A Phone Call with a Mother of Twins

A Phone Call with a Mother of Twins

So there was a funny posted the other day about a melt down with twins and not being able to talk on the phone. I thought about it and realized…this was nearly every day in my household. I thought I would share so that other MoMs out there would realize and see…you are not alone. Twin life can be hectic and chaotic and there is rarely a time when I get to have a peaceful phone call with another adult but you know what…I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the entire world!

:::ring ring::

Me: Hello?

Friend: Hey chick, what’s up?

Me: Nothing much…watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…again. (this is no surprise as we watch this ALL.DAY.LONG)

Friend: So I was thinking…

twinsmischief11Me: Wait… Liam don’t hit your sister! Okay go ahead…

Friend: Okay so I was thinking that this weekend we could…

Me: Chick hold on, Liah Natalie no no, don’t push your brother! Sorry about that…you were saying?

Friend: Right…this weekend? Maybe we could get together and have a…

Me: Just a sec, Liam what did we say about biting? No no! Okay, hi, I’m listening I promise…this weekend…ladies night…hmmmm…

Friend: Well, we haven’t been able to hang out in forever so I thought we could…

Me: Liam Nathaniel. No. Biting! Ummmm…right…let me find my phone (I need to find my phone because it has my calender and I am LOST without it.)

Friend: ::::Sigh::::

phone2Me: I know it’s around here somewhere…I just had it…wait…there it is! Okay…this weekend…ummm…can’t do Friday, got a thing already on that…Liah Natalie get OFF OF THAT TABLE!

Friend: :::sigh:::

Me: Yeah…Friday is no good…maybe Saturday? I’ll have to verify with hubby but I think we’re clear.

Friend: Great! Dinner and drinks?

twinsmischief20Me: Sounds goo…grrrrr…Liam…what did mommy say about the crayons and the walls?!! Yeah…okay…I’m back…dinner and drinks sounds awesome.

Friend: So what time should we…

Me: Oh good GRIEF! Liah OFF. THE. TABLE.

Friend: :::sigh:::

Me: Chick…I’ma hafta call you back.

Friend: Yeah girl…call me back later.

Me: Okay I’ll try to call you back…LIAM NATHANIEL BURKETT you get down off that counter RIGHT NOW!

Friend: :::sigh:::

So this is a day in the life of a MoM of twins. Does it sound familiar to you? 🙂

*          *          *

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