Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

after maternity leave

Nat shares her best tips and advice for going back to work after maternity leave in this Facebook live chat with our community members, sponsored by Earth’s Best® organic infant formula. Check out the video below, and if you can’t watch it right now you can read the full transcription below the video. Enjoy!

Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

So today we are going to talk about the top ten tips for going back to work after twinnies.  So first of all good morning everybody.  Hope your day is going along smashingly.  I hope that you’re pretty excited that we are going to be doing this a little bit earlier than usual.  If you noticed we’ve been popping on and off in the mornings for the past to three weeks.  So we’ve been doing that to see how many people are on and if this is a good time.  So the reason why we’re doing this talk this time of day is because we know that you’re probably still home with your twinnies.  We’re talking about this today because you probably are going to start thinking about going back to work and soon this is going to happen.  So what we’re doing today is we’re going to really give you some top tips and I’m very excited because this is our first live feed for our friends at Earth’s Best baby formula. This is pretty exciting.  They are a new partner of Twiniversity and I’m super stoked because we have so many families that are so conscious about choosing an organic formula.  So we’re like hey, let’s take some of the guess work out of it for you.  We’ve partnered with Earth’s Best today and we’re going to bring you these tips.  We’re going to talk a little bit about Earth’s Best and I’m pretty excited.  So today to give you an idea of how this works I am Natalie Diaz, I am the founder of Twiniversity and the author of “What to Do When You’re Having Two”.  And Julie, who is, literally her title at Twiniversity is The Wizard.  So Julie is over in Chicago right now and she is the one that’s behind the scenes, answering your questions, and fielding anything that you need to get my way.

So, first things first is this something similar to Nutramigen?  No, it’s not somewhat similar to Nutramigen.  We’re going to talk about this formula.  We’re really not going to talk about other formulas but we could talk about if you’re using something now why or how you may want to switch.  We may need to save that for another discussion now that I think about it because that’s certainly its own animal.  But today we are talking about going back to work.  As you can see from comments that Earth’s Best is here with us and I am very, very excited because they are also able answer any questions.  Feel free ladies or gentlemen, I don’t know who’s behind the scenes at Earth’s best, I’m assuming that it’s Melissa but if it’s not I would like your assistance  to specifically answer stuff about your products okay?

Here’s what we’re going to do.  We’re really going to talk about the top ten tips.  And in addition, of course, we have prize time.  How do we have a Twiniversity live feed without prize time?  I’m really excited.  Let’s get this kicked off shall we?  If you’re ready to kick off say ‘we’re ready!’  You know that I like when there’s audience participation.  This makes me feel a heck of a lot better.  Also, one other thing that I wanted to mention…no we’re not going to mention it.  But send me IMs, send me text messages with any questions.  So we’re going to talk about top tips.  If you have any questions during don’t forget to you know shoot them out.  But I also want to know who you guys are.  That is the first thing.  So who are you?  We know your name because it’s in your little comments.  But where are you from?  I would love if you could partner up just like every live feed.  Because Twiniversity stands on three different pillars of awesomeness.  Our first pillar is education.  We want to make sure that we’re providing really great content to you, that you’re learning something.  Our second pillar of Twiniversity is community.  We want you to connect with other twin families from around the globe because I don’t know…it’s not the misery loves company aspect.  It’s the understanding each other in a very primal way.  I don’t know.  We have something in common as parents of twins.  We definitely have something special about us so please connect with somebody that is there.  Sometimes you like to connect geographically.  And if you haven’t told us how old your twinnies are – shoot over how old your twinnies are.  You can tell us their names too if you’d like.  So in a separate comment put the age of your twinnies.  Put their names if you’d like.  And please partner out.  I would love if you could partner up with somebody that’s here with us now during the live feed.  But you know if you want to tag a friend who might not be online with us now but is able to jump on with us a little bit later then definitely do that.

Alright – are you ready?  Let’s do this.  So tip numero uno.  We’re going to talk about three specific going back to work tips.  So there’s a lot that we’re going to talk about.  But we’re going to talk about just these for now.  So the first one is a really, really, really big one.  It’s to line up help six to eight weeks in advance.  Now help doesn’t have to be a nanny.  Help doesn’t have to be you know a postpartum doula.  Help doesn’t even have to be your family.  There is no right source of help.  We talk about this a lot in Twiniversity classes because some people say, ‘oh, you know, I know that if I typically like my friend had twins and she had a baby nurse for six weeks.  And then her mom came to live with her.’  Just because somebody did something doesn’t mean you have to too.  So there’s a lot of different ways that you could find help.  It could literally be your mom or maybe your mother-in-law or an aunt.  I personally had my sister.  My sister had just recently been unemployed we were like before you guys start looking for a job I asked her to not go back to work just yet.  So she stayed home with us for a little bit.  She didn’t live with us but she lives very close to me and she was able to come up and down and help me with the twinnies as I needed her.  So that was really good but it’s not something that people typically think of.  If you have a neighbor that can help you in the beginning, you are going to need a different strategy for when you’re heading back to work.  Many people do typically hire a nanny or send them to a preschool.  Whatever you are going to do, try to know at least six to eight weeks in advance what your plan is going to be.  If you do have to hire somebody it may not happen overnight.  So please give yourself six to eight weeks.


Another reason why I’m giving you this guideline is because a lot of people think that the twinnies have to get used to somebody.  But it’s not only that, it’s really so that you get used to not being with the twinnies.  You know when we’re home with the kids we get into our own routine, we set our own routine, we know what’s going to happen throughout the day.  But very often moms and dads forget that the adjustment period isn’t only for the children.  It’s really for you too.  You may need to buy new clothing, you may need to get a haircut.  You many need to just get away from them a little at a time so that your heart doesn’t hurt as much when you go back to work.  If you think you’re going to go back to work and feel absolutely no aftershocks of it, that’s not true.  You’re going to miss them.  If you were home with them for months and months of course it’s going to be sad.  It’s going to be great that you’re going to get to eat lunch at a desk and it’s going to be awesome that you’re going to see your co-workers who you really may have missed.  But it’s still going to be kind of sad that you’re not with your twinnies.

So now that we’ve started looking for this help six to eight weeks in advance, I recommend that they start at least a week before right?  Because we really only talked about looking for that nanny or that help or whatever, but have them start a week before.  Then start whatever your hours are going to be start slowly.  So if you work a typical nine-to-five job instead of starting on day one leaving the house a nine o’clock maybe leave the house for an hour the first day, two hours the second day, three hours the third day.  Gradually increase the time that you’re away from the kiddies.  It’s going to be super beneficial because like I said it’s going to give you the adjustment period but it’s also going to be very beneficial to whomever is watching the kids.  Because if they run into a problem or if they have a question they know that you’re coming back in an hour, two hours, three hours whatever it is.  So have them start at least one week before you go back to work.

The next one is a big one.  What are you going to do about feeding these little puppies?  It comes up a lot.  I know that there are exclusively breastfeeding moms that can’t easily continue to breastfeed.  But there are some moms who may have been supplementing the whole time.  There may have been some moms that have never been breastfeeding.  Once again, this is not a one-size-fits-all situation but you should you should also start gradually changing the process of whatever you’re going to do when you back to the office before you actually go back to the office.  So are you going to be exclusively pumping and then is someone able to get the milk home?  Are you able to have milk at home that you pump the day before?  Because we could talk about breastfeeding until the cows come home.  But if you’re going to do a combination of breast feeding and bottle feeding and supplementing with formula, this is kind of where the easy transition needs to come into play.  So first of all the issue is that if you are exclusively breastfeeding we do have to get the kids used to having a bottle right?  That’s kind of our first little hurdle.  Then the second hurdle is that you may be producing less breast milk because you’re at work and maybe can’t pump as often as you’d like.  So having them get used to some type of formula – I actually personally, strongly recommend.  And then also you know not everybody keeps pumping after they go back to work.  But you don’t want to one day pumping the babies and breastfeeding and then we’re easily going into you know transitioning into formula.  That is not the way that happens.

You do have to gradually introduce formula and figure out what’s the formula that’s best for your kiddies.  The great thing about Earth’s Best is that they do make a variety of organic formulas.  So if you find like pretty much people start out with the red can right?  So the red can is like the typical baby formula that is from our organic Earth’s Best formula.  But if the babies are showing some signs of sensitivity, and how do we know that our baby is showing signs of sensitivity?  By the way, the funny part is sensitivity doesn’t only occur during formula-feeding.  Sensitivity actually could occur during breastfeeding because if you eat something that’s irritating to the babies or sometimes I have even heard of people using lotions or deodorant that had an adverse effect on the babies.  So you have to look for signs of sensitivity.  You really need to consult with your pediatrician if you see any of the signs.  So I want to just talk about that for two seconds because this is an issue typically when people go back to work.  What are the signs of sensitivity or feeding sensitivity?  Whether it’s formula sensitivity or whether it’s breastfeeding sensitivity.  If your babies have constantly runny stools, that’s something that you need to talk to the pediatrician about.  If the baby is super-duper gassy, uncomfortable, you hear them passing gas in a very loud manner or even silent matter, you could even smell it in the house then you do need to speak to your pediatrician.  If they are crying during or after a feed you need to speak to your pediatrician.  If there is an excessive amount of spit up you need to talk to your pediatrician.  What is blood or mucus in the stool?  Absolutely!  That’s like a call your doctor immediately.  Any of those items that we just talked about are really the tip of the iceberg.  Ultimately if you’re feeding your baby and you feel like something is up, you really have to trust your instincts.

As much as the tips that I give you, you have to go with what your gut is telling you.  And saying yes something’s not right.  Whether it’s formula-feeding or breastfeeding, you really need to consult with your pediatrician.  I always advocate – I know this is crazy and some people are like no that’s horrible to say.  I’ve actually never had this back fire on us but I would rather you overreact 100% of the time then underreact once.  I don’t know call me crazy.  That’s why we have doctors but even if you just call your doctor.  You have to right?  So we’ve seen that.  Allie has issues and she’s gone to the emergency room.  There are you know big issues and there’s little issues.  But regardless of what the issues are I would not wait to talk to your pediatrician.

I have a weird question.  I want to know how many of you have your pediatrician’s email address.  If you have your pediatricians email just say I have their email.  I’m curious to know how many pediatricians nowadays are giving out their email addresses to their patients.  You really, really, really should have an email address or a text that you could get in touch with them.  I know that know that most pediatricians do have you know like a messaging service on their office line but I’m curious to that you know.  How many it is this commonplace?  So look for those, figure out what the process that you are going to have when going back to work.  I know we’ve already talked a lot.  What time is it?  For eighteen minutes we’ve talked about this but I can’t stress how important that little chunk is because if you could start yourself off successfully everybody will be better for it.  Whether it’s you, your mother-in-law, and your boss even.  So that’s what I want to talk about now.

I just want to take a little break and I want to discuss the benefits from our friends at Earth’s Best.  Earth’s Best, the way to grow, is their tagline.  I’ve been unbelievably familiar with Earth’s Best if you watch Sesame Street.  You see the Earth’s Best commercials so they’re out there.  So why Earth’s Best?  Well Earth’s Best offers certified USDA organic infant formulas that are nutritionally complete for the first twelve months of life.  This is only for the first twelve months of life.  We’re not going to give this to the babies after they turn twelve.  After they turn twelve?  After they turn twelve months.  Because we certainly don’t want to give them this formula until they are twelve.  I don’t think they’re going to like it very much.   So they are available in dairy, reduce lactose, reduce lactose sensitivity, and a plant based soy which is also lactose free.  If you have soy sensitivity or if you have lactose sensitivity you may want to speak to your pediatrician about perhaps, maybe you know introducing that at some point down.  Just because you have soy sensitivity or lactose sensitivity doesn’t mean that the babies will have lactose sensitivity or soy sensitivity.  So know you’re not giving this child an allergy because you have it.  So always know that, don’t make assumptions once again.  Call your pediatricians.

The majority of formula-fed babies can’t tolerate a dairy formula but remember that their infant formula with iron are produced using organic milk sourced from farms where cows are fed certified organic grass and grain and they are not given any additional growth hormones or antibiotics.   That is important to know because whatever the baby cows are eating your babies are going to be eating.  We certainly wouldn’t be eating hands and hands of antibiotics right?  And if you’re breastfeeding we have to really think about what these animals are eating that are providing these nutrients to our puppies.  I also want to let you know that the Earth’s Best organic infant formula with iron does contain Omega 3 DHA and Omega 6 ARA which are two fatty acids that are found in breast milk that help support brain and function.  So it also has lutein for eyes and a prebiotic for immunity.

Prebiotic?  Have you guys heard about these prebiotics?  So we know probiotics right?  The probiotics give us unbelievable digestive health.  So whether it’s a prebiotic or probiotic they do serve two different purposes but this one is going to have the prebiotic which I believe is what’s found in breast milk.  We now have these prebiotics that are now feeding our babies.  And it is important especially if you’re going to do a combination of breast feeding and bottle feeding, or breastfeeding and formula feeding.  Because if you’re doing a combination you really should look for formulas that are closest or infants formula that are closest to what’s found in breast milk.  That’s where these guys come in.  So it is important if you’re going to be a little bit of both because they could have an issue once they’re being bottle fed.  They could get a little bit gassy when switching to a formula and then you’re like ‘I don’t know is it me or is it my breast milk?’  Just like when you’re going to introduce solids to babies you have to think about how you’re going to introduce this formula to a baby.

I also want to let you know that it contains zero, zip, zonk, zilch no added corn syrup solids.  That is an important fact because you don’t know but it’s in many other formulas or some other formulas.  I could say many other formulas.  Many people don’t even realize what’s in their baby formula and so that’s why we’re like hey listen.  Let’s literally stop the presses and let’s talk about what particularly is in the Earth’s Best organic baby formula.

The other thing I want to let you know is that it’s fortified with iron, right?  I don’t know if anybody has anemia like this chick but it’s fortified with iron which helps red blood cell development.  This is another thing that is very, very, very important for our teeny tiny babies.  Some of you guys even have to give your babies iron supplements because they might so deficient in iron.  I myself am consistently deficient in iron.  Will I be drinking this?  Probably not.  It’s fortified with iron so it’s going to help your babies.  The other thing that I want to say is that Earth’s Best organic infant formulas are certified USDA organic which means they contain no genetically modified ingredients, no potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides, no artificial growth hormone with organic regulations strictly forbid and are produced with milk from cows not treated with antibiotics as their health is maintained through proper nutrition and attentive care.  Notice I am reading this from the side.  I am not reading this because I don’t know what’s in it.  I am reading it because I humbly do not want to miss anything.  I remember that when I was formula feeding my twinnies which started around the three month mark.  I didn’t know what I was giving them. I was just literally giving them anything that was free at the hospital.  That’s how I chose my infant baby formula.  Now a lot has changed in the past few years.  Remember that my twinnies are now twelve, they’re going to be thirteen soon.  To watch the evolution of baby formulas and then the introduction of organic baby formulas, they seem to throw this word organic around very, very lightly.  I want you to know that yes the prices do vary but you can find this and there’s not a huge price differential at all between an organic baby formula and a typical baby formula.  So know that.  And know that the companies that we partner with are something that everybody could afford and it’s something that I feel is the betterment of families to use.  Are you going to be doing a render service if you keep using the formula that you’re using?  The only render service that you’re doing is not being educated about the choices that you make for your family.  Whatever choices you make know I’m like whatever’s best for your family.  That’s what you choose.  But I want you to be armed with the information and then you can make some really good decisions.

Guess what time it is guys?  Do you know what time it is?  What?  Did somebody say the time?  I can’t hear you guys.  What time is it?  So Earth’s Best since you have not played with us during a live feed we’re going to school Earth’s Best now for a little bit.  Twiniversity families know that when it’s time for a prize all they have to say is prize time.  But we really like to get people excited because I want you guys to win prizes.  Okay are you ready for the prize?  Drum roll please.  The prize that we are going to give away is two cases, count them, two cases which is eight canisters that we estimate is easily a month’s worth of supplies for your babies.  We’re going to give you eight canisters of the Earth’s Best organic infant formula.  Guys I don’t know if you’re really excited about this but I’m really excited about this.  This is a way, and thank you by the way to our friends that are with us at Earth’s Best right now because you have been unbelievably generous.  They participated in our baby shower last night which was insanely off the hook.  And if you missed it don’t miss the next one.  They’re so much fun.  We had hundreds upon hundreds of families that joined us last night.  And they also were super generous and they gave us eight canisters of the Earth’s best formula.  Jules don’t we have a prize pack that Earth’s Best is participating in for our grand prize for our baby shower.  Maybe we could put that link up and even if you weren’t at the baby shower I don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity.  I love when you guys say prize time.  Prize time prize time! If you want to win two cases which is eight canisters of the Earth’s Best organic infant formula the only thing that you have to say…what should we have them say?  Say my babies are hungry.  That’s it.  You just have to tell us your babies are hungry and then we will know that you want to participate in this particular giveaway.  And good news we have a little bit more giveaway stuff towards the end so you definitely want to hang out alright?  So that was our little prize time break.  Just say that my babies are hungry or our babies are hungry or the babies are hungry.  We don’t care what you say just something like that.  And the reason why we opted for you to say that it’s because some people join the live feeds just for the content and we don’t want to you to be forced into winning a prize.  Julie will pick a random winner and she will tell us who won.  That’s pretty, pretty exciting.

So the next thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to do three more tips.  We’re going to do six, seven and eight.  So numero six is plan out your weekly, monthly schedule on paper.  I kind of want to get that thing right now because that’s what we did.  Maybe we’ll post a picture.  Can I do that right now?  Okay guys look I’m literally going to stop everything because I want to go get it.  This is crazy right.  This is literally the folder I used when the babies were little.  How nuts is this?  But this is a huge deal when going back to work because I grabbed the wrong folder again.  I’m absolutely crazy.  Okay you basically take eight and a half by eleven paper and you write it down line by line.  The reason why it’s not available is because I was just consulting with a family who was losing their mind about what an eight month schedule would look like.

Now when my twinnies were eight months old by the way I had no idea I was starting Twiniversity.  It wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye but for whatever reason I kept all of those papers.  So you just take a sheet of paper and you write 7 a.m., feed two bottles eight ounces each one thing that you do.  But paper is the way to go.  Marny you bring up a really good fact.  She just said that her phone always fails.  The reason we say paper is because the odds that your nanny, your spouse, your mom, you, and everybody is going to have the same operating system is slim to none right?  Even though the iPhone is fairly dominant in the universe there’s plenty of Google phones out there and there’s plenty of Samsung phones and not every app will talk to each other.  If there was a perfect app do you not think we would have told you by now?  Don’t you think that if there was one particular app that I was like oh this is the one Twiniversity would be all over it?  Will I be developing an app anytime soon?  I don’t know.  It’s a question that gest asked of us often but these evolved so much and it’s so expensive I would rather put the resources into really educating our families and paying our writers.  By the way if any of you would like to apply to be a writer at Twiniversity we are constantly looking for new information and new writers and all of our writers are compensated hint hint.  I value your time a lot so if you would like to be considered to write for Twiniversity please this is also a great time when you go back to work.  You may want to spend commuting back and forth to work if you’re on a train or on a bus.  Or even if you want to speak articles into your phone it’s a great way to be a part of our little community.

So write everything down on paper because paper is universally ready by everybody who’s going to be near the babies.  Whether you use a eight and a half by eleven paper or whether you get a spiral bound notebook which one of our mom team Chelsea is doing.  Have your schedule, write it out on paper and then remember to evolve your schedule as your babies get bigger and whether they drink more or whether they have activities or when you introduce solids.  You have to remember to change that schedule for your caretaker.  You can’t expect them to know what you’re doing during the day and then just or during the evening and just like flawlessly transition into it during day.  So please make sure that you are modifying that schedule.  We’re going to start our monthly schedule, we’re going to put it on paper and then we’re going to make the evolution of it as time passes.  And the next thing we’re going to do is a dry run.  This is a big one.  The dry runs are very, very important.  We kind of hinted on this or really talked about it a little bit before.  Once you know what the schedule is going to look like right, once you know like okay the babies wake up at 7 a.m. they have a diaper change, they’re going to have two eight ounce bottles that we’re using this particular bottle that has this particular flow nipple.  Whatever you’re doing you have to be as explicit as possible and write it down on that paper.  Also, besides writing the schedule on the paper you guys know about the Twins Daily Log that we have?  If you have a schedule I recommend that you also keep a twins daily log.  The twins daily log is going to say this is the time that they ate, this is the time that they pooped, this is the time that they peed, this is the time they took any medications that they needed to take.  This is when they slept.  This is what happened.  So having your caregiver write this down in addition it’s going to help you know that they were following the schedule number one.  Number two it gives you a heads up in case the transition from the time that you get home and you’re like trying to debrief with your caregiver if the timing is a little bit too short or if you’re like I need to go to the bathroom or whatever then all you have to do is refer to the twins daily log and you’ll see exactly what happened today.  Do a dry run the week before work starts and then just keep doing full dry runs or as long as you can possibly handle.  But you want to do at least one entire day away from the twinnies and to make sure that your caregiver is really on point about it.  I’m not saying that they’re not right?  The other thing that I really feel is important that when you’re looking for a caregiver that you really interview them, I’m not saying you need to like put them under a microscope but I kind of do wish you could say that.  You could have nanny cams and if you’re going to have nanny cam just let the caregiver know because a lot of people have nanny cams.  But the nanny cams are not because you’re not sure of what the nannies are doing but a nanny cam is really beneficial because you actually will be a better employee knowing that everything is calm on your home front.  So think about that.  So if your nanny is like oh nanny cam blah, blah blah.  No the nanny cam isn’t to spy on the nanny the nanny cam is to spy on the babies and then you could see how well everything is going at home then you could go about your workday.

The formula that typically most people use is the red can.  If you are going to switch to formula this is probably where you’re going to start.  You certainly wouldn’t start here because we don’t know if the babies are going to have any sensitivity.  So we’re going to do our dry runs, we’re going to talk about the nanny cam.  When you are looking for a nanny the point that I wanted to try to make was that instead of just hiring the first person that you meet, find a few people that you like and maybe hire them for a day.  And then you could hire a few people, see how they were kind of in the real world and then you could choose who gets the final vote of nannies.  I always make that joke and it makes me laugh every time.  You’re interviewing a bunch of people, you should always interview in a public place.  You should never interview people in your home.  You should also use a fake email address so that people can find out where your work or whatever.  Try to keep it as separate as possible until you know that you’re going to hire this person.  And then maybe hire them for the day.  Try them out that way and then when it’s time for you to get the party started you know that you definitely made the right choice and you’re not like what about that other woman that we interviewed?  She was really amazing too!

Okay so now after that the next thing that I want to talk about is talk to your pediatrician about how to choose the right baby formula.  If you have been exclusively breastfeeding you may be like how am I going to make this choice?  What am I going to do blah, blah blah.  Talk to your pediatrician and have them assist you in advising where to start choosing your infant formula.  You may also want to ask them about choosing a bottle because not all bottles are created equally.  It’s one of those things that people don’t know but we’re a big fan of the doctor Browns options bottles.  That was what worked for me more than any other bottle and we did use six different bottles.  But I did have a baby that had really bad reflux.  Super bad reflux.  If I could turn back time if really sincerely if I could turn back time it’s definitely one of the things that I would have done for my children is choose an organic infant formula versus what I was using.  It’s funny because I’m so conscious about the food that I was eating while breastfeeding.  I was hyper vigilant about making sure that I was eating the best food and I was staying hydrated and I was taking my vitamins if I thought I needed vitamins but then yet when it came to my babies formula I was not as hyper vigilant.  Whatever.  Guys sometimes you live and you learn.  Twiniversity was based off a lot of things that I did wrong too and it’s not just Natalie Diaz did wrong.  It’s kind of the twin the multiple birth parenting community at large.  They’re like these are the things that I would have done differently had I known.  So I always want you guys to know.

After we find out from our pediatrician and we know kind of the suggestions that they made for us.  Really if the pediatrician is like this is what you use bring up to your pediatrician if you are interested in an organic based formula.  It’s funny because just like you weren’t necessarily schooled about all things about Earth’s Best organic formula your pediatrician may not be either.  And we tend to think that our pediatrician knows everything that’s out there.  But if you have a pediatrician that is on the older side, that’s not true because my pediatrician was on the older side but yet he was up on organic formulas and alternative medicines and alternate treatments and therapy.  So I was very fortunate to have a doctor, a pediatrician, for the twinnies that was so open minded.  Some people are like no this is what you use.  We’ve been using this for seven million years.  Just because somethings was done the same way for a long time doesn’t mean it’s been done correctly.  So if you are interested in using an organic infant formula or a USDA organic infant formula by the way, it’s important that you speak to your pediatrician and say hey this is what I’m going to try any opposition?  I have ever in the history of Twiniversity with the hundreds of thousands of families that we reach on a weekly basis I have never known one pediatrician that said no do not use an organic baby formula.  If you ever come across that definitely tell me because I’m curious.  But we have never ever ever had that come up at Twiniversity.

So guys guess what time it is?  We are going to give away another months’ worth of Earth’s Best.  So if you would like to have some prize time always say it’s prize time.  And just to tell you again it does mean the USDA organic means that it contains no genetically modified ingredients, no potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides, no artificial growth hormone with organic regulations and they’re produced with milk from cows that are not treated with antibiotics and their health is maintained with proper nutrition and attentive care.  This is why this guy is better than a lot of the other that is out there.  And there are…there’s a lot of choices when it comes to organic formulas but this is at a price point that every family could afford if you’re formula feeding because it’s right there on the mark.  And the other thing that you get guys may not know but that the company that earns that owns Earth’s Best also owns a wide variety of other organic brands.  So it’s interesting because I didn’t realize that a lot of the other companies that are owned by the daddy company of Earth’s Best are products that I use every day in my house.  As an organic family, I’m not going to say I’m a hundred percent organic, I don’t want to give you guys that allusion.  I am maybe a forty percent organic family.  That’s how I roll.  The things that are most important to me are the cows for my milk for example.  There’s no way that I will buy any milk that is from cows that are treated with antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.  That’s kind of a deal breaker in my family.  We’ve had Twiniversity moms who’ve once introduced milk to their children have had their kids, I’m just going to say it, they’ve had their kids develop breast buds because of what was in that milk.  The minute they stopped using that non-organic milk it was a revolutionary day in their home.  So it is very important and really think about like we always think about what we’re eating but would not often do people think about what they’re giving their little puppies.  There are a lot of European brands that are as explicitly wonderful as Earth’s Best but the problem with the European brands and we’ve seen it here in person which is why we kind of found Earth’s Best to begin with is that we have families that use the organic brands that are overseas.  They have them sent to the US but if there’s a delay in shipping or if they didn’t order enough or their babies had a growth spurt and they use more than they thought, they can’t get that easily. I can’t understand why families would buy a product overseas when there’s something equally as wonderful on the shelves of your local grocery store right?  So you can find the Earth’s Best formula in your grocery store, you can get it from Amazon, you can get it from any big box store.  I see it very readily here in New York.  I’ve seen it very readily in New Jersey.  I’m curious to know if you don’t see it in your neck of the woods tell us and maybe we could find out where could get that.  Julie just shot you over a coupon for five dollars off which is fantastic.  So five dollars off is a big deal but you do have to read the coupon.  Don’t forget because I do recommend that you buy multiple cans at once and they may not let you use more than one five dollar coupon.  So just make sure that you read the rules and regulations that are on the back of that coupon.

So once again we’re giving it away again.  Once again my babies are hungry is all that you have to say and we will be giving away another month’s worth of Earth’s Best organic infant formula.  This is super fun.  I’m super stoked man.  If I could have had a month of free formula I would have done that in a heartbeat.   This is the can that typically families use but they do once again they do make a few different varieties in case you’re coming into some trouble or you need a soy base for your lactose free don’t worry they have you covered.  All right if you want to win just say my babies are hungry.

Let’s go back to giving you guys some tips okay?  So the last four back to work tips that I’m going to give you is number one now this kind of has to do with us.  Now we’ve prepared our caregiver we can’t really prepare the babies, well we can’t prepare the babies because we’re going to gradually get away from them.  Well not really.  That’s a horrible way to say it.   We’re going to gradually have a gentle exit strategy to go back to work but now the last four tips are really for us.  So number one pre pack and lay out your clothes the night before.  This is such a really good option…and this isn’t only good for adults by the way.  This really goes for anybody.  I love laying out my clothes the day before.  And by laying out my clothes I mean picking the clean clothes out of the top of the laundry pile that I didn’t put away the day before.  You definitely want to lay out what clothes you’re going to wear having less to think about in the morning will give you more time to focus on a few more minutes with your babies.  Especially if you’re going to do a morning breastfeed you don’t want to run around stressed or have them feeding at your breasts and then be like oh my god what am I going to do?  Just be in the moment in the morning.  Be in the moment with yourself.  Be in the moment with your spouse.  Be in the moment with your babies.  The more you could do the night before the happier everybody is going to be.  So prepack your bags and lay out your clothes.

The next thing is post your pre exit morning schedule on the fridge.  List out everything that needs to happen before you walk out the door okay?  Time it all out.  If you’re like okay I know that the babies have a music class at this time then you need to leave the house at this time.  If they’re going to have lunch at this time you should start preparing for lunch at this time.   You don’t have to do that forever but as you’re getting somebody in the habit of taking care of your babies and for basically taking over a shift.  It’s not taking over a job by the way.  It’s literally just taking over a shift that you typically would have had with the babies.  If you time it all out it’s going to really help the caregiver just have a better day because we timed it all out.  Why should they learn the hard way right?  That’s what Twiniversity is – we learn the hard way so we definitely want to time that all out and we could have a better day.

The next thing that I wanted to say is have your help come at least thirty minutes early.  Now remember you do have to get ready too and also you have to take into consideration that you have a commute.  So how are we going to do this right?  What are we going to possibly do?  How are going to time this out with our partners?  Because if you’re working let’s say you both work nine to five jobs.  What time is your caregiver going to get there?  Maybe instead of working nine to five you could work eight to four.  Or maybe your partner could work eight to four.  And then you could build in a little wiggle room for your caregiver.  Another thing that we didn’t mention before that I wanted to mention when you’re looking for a caregiver it’s not the worst idea to see if they can ever work in the evening.  That way you could have whatever caregiver is with the babies during the day you could have them stay with the babies in the evening and you guys could get a little – it doesn’t have to be romantic – but you could have a little date time with your partner.  Which is very important.  So if you did find that there one particular caregiver over another that could stay a few extra hours maybe once a week they should really be given a second look because that time with your partner is really valuable and I don’t want you to underrate it.  So we got that.  Have your help come or you know have whoever’s going to take care of your babies but I want to say like the squad, your additional parent squad, have them come thirty minutes early then make a quick exit.  This sounds crazy but don’t linger.  Let whoever is going to help you with the babies do their job.  If you stay there and linger and dawdle and be like oh I forgot to tell you and oh they said oh I love you babies are oh dude whatever.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  You’re going to line up everything ahead of time so that you could get out the door as flawlessly as possible as quickly as possible.  If you linger the babies are going to feel that anxiety that you don’t want to leave and they’re going to get stressed.  Then it’s going to stress out your caregiver as well.  Just make a quick exit.  Get out of dodge ASAP and it will be a much better time for everybody.

So those were our little tips that we are giving you to help make your transition back to work a little bit smoother.  Whether you’re going back work part-time or you’re going back to work full-time it doesn’t matter.  Whether you’re even going back to volunteer.  You know you could work at a job that you don’t necessarily get paid for.  Not everybody is meant to stay home full-time.  There are plenty of families that are like oh yeah I’m going to stay home with my babies and how could you back to work and how could people do that?  You know what?  In all sincerity sometimes breaking the monotony of caring for your twins day in and day out will help you bring you know a new appreciation to your family and certainly you guys need a break.  Everybody needs a break even if this is your break each day I’ll take it.  Like it’s spending time with me and spending time with your friends at Twiniversity is going to give you that little bit of a break you need it.  You really, really need it.  I humbly think that a parent is going to be on call for twenty four hours a day there should be a submission in to your local municipality that there should be statues for you.  Everybody needs a break.  We really need a break so whether your break is going back to work which sadly that’s not really a break but whether your break is taking time with us, whether your break is having somebody come over for a few hours a day so you could go take the dog for an extended walk.  Whether your break is that you are going to volunteer for your local twins club and help them organize something so you can utilize skills that were part of your job before them.  If you need to have that time away from the babies don’t feel guilty about it.  I felt horribly guilty it.  You always know what I’m talking about.  I felt horribly guilt but I really needed to kind of get my marketing chops.  And previous to Twiniversity does anybody know what I did?  Out of curiosity, just for funsies for the people here did you know what I did before Twiniversity?  I had a real career like a real person like really I did.  And I worked in African travel!  What?  That was my career.  I worked in marketing and sales in African travel.  I’ve traveled the world a lot which gave me a significant, just made me as humble as the day is long.  And it also gave me a sense of community that I don’t think I really grasped before then.  If you think your community is tight go to any African village anywhere in south or southern Africa and you will see what community is like.  It’s incredible.  The way that people support each other.  The way that people nurture each other.  The way that people raise each up is something that is rarely found in the US.  But we don’t need it to be right?  We have our own homes.  We don’t live in a village.  Or even if you live in a village you have your own home.  It’s just absolutely extraordinary.  So seeing that changed what I was doing.  When I was home with the babies I just felt that I needed to exercise my little African mind chops a bit.  So I went back to work one day a week.  Just one day a week and it was really as much for a break as it was for the bucks because the bucks were nice but I really needed that break.  And if you need that break don’t feel bad about it.  And if you have somebody who’s going to take care of your children and love your children and protect your children more power to you if you could get out of that house and do something.  So don’t feel bad about going back to work or don’t feel bad about volunteering but you definitely need to have a strategy to make this go as flawlessly as possible.  So I thank you so much for hanging in there with us and for all of our friends over at Earth’s Best who participated with us today.  And as a thank you I know Julie posted it before but if you didn’t get it here’s a five dollar off of Earth’s Best organic infant formula when you sign up for their newsletter to receive their special offers.  And please do because we can’t tell you every time that Earth’s best has something awesome coming out.  So we want you guys to become part of the Earth’s Best family as well.  So then they can notify you of anything that is coming up and any product news and parenting tips.  So we’ll be playing with them a lot more.  I really do thank our friends at Earth’s Best for hanging in there with us and thank you guys for participating as well.  I love you.  Have the best day and know that you are definitely making a great choice for your family if you are going back to work.  It’s going to make you a better parent.  It’s going to bring in some more money if it can but make sure that you prepare enough ahead of time.  So have the best day ever guys and see you later alligators and good luck going back to work.  If you do have any more questions you could always send us a direct message over here on our Facebook page or of course you could email me directly at Natalie@Twiniversity.com.   See you later alligators.

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