5 Driving Apps You Need Right Now | 2016 Mazda CX5 Review

mazda cx5

Nat took the 2016 Mazda CX5 for a test drive and shares her opinions on this car for you and your twinnies. Nat also shares her top 5 driving apps that you need right now: Gas Buddy, Spot Hero, Waze, Find My Car, and AAA. Check it all out in the video below:

Hey guys, it’s Nat from Twiniversity. This week we are talking about five apps that you’re going to want to have before you hit the road, while we check out this Mazda CX-5 Sport Utility.

The first app we’re going to look at is GasBuddy. GasBuddy is the app to help save you money, listing all the gas stations in your area and their current gas prices. It’s going to help you on a daily basis to get the most bang for your buck.

Julie’s favorite app – SpotHero. How did we ever live without SpotHero? SpotHero app will list all the parking lots in the area and their hourly or nightly prices. You definitely want to check this out and also share it with your friends because every time a new friend signs up, you’ll get a promotional credit.

An app that I always need – FindMyCar. Where’s my car? I’m in it. Sadly, this is true. FindMyCar is one of my favorite apps. No matter whether I have parked my car in the street of a large metropolitan area or a mall parking lot, this always helps me find it. It will also help you find landmarks as well. You just have to mark your spot.

The next app we’re going to talk about is Waze. Holy moly, I love this app. If you ever been sitting in traffic in your life, why the heck is nobody moving? Waze is a crowd source app that’s going to give you the latest up-to-date traffic information. Not only can you find out what’s going on but you yourself could report any incidents.

The last one we think you should make sure you have on your phone, tablet, whatever –AAA. When you got your license in our house, you also got your own AAA membership – known for their superior roadside assistance. They’re also synonymous with their unbelievable discounts. This app lists them all in addition to a great GPS feature, showing you fantastic routes and listing all the landmarks and highlights along the way.

The Mazda CX-5 by Natalie Diaz and Betty Lou, who’s sitting in the back over there.
Things I loved about this Mazda: number one – the pickup. All those horsies and those cylinders really got me on-and-off the highway very, very safely. I felt great with the power that was at my back.

As an IIHS Top Safety Pick of 2016, this Mazda is equipped with features that are going to keep you and your family safely and comfortably on the road at all times.

Two – the entertainment system. I know it’s minimal that I should worry about being on the highway safely, blah, blah, blah. Yes, this is a very safe car as we have discussed. But I love that it was such an intuitive entertainment system.

In the beginning when I started driving this car, I thought it was just going to drive me crazy but it wasn’t. It has an actual dial that allows you to make adjustments to the entertainment system instead of just buttons with up and downs. This is a literal dial that I could turn on and off.

I love that it was right there, did not interfere with my driving and just made it a more pleasurable experience.

Third thing that I love – the trunk space, of course. Who doesn’t love a good SUV Crossover? Plenty of trunk space. All my groceries, all the junk that the kids have, the pup right?

I also love that I could fold down the backseats for even more trunk space. I also love that I could turn down just that middle seat to give me just a little extra space and I think that Miss Betty Lou love that.

One other thing that I loved is I love this interior. It feels glamorous but yet, very accessible. I don’t really know. It feels like very normal luxury. It doesn’t feel like “Don’t put your feet on that kid,” or “Don’t touch that.” It’s everyday luxury.

There are a few downsides to this car. Number one – the sound system. It has BOSE speakers. This is the upgraded touring addition with the BOSE Surround Sound Centerpoint blah, blah, blah. For BOSE, I expected a lot more. So this upgrade, not necessary.
Second thing I wasn’t too thrilled about were the side mirrors. They seem a little clunky and a little large and there was a learning curve and to figuring out how they should be adjusted.

The plus side to that is that it does have blind spot detection. When there was somebody next to me that I didn’t need to change lanes, at least it did alert me that it wasn’t necessarily the safest time.

Another bonus to the blind spot detection is that it has a very audible beep. Whenever it wasn’t safe for me to change lanes, not only did I have the little lights flashed but it gave me a little “boop” letting me know “not necessarily a good idea”.

So me, Betty Lou and the twinnies have to hit the road again. If you’re thinking about a Mazda, the CX-5, this is definitely a good option for a family. If you’re a larger family, remember, it does only seat 5. But if you just have your spouse, yourself and the twins and a little beast like this, you are in a very, very good shape.

For more information visit Mazdausa.com.

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