Twiniversity Tip: School Forms!

school forms

Who couldn’t use an extra 10 minutes to relax? I sure can, so a few years back when I was filling out all of my twinnies’ school forms I came up with this genius idea that I’m sure moms have been using for ages.

(Note: this is not only good for parents of multiples, but really anyone with multiple children in the same school/camp.)

Twiniversity Tip: School Forms!Step 1: Fill out all the forms with any non child specific information (leave allergies blank, etc), include all your contact information, emergency pick up information and so on, but LEAVE THE SPACE BLANK where you would normally put your child’s name.

Step 2: Photocopy!

Step 3: Finally, fill in child’s name and any child specific info that is missing (this is the time to include allergy information along with likes/dislikes, special needs, etc).

Step 4: Put your pen down and give yourself a few minutes break. You deserve it.

Of course this only works if the forms are on white paper (if you have a color copier at your disposal, you might be able to pull it off). If it’s colored paper, you might even want to ask the office staff at school for an extra sheet or two of the specific colored paper it was printed on. Filling out multiple sets of the same form is not only tiring but it gives you more time to check and see all the information is correct.

copierThis tip isn’t just for back to school — keep it up for field trip forms, doctor forms, scholarship applications, etc. Investing in a home printer that is also a copier will save you a ton of time and effort!

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  • Readers also added:
    Leaving name and birthdays if not mutil but a singleton but the other info should pretty much all match mist of the time

    Great tip, also works for field trips and when the time comes Scholarships!