Baby Basics: Burping Twins

Maria burping her twins

So, after you have learned the art of feeding both your twins at the same time, then comes time to burp them. Some parents opt to burp them at the same time. Is this even possible? Yes it is. It is up to you if you choose to do it this way, and depending on if your babies can wait to be burped. I know mine would spit up if the didn’t get burped RIGHT AWAY! At one point it was nice that even though I fed them at the same time one was a faster eater than the other so I would have a minute of two to burp him before his brother would be ready. It is important to make sure to protect your clothing! I liked to use receiving blankets. You can have them eat with a bib on as well to protect their clothing so you have to change less outfits. Watch this video to learn some more tips for burping your babies!


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