Bottle Feeding Basics

Bottle Feeding Basics

Bottle Feeding BasicsWelcome to Day 2 of MAM’s TwinTastic Online Celebration!

No matter if you breastfeed, formula feed or a combo of both, every household with multiples has a few bottles in the cabinet (and I don’t just mean the one’s for mommy and daddy).

Check out Nat’s video on Bottle Feeding Your Multiples and enter to win today’s awesome TwinTastic prize from MAM!


Today you can enter to win a TwinTastic MAM Feed and Soothe Set. This set includes (2) 5oz 3-packs, and (2) 8oz 3 packs!

Did you know that MAM now makes bottles? The Anti-Colic bottle is just one of the innovative developments from the MAM design studio. Its vented base has small air holes and a silicone seal that allows for maximum air flow in while still preventing milk from leaking out. The vented base ensures controlled milk flow by balancing air pressure inside the bottle. Liquid is also pushed towards the nipple allowing it to retain its shape and preventing it from collapsing.  All Anti-Colic bottles use MAM’s patented ultra soft silicone nipple. Transitioning from breast to bottle is simple because MAM ultra soft silicone nipples feel most like mom’s breast.

Want some of these bottle for your home? Enter to win below*:

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*Winners for our TwinTastic MAM celebration will be notified on April 30th via email. We will announce them on that same day. Only one entry per email address a day will be entered to win. Winners will be chosen via

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