle blood, everyone is Irish today so let’s celebrate!


For years the Diaz Family has woken up to find their home invaded by Leprechauns!

These pesky creatures color their milk green, toilet water green and leave small pots of gold for each child.


As the kids get older, they are falling less and less for our tricks, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying!

It’s not to late to have your home invaded, lol. Turn off your home security system, and see if these little guys turn up!

Here are a few other fun things to do with your kids today:

Shamrock, Texas!

1. Grab a map and search for these “Irish” cities in the United States.


  • Mount Gay-Shamrock, West Virginia
  • Shamrock Lakes, Indiana; Shamrock,Oklahoma
  • Shamrock, Texas
  • Dublin, California
  • Dublin, Ohio

2. Bake a loaf of Irish Soda Bread! A delicious guaranteed hit for the whole family!!

3. Download some apps!

St. Patrick’s Daymation (Shamrock Edition Daymation Lite)

A St. Patrick’s Day Quizzle™

Irish Slang Dictionary

5. Read Together!

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day

The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever

The Story of St. Patrick’s Day


No matter what you choose to do, spend the day celebrating your family!

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Diaz Duo 2012