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Nat hosted a Facebook live chat on the topic of “Travel with Twins Tips”, thanks to our friends at Cybex. Check out all the great travel advice and tips Nat has to offer in the video below.

Travel with Twins Tips

Hi it’s Nat from Twiniversity. How are you? Happy what day is it? Wednesday. Happy Wednesday. Today we are going to be talking about traveling with twins here on Twiniversity thanks to our friends at Cybex so I will give everybody a chance to jump on and I’m just looking at myself and jeez Louise there’s crazy today. But this is what I look like. Maybe I have to lower this a tiny bit how’s that? Is that better? It’s a little bit better right?

So good morning. How is everybody? Or good afternoon depending on where you are in the universe. If you do not know who I am, I am Natalie Diaz, I am the founder of Twiniversity, and the author of a little book called What To Do When You’re Having Two. Oh, hi from Scotland, Lucy. Everybody is jumping on. Wow wow wow wow, hi Ron, how are you Kimmie? Thank you as always. So I’m going to give you guys a chance to jump on because today not only are going to give you a ton of great tips right before the travel season begins for the summer but also we’re going to be giving away prizes. You know that I love me some good prizes. See where Andrea is its afternoon. So we got Texas here. Thank you Jessica. I feel not so fabulous but I think my blush is a little weird right? But that’s it, we’re just going to have to go through it. My gosh there’s like glare is on everything here.

Today I got all my little goodies next to me that we could pull out whenever we need them. I love them but today we are going to be talking about travel, like I said, so if you have any questions about air travel, train travel, car travel, whatever it is, start shooting them out there. Just to give you kind of a lay of the land of how today goes. So I am here live with you. I am based here in New York City but the whole Twiniversity team is on, so from my mom squad if you’re out there let everybody know who guys are because they can help answer questions too which is really good. Yes, Jessica I agree. Yay for prizes. So we do have a lot of prizes and of course we have a grand prize from our friends over at Cybex. So we’re going to give you more details about that in a little bit.

So here’s a lay of the land. So I’m here like I said in New York City but Julie is over in Chicago. She is who we call the wizard, who is behind the scenes sending me your questions. So there you go. Jessica’s already got some questions. Now if you see me looking over here to the side, why I’m doing that is because Julie sends me messages in text because if you guys are if you’re watching this on your phone you see that the comments are scrolling and scrolling and it gets a little lost. And I don’t like to lose any questions. Oh we have some of our Canadian friends here with us too today. So first thing I want to know if you haven’t already, say hello to your Twiniversity family and just tell us where you’re from. That is what we want to know. And I would love if you guys could keep an eye out for any other twin moms or twin dads or triplet moms triplet dads anybody in your area because community really is because Twiniversity is really about community. We want to help you make as many fellow twin parenting friends as possible. So all you have to do is just right now put in the little comments where you’re from, if you haven’t already. So hi from LA. Is that LA as in Los Angeles or LA as in Louisiana? Because it could really it could be either. So I want to know where you guys are from because we just came back from LA and we had a great time over there at the JPMA baby shows. And if anybody is here from one of the shows that I have been to. It’s been, you know, I got around the past few months so I’m very also happy to excited to tell you I’m coming back to Chicago in October so get ready for that cats and kittens. So Los Angeles now we know. Look we have some more LA families which is cool. So the questions are already rolling in but before why don’t we just jump off today’s live feed with a prize. Do you guys just want to come out of the gate with a prize? If you would like to say win a prize for those of you who are not rookies at a Twiniversity live feed. You know what to do. So if you want a prize what do you have to do during a Twiniversity… I almost said the words. You have to say something. So say something. I want to see hearts. I want to see thumbs ups. That’s really the only way that I get feedback from you so I know that I’m doing a good job. Other than just sitting here in my fancy studio. There we go. Andrea’s got it – prize time!

So the first prize that we’re going to give away I’m very excited for the first time ever we are teaching a Twiniversity online class on Saturday. And guess whose teaching? Me! Yeah, so that’s how that’s going to go. So I am teaching this Saturday. We are going to do it in two separate sections. The first portion of the day is going to be for the 101 class which talks about gear, it talks about delivery day, it talks about just quick doctor’s tips. Then we take a little bit of a break then we come back for the round two which talks about sleep, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, oh my god. Oh more. So if you would like to come this Saturday and come as my guests to our Twiniversity class please make sure all you have to do is say I want to come to class. It’s just that simple. Julie is going to pick a winner, she’ll send you the details, please please please please please join us. I would love if you do. So if you’re expecting or have brand new babies this is for everybody that is on here. So yay hi Emily from New York City. You’re probably down the block from me. You could have probably just joined us here today for our fancy live feed. But we already got so many questions. I’m going to try to start looking at what we’re doing here from Julie.

All right so our first question is coming in. Jessica says I need tips on getting my 9-month old twins out of the car when I am by myself. Sigh. Yes Jessica first of all congratulations on your 9-month old twinnies. You made it this far. You’re doing great. So first congratulations because that’s always a big one. The next thing that I want to tell you is there are a few things that we could do ahead of time to make it a little bit easier. Now I don’t know the car seats that you’re using and I don’t know the stroller you’re using so if you’re still in infant car seats that is fantastic because that makes it a little bit simpler so if you’re in the infant car seats you could always go to your trunk, grab your infant, grab your stroller or whatever then go around to the side and pull out your twinnies. It’s not like I want to say it’s easy to do but it gets a lot more difficult when your kids move into the convertible car seats. Once your kids get into the convertible car seats maybe it makes it actually a little bit easier because they could have a little more patience. And you’re not as worried about grabbing them. One thing I always want to remind everybody when you are in a car please make sure that before you shut the driver’s side door or kind of you know go to get a stroller make sure that you crack a window or something. We have quite a few Twiniversity families lock their keys in the car with their twinnies. I am not joking you. This has happened on multiple occasions and it’s something that you really have to be prepared for every single time. But the good news was is that for the people that did it was usually during not a hot time so it’s not as much of a panic but it’s also not a crazy crazy idea to keep a second set of car keys in your pocket or in your wallet or something that you would never automatically get out of the car without.

So hey! Nicole you won so congratulations. So if you have a car though that has the automatic keys it makes it a little bit easier because you could always get into the car as long as the key is in the vicinity but if you have an old-school car with a real key it makes it a little bit more challenging so you always want to have a back-up plan god forbid that you locked the babies in the car. I know that sounds crazy and nobody really thinks about it but with twins and sleep deprivation well if you have if you’re really exhausted you shouldn’t be driving anyway that should go without saying but just in case make sure that you always have a backup plan. But typically the process would be that you would keep the babies in the car go get your stroller, come around to the side and pop them out. Because you don’t want to take them out and put them on the floor behind your car. That’s a little bit not best case scenario. So that’s what I would do if I were you.

Now I just want to say a big old thank you to our friends over at Cybex for hosting today’s live feed. Cybex – I have a long history with Cybex actually. Once upon a time – oh – Jul, if could figure out, I know you’re answering a thousand questions or maybe one of the other mom squad members could check it out – but I was first introduced to Cybex car seats years ago. I think actually at my first ABC Baby Expo that was held in Vegas. See, Amanda by the way she’s jumping on that keyless entry thing for the exact reason so I hear ya.

But when I met Cybex I was really blown away because Cybex is esthetically such an interesting looking car seat. It almost looks like a pod. Julie’s going to throw up some pictures for you because it’s absolutely fascinating. But for me what I was kind of intrigued and what brought me to the car seat like a moth to a flame was the way that it installed. It has a European form of installation which is different than typical car seats on the market. So where our regular car seat you would take the shoulder strap and you would put it over the baby and latch it under the little pieces that are in front of them. With a Cybex you actually take the shoulder belt and you put around the car seat. And it makes it just a lot easier to install. It also has these little pegs on the side of the car seat that pop out so that it gives you even a more secure fit from your baby’s head would be in the car seat to where the door is. So there’s these little pegs that slide out and become an additional anchor for protection god forbid there was an accident and your car seat would get rattled around. So I’m glad Kim agrees with me that Brita that’s so funny that Cybex is just absolutely outstanding and for us what I really also want you to know is that it fits every little check mark. Okay so also just note that Cybex has two fantastic car seats that we’re in love with. So the Aton right? The Aton is like their base seat. And then there’s the Cloud Q.

So I want to tell you guys something that there may be some car seats that are in somebody’s future. Hmmm. Intriguing so stick with us to get some more great tips of course and then I’m going to tell you how to get some car seats. But we are giving away two car seats today because hi what would one car seat do for me and my family? Exactly! Nada because of our twinnies right?

So that’s the first thing that I wanted to tell you about the car seats. Julie is going to shoot a picture to you too and it’s one of the things that I find most intriguing and it’s about their load leg. So Cybex car seats have this load leg and what a load leg is it’s basically an additional structure that comes off of the base and anchors to the floor so it this little rod that comes out of the car seat base and then goes to the floor and it acts as an additional restraint. So there was actually just a whole study done by Consumer Reports about the benefits of load legs. And I’m just going to read it to you here the LSP right the low blade system decreases the force of a side impact on the car by 25% when compared to the same seat without well I think those are the side little thingies that I was talking about. But even if you are not using these car seats now it is never too late so if you’re worried about the car seat that you’re using check and make sure that it kind of gets all the little bells and whistles checked. But a load leg is definitely something that we should be looking into. And if you’re really all thumbs and you’re worried about installing correctly you definitely want to check out the European form of installation. I always say insulation automatically but you know that we are not insulating anything.

Alright I love the questions that are coming out. And we have so many that I’m going to jump and do another one then we’re going to talk more car seats in a minute. Rana asks what are some great activities for kids traveling on a bus or a train? Post-its are my best friend when it comes to traveling on a bus or a train. I’m going to assume that your kids are a little bit bigger. And also when you’re asking questions guys could you please please please put the age of your kiddies so that I could specifically answer the question for you. Because of course traveling with an infant on a train and traveling with a seven-year old on a train are two different train trips. If they’re a little bit older actually I have something right here. So this is something that we always take a few with us when we are traveling on a bus or train. Coincidentally I have it handy because we also use it when we’re eating dinner. But this is a game called read my list. You guys want to play right now? Okay all right so what I’m going to do we’re going to literally play a game. If you want to play a game let me see a thumbs up because we’re going to play a game right now that we could play on a road trip or play on the bus and train. So thumbs up if you want to play a game. Now what I’m going to do is I am going to do this for a prize. What!? Okay we’re going to do this for a prize. All you have to do is shout out the answer and Julie is going to pick out a random winner of the people that are answering this question. So I’m going to read you a category of things. So all different names of things and you guys have to tell me what they have in common. So this is a great game to play with the twinnies. It’s a great game to play actually I would play with all of my girlfriends when they would come over for wine club so we literally play this for wine club, I’m not even joking. So Julie this is called read my list. And Julie and I met the folks from Educational Insights and we got this at a toy fair. So here’s the category are you ready? Let’s go! So what name the category – tweezers, manual, medical adhesive tape, alcohol prep pads, cold compress, safety pins, pain reliever, antibiotics, ointment, survival blanket and tissues. What is – oh look you guess are guessing it. So I’m going to give you another second to answer. Come on is this not fun? We could play games all day. I could do this all day but I know we have to talk about travel with twins but this is one of the great things that you could do because you could see I got you guys to play. So the answer is things commonly found in a first aid kit. So for you guys what we’re going to do is Julie is going to pick a random winner. We’re going to give you a $10 Amazon gift card that you could use to buy a first aid kit. I had not planned that – Julie I’m sorry. I know we were not prepared for that but I know you can just roll with that. So Jules is asking what the prize is going to be. It’s going to be a little Amazon gift card for you guys so you guys can buy a first aid kit.

So that’s one of the things that you can do with kids. Now if they’re younger there are younger games that are very portable like this that you could just grab a few cards and run out. Another great thing to do on a train especially if you’re going to now I’m thinking subway versus train right because those are two different things. If you’re on a subway we always sit by the train map so if you’re on the DC metro in DC or you’re on the New York City subway but sit by wherever you can find a map and then you can play a game based off the map. So find the number six, find the color green, find the letter R, and have them do almost use it as a Where’s Waldo if you will. But have that it’s so super fun and what’s totally weird is that’s actually how my kids learned their colors and numbers based off of the New York City subway system. Because we don’t have a car, or we actually my dad has a car but the Diaz family doesn’t have a car. All we did was we took subways pretty much everywhere. We went so it was a great way for the kiddies to learn their colors and numbers. So yeah honestly even if you don’t have a subway in your area you know New York City subway maps and stuff like that are free so they’ll send them to you from any Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. So if you want to have that for your kids to kind of learn about maps and stuff with maps where do find a map anymore right? We’re all using Google maps or we’re all using Apple maps or ways or whatnot. I would call and get some maps and they’re all free and they’ll give them to you and then your twinnies can learn that.

So I’m happy that you enjoyed that little activity and I hope that those few tips were helpful. So now the next question is I’m going on a domestic vacation for a week with 20-month old twins. We will have access to stores and laundry. How much do I pack and what do I need to take on the plane. Okay here we go. So let’s talk about plane travel for two seconds. So here’s a few things that I’m going to tell you about my hair’s driving me crazy. Could you tell that? I really should have had bobby pins and nobody’s around now to go grab me a bobby pin. But it’s very humid so my hair’s like out of here and I’m trying to read so thank you for your patience. So when you are traveling on an airplane the best tips that I could give you is first of all every twin parent under the sun should know that there is only one extra oxygen mask per row. So if you’re flying on a short flight and there’s only two seats and two seats mom and dad cannot sit next to each other because there’s not going to be enough oxygen masks for you guys. When you book the trip they will usually not let you book a lap infant and a lap infant if it’s two. But let’s just say they didn’t let you book it and you booked two aisles and then you got there and nobody’s sitting next to your spouse. You’d be like hey I’m going to go sit next to him why not? Do not sit next to him. You definitely want to do an aisle and an aisle and that way you could talk to each other, play hot potato with your lap babies. But whenever possible I really do wish that you would consider buying at least one extra seat and brining your car seat. Right? Like your Cybex car seat so that you can have a home base from one baby and then you could move the baby in the other two seats. So yeah Andrea it’s funny because a lot of parents don’t know the rules of air travel but it’s something that everybody should know and if you guys belong to a local twin club and I’m hoping that you have and if you do not belong to a local twin club I strongly advise you to find a local club. Jewel could you set up, shoot up the link to the National Organization so they can find their local twin club. Things like that are what you’d learn in a twin club. It’s where I learned about it and now I get to spread the information to you guys. But it’s something that you really need to be aware of and you should tell every twin parent that you meet this is just kind of the rules of the road. Also, you know there’s a whole big issue when it comes to bringing your double stroller on to like to gate check. Not every airline will allow you to gate check your double stroller so you want to make sure that you call your carrier ahead of time. Ask them if there are any specific rules and regulations that you have to abide by when it comes to traveling with your double stroller.

So is there anything that you should take on a plane? Yes! I got it right here. When you are traveling in the car, when you are traveling by plan, when you are traveling, when you are packing your diaper bag instead of throwing everything into your diaper bag I would actually pack an entire kids clothing set in one little Ziploc. This is the same bag I used for our Twiniversity classes so it looks a little beat up because it’s kind of an old beat up bag but in the Ziploc bag I will show you what I have. So I have some pampers of course, so if you still have your kids in diapers you have some diapers in this bag. Next thing I have I do need that is hand sanitizer. So this is the Babyganics hand sanitizer just because I love the way that is smells. And I do like an organic hand sanitizer for little monkeys so that is the next thing that I have in this bag. That I do not need at this time – bug spray. In this bag I also have an outfit. I have an outfit for one kid. If you want to pack more than one go for it, but you definitely want to keep everything in a bag. Not only is this bag going to be great so that you can pull out baby a’s bag, baby b’s bag, my bag, my husband’s bag, my sister’s bag whoever you’re traveling with it’s a super quick and easy way . a few other things that are in here that I love are dog poop bags. So I’m sure they sell these as like baby bags but the baby bags are more expensive that the dog poop bags. You could go to Home Depot or go onto Amazon and grab yourself some dog poop bags. They are so inexpensive but they’re fantastic because if I have a dirty diaper instead of just tossing it into the airplane or you know train bathroom and making it smell up everything I could take my dirty diaper and I could put it into this little bag and then toss it out. And we are good to go. What is going on with this little bag? So I just have a ton of clothes, I have a ton of diapers, and then when I’m done I zip up my bag with whatever’s left I go back to my seat I am all set. So even in the car I would keep a bag like that packed all the time for each baby but make sure that you’re rotating the clothes that are in that bag out for each baby because you don’t want to need in an emergency, go to the bag and be like this is a three month outfit when your kids are nine months already. There’s no way that you’re squeezing it…oh Kylie’s here. Hi! Everybody say hi to Kylie. If you don’t know who Kylie is she is a super amazingly generous mom who joins us for live feeds and gives us the inside scoop. She has a little beluga belly as she calls it. And Kylie I was talking about you last night with a few of my twin mom friends and we were all talking about like my theory on how more petite women carry differently right? Because you from the ground up because you from the ground up only have certain amount of space to hold these babies. While me at my giant six-foot frame, I have a lot more room for my baby so I never looked as pregnant as you did. But you look absolutely fantastic. So everybody give a little congratulation to Kylie. She’s going the distance. She’s getting there…it’s just absolutely extraordinary. So I know that we have oh my gosh guys we have so many questions. We need like is this a four-hour live feed thanks to our friends at Cybex because I’m super stoked about that.

So let’s stay back to we were answering that do you take on the plane. We talked about that. Let’s talk about traveling maybe I can answer a few of these questions at the same time. If you are traveling and you are staying in a hotel here are some quick and dirty hotel tips that are going to help make your stay a little bit easier. So anybody traveling in a hotel or visiting a hotel and if you have a great hotel travel tip I would love if you could throw it out right now. So I’m sending you my hearts, I’m giving you my thumbs up. I would really really love if you could tell me what your travel tips are for plan for staying in a hotel. So here are ours – number one. If you are staying in a room with both kids and you know two adults and you know grandma and grandpa what you have to do I’m sorry that your video is freezing Kim. I hope I’m not freezing for everybody. But no matter where you are staying you have to check your hotels occupancy for that room. There are fire codes in every place. And if that room only allows four people to stay but you have twins, and older child, and your spouse and yourself it gets a little bit more difficult and they might not want to give you two pack n plays, or two travel cribs, or whatever. So the first thing you want to do is call ahead and check the occupancy of the hotel and see exactly what they will allow you to have. Now once you’ve done that when you do pick a specific room type. Julie just had a situation where she booked kind of this two room hotel room so there’d be plenty of room for the boys while her and her hubby could just relax while the kids were sleeping and not have to go to bed at seven o’clock. And when they got there they didn’t realize the second room was kind of in a loft. Not necessarily something you want to find out once you get there. So when you do book your hotel room, if you’re doing it through you know Kayak or Travelocity or anything like that, once it’s booked I would then call the front desk of the hotel and ask them the specifics of that room. And if they do have different room types like you know if they have you know one two bedroom suite which is the same price as another but one room has more square footage ask them if they’d be willing to block that room so that when you got there you had the better two bedroom suit or whatever it is that you booked. That’s the first thing. Second thing is what kind of equipment do they have in that hotel for you and your twinnies. Do they have two pack n plays, do they have travel cribs? Will they give you linens? You may actually want to bring your own linens. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t bring you know you should not trust the hotel to give you good linens but if it’s something that you’re a little worried about you may want to bring your own linens specifically when it comes to the pack n play. Because I know that the pack n play just use a regular size sheet and tuck it in on all the sides. But it really should be a fitted sheet that’s on a pack and play or a travel crib. And if you’re worried about that or if you have a baby that rolls around like an alligator all the time you may want to consider bringing some travel sheets from home or purchasing them from Amazon or something and having it sent to the room. Now speaking of that if there are any things that you are going to need so let’s say you’re going to Disney for a week, let’s say you’re going to grandmas for a week but you’re going to stay in a hotel so you could feel like you’re on vacation. Call ahead and ask if you could have stuff delivered directly to the hotel. Most hotels are fine with it as long as your name is on any packages that arrive. But we just found out the hard way, Julie and I that if you send something ahead of time to a hotel sometimes they charge you. So if there is going to be a charge you got to do like is it worth it sending stuff there or do I just get it when I get there or do I play kind of this roulette and have it be delivered the day that I am checking in. So find out what exactly is the rules of your hotel and you could make a better decision then. Now the things that you can send ahead of time are diapers, are wipes, are water. I just went to a hotel and sent a case of water. Also the area that I was going to had we went down to DC it had Amazon Prime now. So I could send stuff within two hours. I was able to buy fresh produce and yogurt and all that good stuff. Speaking of yogurt does your hotel have a refrigerator? You want to make sure that if you need one you tell your hotel you do you ask the hotel if you could have a refrigerator sent to the room. Even if there’s not one standard in the room many times especially there are certain medicines that need to be refrigerated so hotels have many refrigerators usually in their housekeeping departments that can be brought to your room. So even if the room doesn’t have a refrigerator per se you can ask and maybe there might be a charge per day maybe there’s not a charge but if the charge is minimal you know five bucks a day or what not, you’re definitely going to save that by having milk in the room so that your kids can wake up and have cereal or yogurt or whatnot so you do want to ask that.

Speaking of that…I think it’s time. What time is it you guys? You know what time it is! So if you would like a prize all you have to do is say those magic two words. I’ll wait. That’s okay. I’m not in a rush. There’s only 900 questions to answer. Guess what time it is? It is diaper time. Maria’s already into it – Maria thank you for participating in my insanity. We are going to be giving away two packs of diapers and two packs of wipes. Whatever size you want whatever brand you want as long as they are from Pampers. Pampers is one of our lucky lucky partners lucky for Pampers that they get to play with us. So we’re going to pass on the awesomeness and we’re going to give away a prize. If you want to win a prize all you have to say is “I need Pampers.” Feel free to tag Pampers let them know that we’re just giving stuff away left and right. So if you want to win some Pampers because really, honestly who doesn’t need Pampers. No matter you know how old your kids are older, if you need swim diapers, or if you need you know training pants. Whatever you need this is the time. Thank you yes I love my fall out little guy too. I bought this for my husband last Father’s Day but I actually enjoy playing Fallout. I have to be honest I like it. I do. It’s not a secret little thing. My kids drew on him a little because you know, they’re kids. But if you want to win some Pampers, send some love over to our family there. We’re going to send you two coupons that are good are good for a pack of Pampers and a package of wipes. So even if you’re using the I keep playing with my hair. It’s making me nuts. I know it’s probably driving you guys crazy too. So I’m sorry. Alright so we got that.

Let’s jump on to our next question. All right, holy moly. Kylie has a question. Disneyland yes or no with two-month old twins? I really want to bring my two-year old son there this summer and I have lots of help. My family wants me to leave them with them at home but I will still be breastfeeding. I don’t want anybody to miss out on Disney. Okay so remember right because whenever I give people news that I don’t think they’re going to want to hear I always say my word is not law. Please remember that. I have to tell you I think two is a little young for Disney, especially Disneyland. Disneyland and Disney World are fairly different animals. I think Disneyland has a lot more local people where Disney World ends up being more of a destination. Disneyland seems to be Southern California-nites. What do we call people there, I don’t even know? I’m getting all twisted. But it’s a lot of work and I don’t know how many rides he’s going to be able to go on. And here’s the really crazy thing. I don’t know how much he’s going to remember. So you’re better off taking kids to a great big vacation like that probably when they’re above four. It’s much easier to manage. Secondly they’re going to remember more. So they might have a good time but if you thing about it’s kind of like the thing like you buy your kids you know a wildly expensive toy and they play with the box. Disneyland for a two-year old is kind of like that. Plus it could be a tiny bit overwhelming for the tinier crowd. Think if you’re two so if you’re a tiny, you know, picture yourself as a two-year old, when you’re standing next to Captain Hook or even Mickey Mouse it’s a little bit scary. I have to tell ya so yeah I think that four would be the minimum age I would take any kids to a theme park. Like Kim is just saying um yeah, I think six is even better. That would be ideal. So maybe wait a little bit. But if you want to go that’s a whole different animal. Because if you want to go to Disneyland than I want you to go to Disneyland. And they want you to go to have a good time. But I don’t want you to go thinking he’s having the best time ever because he could have the best time ever, you know making an ice cream in your backyard if you bought him five flavors and let him make his own sundae. So there’s a lot of experiences that you could give to your monkeys without having the hassle of travel. And it’s not you know, even in Disneyland itself, I find that there’s not as many places to sit. I’m a little Disney freak. I don’t know if anyone knows that but I’ve been to now Disneyland and Disney World and know a lot about it. And I’m a Disney social media mom but I would I wouldn’t if anybody has any Disney tips shout them out right now. Disneyland wasn’t built the same way that Disney World was built so there’s not as many places to breastfeed and stop. We even had some trouble, Julie and I just went to Disneyland and we even had a lot of trouble even finding shade to stand in while our friends were on rides. So just something to think about. Kylie I hope you don’t hate me but I would come to New York. Come to New York! I will be here to help you. Oh my gosh! I would go crazy. I love it I love it I love it. I’m glad you’re loving the tips. If you are having a good time I want you right now to say thank you Cybex for allowing us to have this opportunity to talk to you guys about traveling with your twins and just everything that Cybex has.

So if you haven’t joined us from the beginning I have good news. We will have two Cybex car seats to be given away at the end of this feed. Ahh! You’re actually going to have 24 hours to enter so don’t be too worried about that. Yeah see look I love you guys I love you guys. You participate as a family. Everybody’s giving Kylie tips. That makes me so happy. So we just want to go back and talk about Cybex for another two seconds before we go to our next tip. And I want to just remind everybody that when we at Twiniversity rate instead of just saying this is the product that you buy typically do is we say these are the features to look for and coincidentally all the features that we recommend at Twiniversity fit the bill at our Cybex car seat. So for example I really do recommend that families get a car seat that has a no rethread harness. So what that means on every car seat there’s a five-point harness that goes over their shoulder over their lap and then between their legs. This little harness has to be at their shoulder height. Some car seats have little notches in their car seats and require you to kind of unthread the car seat straps and then move it into these notches as your baby grows. However, there is something call a no rethread harness. Which means that instead of there being these notches there’s a lever on the little headrest that could be moved up and down so that you never have to thread another car seat harness ever. Why we think this is so important is because when you have twins if one twin is going up a notch because they’re getting a little bit taller, you may be pretty quick to say since we’re doing one we’re going to do the other one but the other twin may not necessarily be ready to move up to that extra notch. And it is a tiny bit of a complicated process so having that you know having that no rethread process is going to ensure that every baby is at their proper height their proper should harness height 100% of the time. That’s a really, really big deal to me and if you can find a car seat that has that please make sure that you do. The next thing that it has that I absolutely love is you have to find a cover that comes off 100% and that is washable. For all of you experienced parents out there you guys know that diaper blowouts are not just something that we say on TV. They’re things that actually really happen so you have to buy a car seat that has the availability to have that car seat cover 100% removed and then you could hand wash it. You should never use anything with your car seat that did not come in that box. Do you understand what I’m saying? I am not speaking to you like fools. I am trying to stress the importance of this. If you bought a cover that goes under your baby it doesn’t have the proper friction of your child in that car seat. You could not do something that goes between the baby and the car seat as a cover. So please do not do that. That is called an after-market product – not, none of those were tested, and if they were tested the company will specifically tell you which ones were tested. But for crash testing ratings everything is tested with that car seat, not that aftermarket product. So you have to be really, really careful and not use anything. So does that car seat cover come off? Can you wash it like our families are saying right now? Not only poop and puke but milk spills, food spills. I mean there’s so much and if you have carsick babies forget about it! You are going to be cleaning that car seat cover more than you can imagine. So please be sure that you can buy a car seat that has a cover that comes off okay? Another thing that’s really important is how big is the canopy? How well is that canopy made? You’re going to be doing that canopy twelve billion times by the time the kids are out of that car seat. So make sure that you buy a really good car seat that has a cover that is really durable and is going to stand the test of time. I am glad you guys are loving this.

You know at Twiniversity we’re all about tips and I think we’re going to give away another prize because we’re running out of time and I have so many prizes to give. I would love love love love love love love love if you guys could join me for our online class so we are going to give away another seat in our online class right now. We don’t even have to say prize time. All I want to see is thumbs ups and hearts and all that good time. Ally you’re like two steps ahead of me and I absolutely love it. So if you want a seat in our class just say I want to come to class. I want you to come to class. I really want you to come to class because just like what we’re doing for this one hour live feed, imagine that basically all of this transports into a four-hour online class. And of course if you’re in New York City or Chicago, join Julie or I. I just had a giant class here in New York City. If I have any of my students here with me today please let me know you are here but we had a really really big class. And I love teaching in person because and that’s why we teach live classes and not taped classes is because I want you guys to communicate with each other. It’s important that you realize Twiniversity isn’t just about information because of course we will give you tons of great information but it’s all about creating connections. We want you to find fellow parents of twins that are in your neck of the woods because you got to have that. You just really have that. I have Julie and my mom squad and before they were there I have had so many twin moms that have been in my life that have been instrumental to the success of me and my family and I mean it. I really, really mean it. So you guys got to make sure that if you’d like to come to class tell Jules that you want to come to class and oh look! We have people who want to join us in Chicago. Julie can send you the information on that and of course you want to find me in New York City. Hello also we have dinner in our classes. Its super fancy you guys. So please make sure that you thank our friends over at Cybex. Tag them too if you guys want to give me an extra little prop so that they know that we are doing this and hopefully we’ll shove people over there. Maybe we could even get somebody from their team to join us over here. Amanda wants to come to glass. I’m glad Amanda- I hope that you are able to come to glass. Amanda, Jewell, Amanda’s coming to glass so please make sure that Amanda gets added to the list. Why not? And then Julie’s going to give away some more seats. We want everyone to come so we do have this is the only time that we’re teaching on a Saturday but we teach every month. So don’t get worried. You’ll never be without Julie or I. It’s totally great. But one more thing that I wanted to mention if you weren’t here for the beginning of the feed one of the main reasons why we love the Cybex car seats so much is because of their load leg. Their load leg is a leg that attaches to the base of the car seat and it gives extra stability and it limits the car seats forward rotation in a frontal crash. Could you tell that I was just reading that because I want to make sure that I’m saying it but it provides an additional point of contact for added stability in the installation? So now I have personally installed Cybex car seats so I could tell you firsthand that it is a breeze. We had a mom here, Jessica that had her twinnies she actually ended up having them a little bit earlier than expected. We I said let me meet you and let me help you put these side back car seats in. It’s just why not, it’s the least that I could do and I actually got to shoot the video in her about the car seats. So Julie can send you a link to that too about that video that’s over on the YouTube and that is that.

So we’re getting the near the end of our feed and we have only about I don’t know seven thousand questions that have to be answered. But I will get to that but I want to let you know that you can win two car seats today from our friends at Cybex. I am very humbled because they are not inexpensive car seats and I love that they are always so generous and they gave us two to give away today during our live feed. And come on guys. You got to love you got to love when companies are like listen not only do we want of course they want advertising hi hi why not. But they are totally fine with letting us use the majority of the time that we have with you today on giving you tips not talking about them. Because you know I could talk about Cybex car seats for an hour. No doubt. But they’re like you know what? Nat you really need to be there for twin parents and give them some good tips and answer their questions. So I am very very appreciative to companies like Cybex and our other friends at Love to Dream and Pampers and everybody else who plays with us. And Dr. Brown – they’re so great because they know what we’re trying to do here at Twiniversity which is really just to connect you guys with each other, to inform you about tips, tricks and parent hacks and then of course to make you laugh. Did I make you laugh today? If I made you laugh at least once today I would like a little haha face. Would that be appropriate for our day? I would love to see that.

So Julie’s going to send you the information on how to go about winning your car seats right? Because these potentially could be your car seats. Oh I see some haha faces you know. And thank you for tolerating my crazy hair day that I am having. So should we do one more question? Yes Katy I wish you had this too. But look sometimes people find us a little bit late. Could you guys I don’t know what this is going to work for you but yeah I think this going to work for you. If you have a fellow twin mom or twin dad friend or somebody that’s expecting twins I would love love love love to give you guys each a prize right now. So we have just started partnering with our friends over at Earth’s best and we would like to give you an eight dollar off coupon for you and an eight dollar off coupon for your twin mom friend. Actually we’ll give you four. We’ll give you two each so then you could buy some each for your friends. So we’re giving you another prize away. We have so many prizes it’s absolutely bonkers. Earth’s Best is an organic baby formula. I have loved Earth’s Best since the dawn of time. If you would like to win some baby formula what I want you to do is just tag a fellow twin parent and then by the end of the night Julie will pick a winner. And then we’re going to need your home address. And it’s going to be sent from me directly. Maybe I’ll put together a little Twiniversity swag package for you. Let me see what I could find in our storage facility. Alright so if you want to win I really do want you to tag somebody that you tag somebody that may not know that Twiniversity exists. So I don’t want people like Katie saying I wish I would have known these tips. I want everybody to know that we exist because we are here to make sure you have a better life at being a twin parent.

So shoot that over there and now we are going to get one more question. All right. Oh my gosh we have so many. So Doreen asks is it better to sit at the back of the plane or near the bathroom? Well Doreen I am going to tell you that if you are traveling with your Twinnies in the beginning, okay, so let’s say under a year I would stay towards the front of the plane. When air is circulated into the plane it is filtered and then it is it goes from the front of the plane to the back of the plane. That I show the fresh air is filtered. So sitting in the front of the plane you have the least risk of little germies in the plane. Towards the back you have a greater risk but it’s not like you’re getting like you know pollution in the back of the plane. But when they get bigger and you need maybe a little bit more potty time or you need somebody to help you, I always so in the beginning I always sat in the very beginning when they were super tiny I sat in the front. And now, now I sit in the front again because we could get on and off the plane. And I turned into one of those travelers that you see and me and the kids are like we’ve got to get off of this plane! But when they were toddlers and I would have to fly with family or whatnot I would always sit towards the rear of the plane so if I needed something I could shout out to the flight attendant that was right there that I needed water or I needed extra napkins or whatnot. And you know what I found? What’s funny is that the rear of the plane the last row was always available because that last row you can’t recline. The seats don’t recline. Did you really think you’re going to get on a plane with your Twinnies and recline? Yeah that’s not going to be happening. You’re not going to be taking a nap anytime soon. So I would say in the beginning sit at the front of the plane. And then towards as they get a little bit bigger you want to sit towards the back of the plane.

So Jewel are you ready? I’m pretty sure you already sent out the form of how people could win two car seats of their very own. But Julie’s going to put that up now if she hasn’t I can see it. Oh congratulations that your babies are due on September 10th. That is so exciting. So please if you did not want to see it in our classes please consider joining us for class this weekend. Julie can give you a link of how you go about and register. Thank you so so so so much today. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. So oh! How do you win the Earth’s Best coupons? All you just say is we need formula and tag a twin parent friend. Okay? That’s all you have to do. Just say we need formula, tag a twin parent friend. If you feel like doing it you could even do it at Earth’s Best and let them know that you were the people who were looking for more coupons. So we’re going to have a lot more information about that coming up hopefully sooner than later. We’re very excited about it. But for now I just want to say a very humble to our friends at Cybex for giving me this opportunity to play with you guys today. And I would love if you would jump over to their Facebook page – now, later, whenever – and then just thank them also for allowing me this time with you guys. But most importantly I do want to thank my mom squad so everybody say thank you mom squad!!! Please say thank you to the mom squad because without them and there is no way that I could be sitting in this seat and yelling at a phone for 54 minutes. It’s a pretty amazing team that we have so please show some love for the mom squad. And I’m just going to say a big thank you to our team today. We have so many great things coming up at Twiniversity and you guys have no idea and I mean it. I don’t artificially ever get you guys excited but um yeah. That’s all that I’m going to say. Oh! Julie’s reminding me that we have one more prize. So if you’re still here all I want to know is prize time right? So just shoot out that you would like prize time. I’m giving away a prize anyway because there’s this little book that called what to do when you are having two. It’s actually not when you are it’s actually you were which is really confusing to some people. So if you do not have a copy of this book I hear the author is a really nice woman and she likes to sell books. But she actually likes to give them away more than she likes to sell them. I also like when this woman speaks of herself in the third person because it’s just much more entertaining that way. So if you don’t have a copy of what to do when you’re having two we would like to give you a copy. All you have to say is I want a book. Julie will pick a winner, she’ll grab your information and then we will get a book off to you ASAP. If you do not oh Crystal. Thank you. If you have read this book if you want to do me a favor I would love if you would go review it on Amazon. Whether you give me five stars, two stars, no stars, what not I would be very very humbled if you could jump over and review the book. And that’s if you have any friends that are authors that have the book the biggest gift that you could ever give somebody is a review. Whether it’s good or bad we don’t mind because even if you could offer us some constructive criticism we will happily take it and make sure that we make it better for the next book. And word on the street is we’re going to be updating that book. Don’t tell anyone about that. But there will be a new update of the book coming out as soon as I write it. But our friends Cybex are in the book too. I’ve been fans of theirs since the dawn of time. So thank you so much to Brenda for thanking me for the book. Yes this necklace was given to us by my friend Hilary Abbott and yeah. So she’s just the bestest and literally gave me this necklace off of her neck when I saw her because I told her that I loved her necklace too. She’s like here, take it. You gotta love people like that. I am surrounded by the best people in the world. Mostly you guys so thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you to Cybex for allowing us to play and the whole mom squad and of course every twin parent that has stuck with us this entire time. Whether you just found Twiniversity of you’ve been a part of Twiniversity since the dawn of time. I love you guys. I will see you before you know it. Next week we have a live feed coming up with our friends over at Sage Spoonfuls. I cannot wait to tell you about the inside scoop about these guys. If you don’t know who they are google them because there may be a quiz with extra prizes for next week. Hmm. You never know. All right gang have the best day and see you later alligators.

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