Why Can’t We Adopt A Pet and Have Twins?

adopt a pet

A MoM recently asked:

I was hoping to adopt a kitten and after going through the approval process and having references checked, etc, the application was approved by one person. After a couple of days of visiting various locations and meeting different fosters, I received a call last night that they do not wish to adopt to us because of number and ages of my children. Curious as to whether other families of multiples have had probelme when they tried to adopt a pet. I feel horrid and completely discriminated against because we have children. Seems very unfair, especially since we are a responsible family and would never allow children to hurt or injure an animal.

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– Don’t get discouraged. What about your local animal shelter? We were turned down before we had kids because we worked full time jobs and were gone longer than 4 hours a day. ∼KR

-We wanted to adopt a border collie and no rescues would allow us to adopt because we have young children. They said they have a tendency to nip and herd, which is exactly why we wanted a herding dog. We have a farm. My children are raised to respect animals and we fully understand about dogs needing to do a job they were created for. Hence wanting a farm dog for a farm. Nobody would budge, our only choice was to go through a breeder or get a different breed. ∼LM

adopt a pet

– That’s craziness. My 21 month old twins, who are in general very active and kind of rough, are so sweet to or cats. Keep trying! I think it is so good for small children to have a pet. “Kitty” was each twin’s first word. ∼EJ

– Something like this happening to us as well. When we called to fill out our application, we were asked about our children, 8 month twins and 6 yrs. She told us that we were to busy to adopt a cat. I felt the same way as you. I was horrified. ∼JM


– Going through it right now. We’ve done a lot of research to decide on the right breed for our next fur baby and are extremely experienced animal owners. No one seems to care though. ∼DM

-There are so many pets that need homes and children to play with them. I am sorry to hear this happened. Maybe coming with letters of reference would help. I would even include letters written by the children on why they want a pet and how they would take care of it. Many animals need young children to play with them and are put in homes where they get little exercise and love. ∼MC

– We got first kitten from Petsmart. We filled out all the forms and took him home that day and even though I signed off for visiting they never came to our house. A year ago we adopted two kittens from Petsmart again I was a bit worried because our previous furry had passed away at 7 years old (cancer) but it turned out ok. ∼MLR

– Sometimes it’s the cats personality you are worried about and The safety of the kids. The group we adopted one of our cats from now only has cats available that they don’t recommend being in a home with young children. People end up returning the cats when the cat acts out. Your local animal control is probably overloaded with cats. People don’t always think to start there. Ours is always having specials. ∼MW

– It’s odd because cats are pretty low maintenance. If they want to be left alone they’ll find a place to ‘hide’. We adopted our dog from a shelter and we were all their to pick him out together. They were thrilled because his breed has tons of energy. They were more concerned about the size of our yard! I hope you get this figured out, I think having a pet in the home is great for kids! ∼LWB

adopt a pet

– We have 3 cats and my twins do amazing with them. My husband and I both work full time away from home too. We love our cats and they are very well taken care of. I would get a kitten from a friend or neighbor instead and avoid the agency’s all together. That is crazy and I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with this. ∼JF

– I get so annoyed at rescues because of this. It’s attitudes like this that make people just go to a pet store because they don’t make you feel like dirt. I really do feel they make the situation worse. ∼RDB

– Many shelters do not approve families with kids under five when adopting a puppy or kitten. Younger kids may not understand how to be gentle with small or young animals. I know mine don’t. We are constantly reminding them to be gentle with our dogs. ∼CW

Private rescues are notoriously picky because they do not want the animal returned to them. When we adopted our cat we had to sign a contract the they were still the cat’s owners and that if we ever needed to re-home him we would have to give him back to them. ∼RM

– We applied to multiple agencies to adopt a dog. We never heard back. We called and were told that we were not candidates because there was a child under 6 in the house. (My twins were over 6) We ended up buying a puppy. ∼LBM

– Try the humane society. They don’t have as “strict” of requirements as most rescues (fortunately, or unfortunately). We adopted our basset hound/lab mix from the humane society and he’s the best dog! ∼SLB

– Just recently, with a new baby and 3 year old twins, we adopted a cat from a rescue organization. They watched my girls and the cat together for maybe 5 minutes and approved us. ∼AGV

adopt a pet

– Try a rescue! Humane Society! Their animals are always in need of loving homes.
What you experienced is outrageous – and unheard of in my area. ∼MF

– Happens ALL THE TIME – just get a kitten from elsewhere (our granddaughters cat just had 5 kittens) – there are LOTS out there. And they wonder why the shelters are SO FULL? ∼NL

– We adopted a kitten when the twins were 6 months old, we also had a then 6 year old and a dog. Sounds weird to me! ∼KB

– They do it all the time. I can’t even begin to tell you the failure rate of cats and dogs in a home with small children. More than 65% get sent back and more than 70% end up with injuries from an over excited child. ∼TK

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