The Benefits of a Breathable Crib Mattress

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Hey there multiple mamas and papas! We’ve got a great article on the benefits of a breathable crib mattress to make sure your twinnies are set for the perfect night’s sleep.

The Breeze cover turns any crib mattress into a breathable crib mattress, and may help reduce the risk of suffocation by allowing the baby to breathe right through the surface of the mattress should they end up face down. It also helps with temperature regulation as heat can dissipate more easily.

lullaby earth

The Benefits of a Breathable Crib Mattress

Choosing a mattress for your crib can be such a daunting task. As a new parent you worry about a lot. You have to think about safety, germs, mold, dust mites, firmness, versatility, as well as comfortability. Finding the right mattress for your baby means finding one that addresses each and every worry that you might have.

Suffocation And Tummy Sleeping

Our first worry when we think about cribs is suffocation. Literature seems to change all the time (and it can be hard to keep track), but the current school of thought is that babies need to sleep on their backs for safety and to reduce risk of SIDS. Babies don’t understand this, of course. You may place them in the crib on their back, but if your babies are anything like mine they roll over at some point in the night. With my oldest I was hyper vigilant about going in and turning him back over. This resulted in more stress for me as well as many sleepless nights for the both of us. The old adage “never wake a sleeping baby,” is ridiculously hard to adhere to when you are constantly turning them back over. When my twins came along I relaxed a little on this, but it was still always at the back of my mind, constantly nagging on me.

A specially designed mattress like the Lullaby Earth Breeze can take away much of that worry, since it is designed to promote air-flow through the cover of the mattress, allowing your baby to breathe through the surface, reducing suffocation risk. The mattress consists of a waterproof core on which you place the breathable outer layer. The outer layer is made up of a 3D spacer fabric. This design allows air to flow throughout the top layer of the mattress. You can remove the outer layer at any time and throw it in the wash. Since it is put on the same way you would a changing pad cover, you don’t have to contort your body to stretch it in place or attempt to match up zippered edges in the middle of the night. It takes only a few seconds. The company also sells additional Breeze covers so you are never without a clean one and you can make your existing crib mattress a breathable one. You can use this cover in place of a sheet, or with a sheet over the top. Either way, it maintains its breathability as long as you do not place an additional waterproof mattress protector over it.

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Harmful Bacteria

The next most important worry for parents are bacteria and germs. New parents seem to have microscopes for eyeballs and see them absolutely everywhere. There are a few crib mattresses on the market that claim to be waterproof, but typically only the surface and underside is waterproof; the side edging is exposed cloth or foam. Your child will likely have a multitude of spills of many types during the use of their mattress. That kind of stuff doesn’t just pool on the surface. It gets everywhere. If you have exposed, non-waterproof and non-washable portions, this becomes a hotbed for germs and harmful bacteria trapped in the mattress. If your baby has an accident on a Breeze mattress you simply remove the outer layer, throw it in the wash, and place another cover on top.

You might be wondering what’s the point of the waterproof core? Why not have the whole thing be breathable for maximum safety? If the mattress were fully breathable it would take too long to both wash and dry in order to be reused. This would leave you with several extra mattress stacked in your baby’s closet taking up much needed storage space. You could also run the risk of the center portion not drying all the way, leaving the mattress to secretly grow mold.

Trapped Limbs

Some mattresses you find on the market have what I call “slouchy” corners. The mattress is perfectly firm in the center where the weight of your baby is more evenly distributed. However, when they sit, lay or stand in the corner, the edges slouch and sag, leaving a space for your baby’s arms or legs to get pinned between the rails and the mattress. This is extremely dangerous. This happened to one of my twins when we were visiting Grandma. She had purchased a random mattress at a discount store to put in an old crib for us to use during our stay. One of my babies got his hand stuck in-between the mattress and the rails and it was awful. Luckily, we were just in the next room and were able to extricate him quickly. It was an extremely scary moment for me, and my mom felt absolutely horrible. The Breeze mattress maintains its firmness and shape in the corners for the life of the mattress, regardless of whether or not your baby is in the corner. You would never have to worry about “slouchy” corners.

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I don’t know what it is about boys specifically, but man oh man do they get sweaty when they sleep. They are like tiny little nuclear furnaces. A traditional mattress without airflow beneath the baby causes the heat to group right under their torso causing the baby to sweat more. When my twins were babies I had to give them baths every morning because they were soaked. Had they had a breathable mattress with airflow, it would have allowed their body heat to dissipate, keeping them cooler and more comfortable all night long. I certainly would not have had to spend so much time bathing them.

It is important not to settle when mattress shopping and to find a mattress that covers all of your concerns. This will make both you and your babies more comfortable and allow you both that good night sleep that you so desperately need.

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