Twin Baby Shower Themes and Games

Twin baby showers present unique opportunities for fun shower themes.  Having a theme makes everything easier, because you can apply it to everything from the invitations through the thank you cards and everything in between.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and make the most of this exceptional celebration!  Websites like Pintrestwill keep you occupied for hours with hundreds of ideas. (check out our twins and more baby shower board) Here are my favorite twin shower themes.  Try one of these or see if they spark a new idea of your own.

Theme Ideas

  • Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from The Cat in the Hat)

  • Two Peas in a Pod

  • Noah’s Ark

  • Wombmates

  • Twice is Nice

*For more themes for multiples check out our Twins Baby Showers: Great Ideas for Themes, Food, and Decor article.

Party Games

cupcakes nest triplets or multiples baby showerOnce you’ve chosen a theme and picked out cute corresponding invites, it’s time to come up with some entertainment that your guests will still be talking about when your twins are in college.  Remember to keep the games simple and easy enough for everyone to enjoy, and make sure you have lots of prizes on hand.  Five dollars at the ninety-nine cent store will go a long way, and you can focus on prizes that come in twos – earrings, gloves, socks, or even packs of double mint gum or double stuffed Oreos!  Here are a few of my favorite shower games:

My Water Broke

Freeze little toy babies in ice and then place a cube in everyone’s drink.  (Make sure that you warn everyone so that no one drinks the baby by accident.  That could really spoil a good party.)  As the party progresses, the ice will melt and the babies will “pop” to the top. The guest whose ice melts first has to shout, “MY WATER BROKE!” and hand their baby to the party organizer.  Even though only the first guest to have her water break gets a prize, everyone will probably shout, “MY WATER BROKE!” when their baby floats to the top, creating a fun and raucous atmosphere.

How Many Kisses?

Fill a plastic baby bottle or any large container with Hershey’s Kisses and have your guests guess how many are in the container!  The person whose guess is closest to the real number wins a prize.  You can customize this by using blue and pink kisses if you’re having girl/boy twins or two bottles of blue kisses if you’re having identical boys.


Forget B-I-N-G-O when you can play T-W-I-N-S.  Create bingo cards using twinnie related terms like, “double stroller,” “double trouble,” “double blessings,” “Twice as Nice,” “Baby A,” “Baby B,” “Two peas in a pod,” “dynamic duo,” “identical,” “fraternal,” etc.  Personalize this by adding your last name, your husband’s last name, the names you’re considering for your twins, and anything else you’d like to include.

What’s My Name?

Can’t decide what to name your twinnies?  Your shower is a great place to get some ideas. What better focus group could you find?  Give every guest some paper to write down their name suggestions and why they are suggesting them.  When you get home, go over all the ideas.  You might just learn from your mother’s card that your great great grandfather was named Alexander, which is a name you were already considering!  This may just be the convincing you need to make that big decision for baby Alex!

Double Doodie!

Each guest gets a tiny little diaper crafted out of a triangular piece of white felt with a safety pin closing it up so that it looks like a tiny diaper.  Two guests’ diapers have a “bonus” in them – a Tootsie Roll out of its wrapper.  Yes, it looks like a tiny poop.  The guests with poop in their diapers win a prize.  Sure, this game is a little on the gross side, but if you have a wacky family like mine, the room will be filled with hoots and hollers!  At my shower, those hollers got louder when the winning guests ate the Tootsie Rolls after collecting their prizes.

Hope these ideas get you started planning the twin baby shower. Do you have some theme ideas? Share them with us! Above all else, have fun!

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