Breastfeeding on the Road Tips | Volvo XC90 T6 Review

volvo xc90 t6

Nat took the Volvo XC90 T6 for a test drive and reviews it here for you. She also shares 5 tips for breastfeeding on the road with Twiniversity friend and Registered Nurse / Certified Nurse Midwife / International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Shari Criso.

Breastfeeding on the Road Tips – Volvo XC90 T6 Review

Natalie Diaz:       Hey guys it’s Natalie Diaz, we are here in the Volvo XC90 T6 and we are here with Shari Criso, and Betty she’s in the back there.  And today we are going talking about breastfeeding on the road.  Please tell our families, give them your top five tips for breastfeeding on the road.

Shari Criso:          So top tips for breastfeeding on the road because so many of us are on the road and we still need to feed our babies so it’s very important.

Number one I would say make sure that you bring some breastfeeding supplies so whatever you use at home.  If you’re using a nursing pillow, or you’re using something to help you support yourself while breastfeeding bring it with you. Because especially during those first early weeks it can be very challenging to be sitting there and not have what you need.

You can even makeshift things where you can have some kind of support, there’s some travel pillows out there that I would use.

Natalie:               Really?

Shari:                   Yeah.

Natalie:               So there are specific travel pillows for breastfeeding on the road?

Shari:                   But I actually like the ones, just bring your pillow with you. If you use it and you’re going to do it in the car bring it with you.

Natalie:               Okay.

Shari:                   Breastfeeding tip number two: wear comfortable, easy, accessible clothing.  So you want to wear something that’s easy to open for breastfeeding and definitely a nursing bra or tank.

Natalie:               Do I need to buy specific clothes?

Shari:                   You don’t, but I would definitely buy specific nursing bras or tanks because lifting your bra up over your breast puts too much pressure on the breast tissue and you can get plugged ducts that way.  But anything that’s easy, what I would just avoid is dresses where you’re going to have to pull the whole thing up.

Natalie:               That wouldn’t be so great.

Shari:                   Not a good look.

Natalie:               No. Tip number three.

Shari:                   Tip number three, create a comfortable space for yourself. Even though you’re on the go and in the car breastfeeding is something that you need to do and be feeling relaxed. If you’re going to breastfeed in the backseat create a little environment where you’re comfortable Where you have a pillow to your back, or you have some supplies.

Don’t have the backseat cluttered with garbage and try to get in there with the baby. Prepare ahead and create a comfortable spot.

Natalie:               Well this would be a good spot here.

Shari:                   Absolutely.

Natalie:               Come on man.

Shari:                   This is a good one.

Natalie:               This is like the luxury breastfeeding, I don’t know if I breastfed my kids in the car they’re only going to want the best things in life.

Shari:                   Tip number four, I never leave home without a manual breast pump and some kind of a bottle. Even if you’re going to be breastfeeding while you’re out and you’re not pumping, you’re not planning to- bring a pump with you anyway.  You never know when you’re going to need it, when the baby won’t latch or just something going on. You just need to be able to get some milk out.

That goes for when you don’t have your baby with you either. Always keep that manual pump and stick it in your purse. Even if you’ve got that nice double electric, always invest in a good manual pump.

Natalie:               And then close it on out for us, number five.

Shari:                   Your last tip number five, put your baby first when you’re out on the go.

Natalie:               Babies.

Shari:                   Babies, there you go. Thank you very much.  Put your babies first, your babies come first. So when your baby needs to eat, all else needs to stop at that point. I don’t care who’s around, I don’t care where you are.

That’s why having yourself prepared where you always have a really safe place to go. Listen take it from me, you can breastfeed anywhere you want. You can sit on the public benches, you can breastfeed in a restaurant, you can breastfeed anywhere.

Not everybody wants to and sometimes its easier especially I would say even with twins to do it in the car. I do breastfeed in the car just feeling if I’m out somewhere do it in the car. You need to not put it off is what I’m saying. You’re not putting somebody else before your baby and you’re also not waiting until you get home and delaying your baby from eating.

Natalie:               That’s not cool. but now if we’re breastfeeding on the road, if we tend and breastfeeding at home are we going to tend and breastfeed on the road?

Shari:                   I would say whatever you’re doing at home is working then do it on the road.  That’s why having whatever you need- if it’s a pillow to support your arm, if it’s a breastfeeding pillow, if it’s a regular pillow just have something in the car if you’re ready to do.

Natalie:               You know the Twin Z pillow which is the one I recommend to our families, you know it comes with a travel bag. The travel bag is so easily cleaned that you can always leave it in your trunk.

One last thing, do any electric pumps come with an attachment that you can charge it in your car.

Shari:                   Yeah.

Natalie:               They do?

Shari:                   Or you can get the adapters.

Natalie:               So you have to check and just be prepared. I think we’re going to make that a bonus tip.

Shari:                   So there is either the chargeable you can either use it with the car charger or if you have a pump that has batteries that can get put right into the pump that’s really good too.  that way you dot have to have the car…

Natalie:               You know what’s so cool about this car, look in the globe box?  It has an attachment that you can make it a cold box.

Shari:                   You’re kidding.

Natalie:               No, seriously. So you can make that a little refrigerator.

Shari:                   How brilliant is that, love that.

Natalie:               That’s one of my favourite things about the car.

Shari:                   That could be tip number six, get a car…

Natalie:               That has its own refrigerator.  So that is your breastfeeding tips. Now we’re going to throw her out and we’re going to talk just about this car.

You’re going to go insane when you see all the features that this car has.  So as you know Volvo has always been synonymous with safety and this year is no different.

Winning the 2016 IIHS Top safety Pick as well as the Motor Trend 2016 SUV of the Year. This car is receiving top marks not only in this chick’s book but all across the world.

Now guys this isn’t a typical middle seat in the second row, this is also a booster seat. Going from 30 to 80 pounds, you don’t have to worry about adding any additional things, you now have a booster seat ready to go anytime you need it even when unexpected guests show up that forgot their car seat.

I also want to talk about the auto climate zone, this is not your typical climate system. It has this great feature of this thing called a clean zone, this clean zone has filters in all of the little air pockets here. What it does is it filters out gases, particles and other contaminants giving you a much cleaner ride.

Of course you have the traditional AC and its all touch screen on the Sensus tablet system.  Not only can I control the climate from my region but I can also control the climate for the kid’s system in the back.

One of the optional packages that you could add to your Volvo is The Vision Package. What the vision package does is it gives you blind spot systems, cross traffic alert, a 360 surround view cameras, automatically dimmed inner and outer mirrors and retractable rear-view mirrors.

This Volvo retails at $49,800, but the package that we’re looking at today is a $67,155, it has pretty much every bell and whistle that you can have in a brand new Volvo.  This car has a 2 liter turbo charged engine and is pulling us along with 316 horsies.

So let’s sum it up, if you want luxury this is probably the car for you. IF you want an everyday driver and could afford the hefty price tag, this is the car for you. It has plenty of room for everybody, it had more bells and whistles than you probably need.

I have to be a little honest, one feature that I really didn’t like was that lane assist.  I get it, you want to keep me safe on the highway, I do. But what it wasn’t taking into consideration is the reason why I’m getting out of the lane.  On several occasions driving around these little one lane highways, there were obstacles on the side of the road that in order to avoid I had to go across the double yellow lines.

Truth, I don’t want to but I also don’t want to hit people on the side of the road unpacking their groceries so that frustrated me a little bit. The good news is that I was able to take it off.  But it definitely has a lot of features.

You don’t have to get all the features, the base model was wonderful. If you want to feel luxurious every day, this is probably the car to drive. Just the settings on the driver and passenger seat alone, it could probably take you 35 minutes to do it.  But all in all, damn I was comfortable

We hope that these quick breastfeeding tips and showing you this beautiful car inspire you to get out there even with your tiny infants and make the best out of every single day.

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