10 Things Parents Forget to Pack for Sleep Away Camp

sleep away camp

Summer is here and that means it’s time for sleep away camp! Here are the 10 items that your kiddos must not forget to pack so they can make the most of their time at sleep away camp!


sleep away camp

1. A rainy day game! The twins and I like Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids. This kept us busy last summer and had us laughing for hours. Think Cards against Humanity, but for kids. Think about travel games like Yahtzee, Connect 4, or even Pass the Pigs. They are small enough to squeeze into their bag and they are inexpensive enough that if they lose the pieces, you’re not too aggravated.

sleep away camp

2. Baby Wipes – Use them as a portable bath, cleaning your bunk, wiping down the soles of shoes and more. Baby Wipes are a MUST have for any camper!

sleep away camp

3. After Bite New & Improved Insect Bite Treatment – A summertime MUST HAVE! During camp, kids aren’t as militant about wearing their bug protection as you may like. Throw a quick tube of After Bite in their bag to help them stop their itches!

 sleep away camp

4. Mosquito Repellent Wristbands – Instead of having them worry about a spray, bands like Mosquitno or Superband, will give them a little added protection during those bonfires!

sleep away camp

5. Large Ziploc Bags – These Ziploc big bag double zipper bags are a big, strong and versatile. Use em to pack their clothing and they can use them to store their dirty laundry to bring back home to you.
sleep away kit

6. First Aid Kit – Buy one or make one, but they need to HAVE ONE! Yes, they can run to the nurse, but sometimes they will have a small shoe blister or splinter that they can fix up themselves super quick.

sleep away camp

7. Disposable, waterproof camera – Yes, people still use cameras with film! Yup. I know right. I didn’t think so either. Many camps have a “no tech” policy, so your kids can still capture those memories of a lifetime without breaking any rules!

sleep away

8. Rain Poncho – Why let a little rain ruin a perfectly good time? Did you really think they were going to use an umbrella around camp? Yeah, we didn’t either. This small poncho will give them some added rain protection so they can have a bit more fun.
10 Things Parents Forget to Pack for Sleep Away Camp

9. Microfiber Travel Towel – Lightweight and compact this will dry in a flash and not start to smell all gross in the first day!

sleep away camp

10. Crocs – Great on dry days, great on rainy days, great as water shoes, great for walking on a trail! Crocs rock our world and we are sure they will rock yours too!


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sleep away camp


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10 Things Parents Forget to Pack for Sleep Away Camp

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10 Things Parents Forget to Pack for Sleep Away Camp

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