A Tribute to Awesome Dads

tribute to fathers

Dear Dads,

We know that each morning you rise before the sun, and for some of you, it is the opposite. You rise with the moon and sleep with the sun. Life for you is a journey. It is a mission you bravely step into everyday. Sometimes we watch you drag yourself out of the house, but you set out each day to finish what you started. You provide for us. You teach us never to give up. You gently kiss our cheeks before you leave the house, and hug us tightly each time you come home.

dadsSome of you stay home with us. You wake us up each morning and keep us on track as we head off to school. You run our carpools, cook the meals, and help us do homework. You take us to swim lessons, soccer practice, and spend your evenings at our science fairs and band concerts. You cheer us on at ball games, sometimes from the sidelines and sometimes you’re in the dug-out. You are the biggest fan cheering us on. When we lose, you teach us not to give up. When we win, you teach us that winning isn’t everything. You remind us to play fair, to have fun, and to see no limitations.

Sometimes we see the stress in your face. You’ve given up so much for us. We watch you as you strive to be successful. We think you already are the most successful man on earth. You teach us that success isn’t measured in money, but how dedicated you are to leaving your mark on society at the end of the day. We think you’re a genius. We think whatever you do is amazing, just because you are doing it.

dadsDaddy, you are the man that sees a little princess. You put beads around your neck, “pretty’s” in your hair, and let us paint your toe nails. You dance around the room with us singing “Call Me Maybe” and “What Makes You Beautiful.” You remind us to be loving and kind. You teach us that it is OK to be scared, and help us to be brave. Because of you, we stand with our heads held high. We know how to be tough, how to get dirty, and understand the value of a 57 Chevy.

You are the superhero and we are the little sluggers in your life. Your time is most precious to us. The moments you spend kicking a ball around, throwing a pitch, or helping us reel in a fish are priceless. You take us camping, for bike rides, and to the park. Sometimes we just sit on the floor and do puzzles, read books, or build volcanoes. Because of you, we know what hard work is. We know how to treat others, and when to give up our seat on a bus.

dad militaryMany of you fight for our freedoms. You spend your life dedicated to our country and solidifying our safety. We miss you when you are gone, and rejoice when you come home. You are far away, but in those big moments we know that you are always there. We love our video chats, and letters. We love to hear that you are safe. You are the soldier and you are the warrior. You are the reason we stand tall, serve honorably, and understand the value of life. You are an ocean away, and we may be miles apart, but our hearts are always together. You are the world’s hero, and you will forever be our dads. You are the man that taught us to fight only when the world is at war.


Dads, you are timeless. We are your legacy and our children will carry that bequest on. These are generations that will pass through the ages leaving your mark on society. Because of this we honor legacies like Herb Hill of Utah. Herb and his twin sister Hazel are approaching their 90th Birthday in August. He taught us that Fatherhood is not an entitlement, but a gift granted to any such man that takes the time to love his children. He is the father of 5 children, has 25 grandchildren, and 46 great-grandchildren. In May, he became a great-grandfather to his third set of multiples.

tribute dadsFathers pass on traditions. You provide us with memories that last a lifetime. Dads, you share with us those things that are most precious to you, and because of that we carry on that love as if it is a part of us. Vernal Robert Peterson, of Idaho, is the father of 8 children, which includes identical twin boys Rob and Vern Peterson. He has shared with them his love for classic Fords and old country music. He has 21 grandchildren, which includes identical twin boys Nicolas and Joseph Peterson (Vern’s sons). Nicolas says, “I love Dad. He is the best dad ever. He plays with us a lot and plays baseball with me.” Joseph tells us, “Our Dad is the best dad and teaches me a lot. I love my Dad.” The love of country music and baseball is just one thing shared between all the boys in the Peterson family. A bond between father and sons and a bond between brothers is another.

dads Dads, you are unique! You are blessed with multiples. We are not “two for the price of one,” and no one understands that more than you. We are a handful, and we make you laugh. You make us laugh too. You rock us to sleep at night and we keep you up and make you worry. You understand that as siblings we are connected, but you teach us to be individuals. You count the stars with us, but tell us to find our own. You help us find the moon each night, and remind us that we are never alone. You give us the world. You are the hero, you are the protector, you are our constant, and you are our life.

We all like to think that we have the best dads in the world. You turn into the greatest Grandpas, and then earn the title “Great”. We honor you. We thank you. We love you. You are the rock of our foundation. We will follow you until we are firm on our feet. We will walk with you as long as we can, and carry you with us after you leave. We will honor you as each generation passes.

Happy Fathers Day … May you know we love you forever!

*     *     *

toddlers runningMinden Buckingham lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Mike and fraternal twin girls,  Hanna and Emma.  She has two bachelor degrees from Portland State University in Business Management and Human Resources Management.  Minden is a stay home mom and enjoys the outdoors, photography, and writing.