5 Things NOT to Forget for the Beach + 2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco Review

hyundai elantra eco

Nat and the Diaz Duo took the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco for a test drive and they are dishing all the details just for YOU! Plus Nat shares 5 things you definitely don’t want to forget when going to the beach with kids.

5 Things NOT to Forget for the Beach 2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco Review

Natalie Diaz:       Hey guys, it is Nat and the Diaz duo. Today we are driving in all brand-new Hyundai Elantra.

Johnny:                “The 2017 edition.”

Natalie:               We are heading to the beach and today we are talking about five things that you probably forgot in your beach bag but you probably shouldn’t.

The very first thing that I keep in my beach bag is something that I learned the hard way. Are you ready? It’s so simple. It’s a Sharpie.

When I would go to the beach with the kids and they would collect shells or rocks or whatever they would find, they would always come throw it into like a giant bag and then they would argue with me.

“That was my shell,” “That was my rock,” “That was my –“whatever. I am so over that so we started carrying a Sharpie. And then when you collect the shell, I immediately put your initial on the back. And when we get home, you know whose is whose and there’s no fighting.

Number two – baby powder. You put it on and then you rub your legs because it makes all the sand come off.

Number three – diaper cream. What?!

When you’re at the beach and you’re sitting on the sand and your legs are rubbing back and forth and you have a sand where it shouldn’t be, diaper cream really really works great.

Bonus points – if you get a spray like Dr. Smith’s so that you don’t actually have to touch that irritated skin to put on some nice soothing lotion.

Number four – a clean jug of water. Right before you get in the car, use the jug of water to clean off any and all sand toys so you can leave the sand at the beach and not in the bottom of your car.

Number five – a spare pair of glasses.

Please, I can’t be the only one who’s gotten a little grain of sand in their eye and pretty much had the day ruined. Carry an extra pair of glasses with you and make sure that you could always get home safely.

Johnny:                “It got 32 miles per gallon in the city.”

Anna:                   “And 40 miles per hour highway.”

Johnny:                “Got $900 of gas a year.”

Natalie:               Not sure how they fit a 128 horses in here but they did a great job.

This has a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine. This means something to car people. To me, it just means that I go superfast. It has a great, great, great pickup when I’m trying to get on-the-highway/off-the-highway and keep my family safe.

I was surprised at the amount of trunk space that this had. Magic. For a little car, this has a massive amount of trunk space. Plus, it has little levers that we could pull. I reach over to the side and recline the backseat to give us even more trunk space.

This Hyundai Elantra Eco is equipped with a touch screen which has all of our Menu. We have Apple Play, Android Play, hook it up to our phone. We can even hook it up to the Wi-Fi and have Pandora. But look, it’s even got a little swipe screen. Tons, tons, tons of feature.

The climate control system in here is insane. It gets as cold as the tundra. Let’s say I’m driving with my mom and it’s too cold for her, she can control her own temperature on her side of the car. Also, if her buns get a little cold, seat warmer.

One of my truly favorite features is the blind spot detection. The blind spot detection is blowing my mind. It has a little sensor on the mirror that lets you know if somebody’s in your blind spot, giving you an extra level of protection when backing up your car or changing lanes on a highway.

I like about this car is that it is very spacious. I can move my seat all the way up here, all the way down here. It’s also very fun. What I also like is the storage space in here. You can put anything you want in here including sunglasses. I also find this in many cars. I always love this. That the sunglasses holder – in case the sun just decides and shine on your face and bother you while you’re driving, you have your sunglasses there and protect you.

Let me sum it up for you. This 2017 Eco version of the Hyundai Elantra is getting top marks in this Twiniversity mom’s book.

Great fuel efficiency, unbelievable pickup, great trunk space, comfort for the whole family, features that think of everybody and ultimately – it’s just a delicious drive. I have no other word to really describe it.

But even the steering wheel is more comfortable than usual. It’s encased in leather and it’s just a delicious drive.

If you are looking for a family sedan, you definitely going to want to check out Hyundai. For more information, you could go to your nearest Hyundai dealer or go to Hyundai.com for full information.

We hope you have a great day at the beach. We hope you enjoyed this little tour of our new Hyundai Elantra.


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