TTTS: The Weinstein Story


TTTS: The Weinstein StoryAs told by Rachel Weinstein

It all started when I was pregnant and my first ultrasound was 1 baby. I still have the picture. Then at 5 months I decided to see if I was having a boy or a girl so I went for another ultrasound. To my disbelief the ultrasound technician told me she saw 2 heartbeats. My best friend yells, “Oh no! The baby has 2 hearts!” I on the other hand knew immediately what she meant, I was having twins. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Moments later I found out that I had stage 4, Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Simply put, Baby A was giving her nutrients to Baby B and thus, Baby B was having heart problems.

ttts blurbThe very next day we had the laser surgery and was told I had a 50 percent chance of loosing a baby. Whoosh what a whirlwind of a time. They removed over 2 liters of embryonic fluid and I was put on strict bed rest for the next few months. Meanwhile all of my friends and family were Googling about TTTS, (as was I) and I was getting grim greetings from them. It seemed few believed my girls were going to make it and many told me to expect the worst, even my best friend.

In and out of the hospital for contractions a couple times and a cerclage in place, with my feet up I was determined for them to make it as long as possible. They were finally born at 31 weeks and weighing under 2 1/2 lbs. We spent two long months in the NICU helping them get bigger and stronger to come home.

Three and a half years later I am writing this with two of the most beautiful and more importantly healthy, fun spirited and sweet girls one could ever imagine. I am truly in every sense of the word Double Blessed. My family is stronger because of this struggle. An amazing journey with my amazing twins.

My biggest tip to others is don’t read too much and don’t believe everything you read. I hope to be a story of hope to others.

Have you been recently diagnosed with TTTS? Need some support? Please feel free to contact us. Info is on our main page.


  • Awesome story! Double awesome girls!!!

  • Right there with you… Double blessed. And reading your story brings me back to our shared NICU experience like it was yesterday. Those babies turned out to be gorgeous and I love seeing all your posts. Here's to Cedar's Sinai, medical miracles and two healthy, awesome sets of twins! Xo

  • My twins had TTTS also. I was a Stage 3! It's truly amazing how blessed we are! My girls are now 4 months old. At the time I only met people that had lost a twin or had horror stories. I had 4 liters of fluid taken off and miracles happen! 3 days later everything was balanced back out. It's so refreshing to hear other success stories! Your girls are beautiful.