How to Keep Your Nanny Happy


I did a phone interview with a personal friend of mine, who nannies for a couple who are both doctors. She LOVES nannying for them! I asked her what are the top 10 ways her employers keep her happy? This was her reply:

A Nanny’s Top 10 Ways Her Employers Keep Her Happy

  1. They give me the freedom to take the children wherever I want. It’s amazing having that trust from the parents.
  2. They give me time off whenever I need it – no questions asked. They are VERY accommodating when I need time off.
  3. They pay me well!
  4. kidsparkplaygroundWhen I take the kids out, they pay me gas money and they always give me some cash to spend on the children while we’re out.
  5. They go out of their way to make sure that I get to leave to go home on time, even with their busy doctor schedules.
  6. They are very generous with gift giving. They are Jewish and I am Catholic and they always make sure to give me something for my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, etc.
  7. nanny2They trust my judgment with household decisions. I have a three year limited power of attorney with the children in case something happens. I am the person the doctors and the school call first in case of emergency. This was granted after a few years of built-up trust.
  8. If I am ever in need of anything of great importance, they will help me out. For instance, if I needed a co-signer to buy a car…which I didn’t, but they offered.
  9. If they are away they trust me implicitly. They never felt the need to get a “nanny cam”. I LOVE that they trust me that much.
  10. They don’t consider me an “employee”, they accept me as a family member. This is not the case with all nannies. They treat me with respect and don’t make me feel inferior.

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