How to Look Amazing in 5 Minutes

5 minutes

From an early age I always enjoyed playing with makeup. As I got older my makeup application became more natural both in application and appearance. When I only had myself to get ready in the morning I could devote the time and energy to get my makeup applied to a tee before leaving the house. I spent a lot of energy researching the latest fads and trends while trolling videos on makeup application techniques.

Life after my twins arrived is much, much different. On most typical mornings we have thirty minutes for everyone to be dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, medication administered, bags packed, and stuffies in tow so we can get to school and work. Time is a sacred resource so when I look at videos these days it usually involves how to get my children to eat or sleep. The latest makeup technique videos for me are now replaced with how to style my daughter’s hair – major dilemmas such as one spout or two for school is a big issue in our household.

Now that I have twin toddlers I am happy to report I can now shower in record time and dress like the house isn’t going down in flames. Two years has given me insight on how to look presentable in a variety of circumstances with very little time available. Yes, I’d rather stay in my yoga pants from two days ago with my favorite wrinkled tee shirt. But I have to admit I feel better about myself when I put ‘real’ clothes on, apply makeup and spend time on myself.

5 minutes


Like any other project as a mom, especially a mom of multiples, it helps to prepare the area where you will get ready in the morning. We probably wouldn’t try to change diapers for more than one little one without the diapers, wipes and creams ready to go. Makeup isn’t any different – if you have everything in the same place and accessible it will help you get on with your day. I invested in two organizers for my cosmetics. One is for the items I store horizontally such eye shadows, powders and blush. The other organizer I have is for storing items vertically like brushes, lipsticks and tweezers. They fit everything I typically use on a daily basis and are small enough I can put under the counter if needed.

Sometimes I shower at night, sometimes I have to wait until the morning. Either way I try to start with a clean slate. I wash my face before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning.  At night I use night creams with high amounts of anti-aging ingredients such as retinol and glycolic acid, serums and eye cream. Let’s be honest, this parenting thing is really taking a toll on my complexion. I can use all the help I can get.

In the morning I choose a day cream that includes a good sun protection factor (SPF). On a typical day I also need help with puffy eyes and dark circles so I may add eye cream to my palette of goodies. Now that my preparation is complete I start on my makeup. Whether I am heading to the boardroom or to the neighborhood park, it never takes me more than five minutes to be ready to face the world.

Setting a good foundation

Whether you feel more comfortable using a powder or a liquid foundation, select a product that will even out your skin tone. This is a great tool especially if you get interrupted at this point in your mommy prep. There are days when I have to stop here to act as a referee for whatever scenario is playing out in the playroom. If you’re able to accomplish only the first few steps it still gives you the natural look all day long. Next I use a bronzer or a blush depending on the time of year. Nothing too bold just a hint of color or definition to my cheekbones that remind me I still have them.

5 minutes


All about the eyes

Contingent on my mood my next step is eyeliner and/or eyeshadow, some days just one or the other.  Most of the eyeshadow I use have three or four color palettes in one container. Generally I use only three of the colors as one is typically a bit too dark for my taste. I have found that using my fingers is not only quicker but allows me the ability to adjust the application better. To finish out my eyes I curl my eyelashes and set with mascara.

Last but not least

The final step is lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm. There are so many options today that give you color but are not the heavy layers of lip color from years ago. Voila! In five minutes or less you are ready to tackle whatever the day holds for you and look fabulous doing it.

Diana Coleman is a native Austinite and works in the wholesale electricity market as a market specialist. She is a married mom to 2.5 year old boy/girl twins Chloe and Greyson. She enjoys organizing, reading, and watching movies while secretly fears potty training and getting her little ones to sleep in separate rooms.


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