Twinnies of the month- July 2012

July 2012
Twinnies of the month

Alessa & Caleigh
are 6 years old.
They sing, play dress up, sword fight, explore nature and play with bugs. These girls do it all!
There moms describes them and “self-rescuing princess”
We fell in love with them and so will you!
We asked their mom. What is your favorite part about being a mother of twins?
Seeing the love between them. Even when my husband and I “divide & conquer” the list of errands and each take a girl, they’ll say things like “we should get one for Caleigh too” or “I think Alessa would love this”. They’re both fiercely independent and are “self rescuing princesses”, happy with a sword or light saber in their hand as they dress in ball gowns. They love stories where the female character saves the day or rescues the prince – the damsel in distress/ princess waiting for her prince to sweep her off her feet doesn’t cut it with them. They’re confused why the princess isn’t off having adventures too! It’s been heart-breakingly wondrous to watch them become their own little people. They’re getting to the point where they’re becoming self-sufficient – I can set a checklist in front of them for items to put in a stack to pack for a trip and they can do it, they’ll play together in the backyard for hours, and they’ve finally learned that playing quietly together in their bedroom until 8 on weekends makes for much happier, fun parents 😉
What makes them unique?
Caleigh is outgoing & friendly and loves to be center stage. Alessa is more reserved and loves to view the world with a quiet, naturalist’s eye before documenting it in her field journal. Snuggle hugs vs fierce hugs, arts vs athletics, mercurial vs routine driven – my sweet girls are more different than day & night. But they fit together so perfectly… I wouldn’t change them in any way.
Their mom asked them a few questions for us so we could get to know them better. Here are their answers.

What do you like most about being twins?

Alessa: “I get to have a sister – to be with, to play with, to LIVE with.”

Caleigh: “I like being with my sister & never being alone.”

What your interests?

Alessa: “What I REALLY like to do is go swimming & look at nature.”

Caleigh: “Usually, I play in the backyard and catch bugs and other exciting stuff. We use our imaginations!”

What is your favorite toy?

Alessa: “I love my Etch a Sketch and my My Little Ponies.”

Caleigh: “My Little Ponies – especially the Rarity with the sparkly hair.”

(we live a very “pony-centric” life right now at our house)

What is your favorite song?

Alessa: “Hey Soul Sister” (by Train)

Caleigh: “Mean” (by Taylor Swift)

What is your favorite subject in school?

Alessa: “I’ll be in second grade next year. I love to do math, but I love reading a lot too.”

Caleigh: “My favorite thing in school was music – we learned all sorts of cool songs and dances, but what I really liked was throwing away my math workbook on the last day of school.

What is your favorite book?

Alessa: “The Night Before Christmas.”

Caleigh: “Go Dog Go.”

Here is a cute video of Alessa and Caleigh singing

Alessa and Caleighs will receive this Creative Projects Table from our friends at Step 2. It has many compartments for storing art supplies, books and more. It has a large work space and two stools, perfect for twins to be creative together.

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