Top Tips For Helping Your Twinnies Sleep

Sleeping NewbornThere is nothing sweeter than when your babies start sleeping though the night. A whole new world seems to open up as you start getting consecutive hours of sleep at a time! On average babies start sleeping though the night between 6-8 weeks but can take much longer in some instances. No worries though- here are some tips to encourage your babies to sleep through the night. And until they do, just roll with it and remember that one day they will be teenagers and you will have payback when they want to sleep till noon….lol

Routine- You‘ve probably heard this tip from other parents a million times! Why is routine so universally important? Following a predictable pattern before bedtime helps your babies know what is coming next and so they are relaxed and not surprised about bedtime. Ashlee T. says: “My #1 tip is routine, combined with knowing your babies’ signals. Adjust your expectations around how long it’s likely to take, it will all fall into place.” Yes, it will take some time to establish a routine. The key is to have quiet activities prior to bed time. So dim the lights and turn off the TV about an hour before it’s time for bed. Try reading a story, singing a song or talk about all the good things of the day. Your voice will not only sooth your babies but it will also help you relax to think of all the reasons you have to be thankful for your sweet bundles. Why not try to include some of the following your bedtime routine as well?

White Noise- What is white noise and why do babies like it? White noise is a constant non-rythmatic sound. Think of how easily babies fall asleep in the car. Why does this work? Once a babies ears start to develop at 18 weeks gestation, babies hear the constant heartbeat of their mother and twin, among many other things. There is a lot of noise inside the womb. On top of that, babies who have spent some time in the NICU are prone to sleep better with white noise since the NICU is a noisy place. So skip the car ride and bring some white noise into your home to help sooth them to sleep. You can purchase white noise machines or save some money and use things from around the house like a fan (make sure it’s not blowing directly on the babies or is anywhere within babies reach), or a humidifier/dehumidifier machine. These can be set just outside the door to their room to be effective. Or you can even download white noise MP3 files off the internet for little or no cost.

Have a Full Belly- You know how you always want to take a nap after you eat a big meal? Babies are more prone to drift to sleep on a full tummy as well. And this will help them sleep longer before they wake up for a “midnight” snack. If your babies drink from a bottle, make sure to never let them go to bed with it; this can be damaging to their teeth and health.

Transitional Object- This could be a special blankie (nothing bigger than a small soft cloth with silk edges), stuffed animal, or even a pacifier. Find something that is comforting for your baby. This will be a good object to help them fall back to sleep after a late night feeding, diaper change or if they just wake up scared. Laura W. says “I thought using a lovey/transitional object was a hoax until I tried it. Trust me, it works!”

Consistent Sleeping Arrangement- Every family has sleeping arrangement that works for them. Some choose to co-sleep, others choose to have their twins sleep in the same crib together, other twins sleep in their own cribs or even their own rooms to help promote good sleeping. The key is to have your babies fall asleep where they will stay for the night. This will help them not be frightened if they wake up in a different room than they fell asleep in. If you have them fall asleep in their own crib or room, they will become accustom to putting themselves to sleep rather than having someone to put them to sleep every night. But again every family has their own method of sleeping that works for them.

miracle blanket twinsSwaddle- Why do most infants love swaddling? Swaddling reminds babies of being inside the tight belly of their mother where they had little wiggle room, so no wonder that they love to be wrapped up snug. Make sure you use only light blankets. Make sure the room is not too warm since being wrapped up will keep your baby plenty warm. A lot of Twiniversity moms recommended the Miracle Blanket for swaddling. So the good news… we have some to give away to two Twiniversity families!


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