HALO Twin Bassinest Preview | ABC Expo 2017

halo twin bassinest

Nat got a sneak preview at the HALO Twin Bassinest at the 2017 ABC Kids Expo and she shares all the details in this live video from the HALO booth!

HALO Twin Bassinest Preview

Natalie: Oh my gosh, I guess we are live! Surprise! Hi everybody. I just landed, just a few minutes ago. I took American and discussed the savagery of no WiFi. This was my first non JetBlue experience and I was really mad. Plus, when we got here they made us get off the back of the plane. They put the door in the back. Is that normal? I was like what in the world is going on.

Karen: I'm Karen from HALO. We are here at the ABC Kids Show. The 15th Annual trade show for everything baby and kids. All the new stuff is here. All the buyers from all your favorite stores are here picking out the best.

Nat: And your favorite people.

Karen: Last night we had our big awards presentation. There were about eight categories of the best new products of distinction…and of course the product behind us was the big winner.

Nat: I'm not surprised. I got to tell you, when you have something that's this innovative and so unlike other things on the market – it's kind of a home run.

Karen: It's a game changer.

Nat: Do you know what started this? Where did this come from?

Karen: Well, I really have to go back to the genesis of HALO. Bill Schmidt, who is our founder, lost his daughter to SIDS twenty-six years ago. He has spent the rest of his life making safe sleep easier for parents. His also the dad of twins.

Nat: I didn't know that…or did I know that? Maybe I forgot.

Karen: Sandy and Scott. They are twenty four now. So, we have the HALO sleep sack, the HALO sleep sack swaddle – which we are going to show you later on. Then we changed the way swaddle was used in 1,500 hospitals nationwide. There's a baby that needs one right there. We invented the HALO bassinet about three and a half years ago – again an award winning product. There has never been the right sleep solution for twins to sleep safely together.

Nat: I agree, right. You know that our country has different regulations than other countries.

Karen: Yes we do.

Nat: Everybody has this whole thing, but I love it when we can kind of meet in the middle. We met in the middle with this product. Before we go any further, I want to encourage our viewers right now to make a friend with somebody. Right now I would love it if you would tell us where you are from and how old your twinnies are. I want you guys to find a buddy during this live feed because Karen may have prizes for both of you. We are just saying. Or maybe I do. Maybe I am going to go get them all the free bags from the front of the trade show floor.

Karen: Then give them an awesome washable nursing pad. That booth is right over there and it is supposed to be antimicrobial and everything. But we digress.

Nat: My team may or may not leave with at least 2 dozen of those bags this year.

Karen: They come in handy, the bags in general.

Nat: The kids love them.

Karen: Let's talk about the twin bassinet.

Nat: Come on in, take a look.

Karen: So, here we go. Look. The bassinest regular, the singleton, has this patented drop down side. Just the weight of your arms is going to lower that side to help get baby out. You are going to get into bed and demonstrate that.

Nat: “Oh, I'm so tired. I'm going to bed.”

Karen: Basically, this is like a twin lazy susan – because it pivots. Let's just say that baby #1 is crying. Natalie, wake up.

Nat: “Oh, my baby.”

Karen: Here's the cool thing about this. We were talking about waistlines earlier. It takes absolutely no core strength to get that baby out. If you have had a C-section, which is highly likely if you have twins, you are not going to be feeling so well in that abdominal area. That drop down side is not going to cause you any discomfort whatsoever to get your baby. You can use your forearms to get them in and out all right?

Let me tell you what some of the features are on the control panel. There is a night light and that is going to shine into both sections of the bassinest. There are also soft sounds, like white noise and  lullabies. And there is a nursing timer, which we call the back to bed timer. If you happen to fall asleep with one of both of those babies at the breast, it is going to give a gentle ding after 25 minutes if you set it. It will remind you to put the babies back.

We don't want that baby falling asleep in bed and possibly getting into some sort of trouble. There is also vibration. The vibration is on both sides for both babies. There are two speeds of vibration.

Here is what it comes with. This comes with two waterproof mattress pads and two white crib sheets in the box already. So, you are good to go. This is a fashion cover, it is washable. The mattress itself is just lined with waterproof, it is foam, you can just wipe that off. The cool thing about the twin bassinest is this non removable mesh barrier between the two of them. As you can explain, babies like being together, but they need to be separate for safety.

Nat: It is important for you to see that the net goes all the way to the bottom. This is what separates the men from the boys in baby gear. If you look at other products on the market, it may have a one inch or one and a half inch. While it passes compliance, which means it meets all the standards, it fell that it doesn't meet the standards based on age. I feel like the compliance should be bases on age – but that is a whole topic for a different day. This is for infants. This is a firm side and a full mesh. People don't realize it. Whether you are looking at this or something else, you guys have to pay attention. It is your job to pay attention. You can not depend on the manufacturer a hundred percent of the time to know what is best for your kids. I'm not saying I know what is best for your kids, but I know safety is best for your kids.

There are compartments, on both sides. I can change this one right here. Do you know the dimensions?

Karen: This is about 25 inches by 13 inches I think for each compartment. Let's talk about compliance for a minute. We have this tested to hold about 50 pounds, probably more. But, once your baby starts rolling over, pushing up…you have to get them out of there. So it is a developmental thing more than a strict age and weight thing. Some babies be still chill at six months, but some of them are rocking and rolling at three months. This thing is heavy, the base is heavy.

Nat: You know what else I dig about this? I dig that it actually feels like it is smaller than others. What I like is that since is swings over the bed, it is smaller than your average co-sleeper. You are gaining all of this space that is over here.

Karen: Absolutely. And let's talk about the legs for a minute. We have this pulled out a little just for the sake of demonstration. There is one leg that is going to go under the bed; two legs that are going to be parallel to the bed. There is only one leg that is really going to be sticking out is this one. If you look down it is only about three inches. The clearance required between the bed and the wall is less than a pack and play.

Nat: You are forgetting something about the legs. This has a height adjuster.

Karen: Yes it does. It adjusts to the height of your bed.

Nat: So it is going to fit everybody. We have a question. Does it have a stationary position?

Karen: No it doesn't, it swivels.

Nat: Will it have a stationary position going forward?

Karen: Uhhhhhhm, maybe.

Nat: This is how things get changed. You say you want this and then I go harass people.

Next question, does it move closer?

Karen: Well, you are going to set it once. Set it and forget it. The top pops off and pops on, but you are going to set the legs and then you pop on the top and it is going to be there as long as you need it to be. This just has the revolving motion unlike the single bassinest. It doesn't have the elliptical motion and the reason why is from a physics perspective we would have to make the legs like six feet wide.

Let's talk about the price.

Nat: Can I play guess the price?

Karen: I will tell you if you are high or low.

Nat: I love playing this game, I am usually pretty close. I am going to say…let me realistically think…I am going to say $249.

Karen: No, $249 would be this bassinest as a single.

Nat: Okay, now I have something to gauge it by.

Karen: That would be a single without a sheet and a mattress pad I might add.

Nat: So I am getting a sheet and a mattress pad. Well, you aren't going to double it. I was going to say $379, but I understand it might be slightly higher than that.

Karen: $449.99. Now, if you bought 2 bassinests at $249.99 plus the sheets plus the mattress pad it would be $560. So, it is $110, $120 savings by just buying this unit. There are no coupons available. We like to put all of our retailers on an even playing field.

Nat: Another thing that is good is that you do not wait to buy it. Because, sometimes you wait to buy something because you think you have to wait for this month's coupon.

Karen: Speaking of waiting to buy it. You can right now go onto amazon.com and register for it and pre-order it. By the end of the week you can go onto Babies R Us and pre-order it and register for it. It is going to be available the end of January.

Nat: So, if you are expecting now you could do this. You should have this in your home when you come home from the hospital.  If you are expecting from January, I would say with all sincerity like February and beyond, because you could go early, be prepared and make sure you have the things in your home to get your house ready.

Karen: In the meantime, if you wanted a bassinest and you are having twins, your alternative is to buy two singles and have one on each side of the bed so dad could get involved.

Nat: Next question. When should you be absolutely ready and have everything in the house? They should be ready by 36 weeks. It has to be done, it has to be in there. You could go at 34, but at 34 you might spend a few weeks in the NICU so don't get too stressed. If you find out that you did nothing there are 8 million people that will help you. The social worker in the hospital will happily get you on your feet if you are spending time in the NICU. There is always a way. And now thanks to Amazon Prime everything gets there in 2 days, you assemble a little squad to put this together, and you are ready to rumble.

How much assembly does this require?

Karen: A Philips head screwdriver. You just have to put in the legs and then you just connect these pieces here. This is Velcro. Just put some stuff together, no screwdrivers. The nice soft light comes through here. It is all you need. This just screws on with two screws and it is three double A batteries. This is super fun.

Nat: So, January, it is at our local store.

Karen: Well, you can go to the stores and have them order it. Most stores are not going to be able to have this on display because it is too big. We recommend going online where you can pre-order it online on amazon and then it will ship in January.

Nat: If they wanted to see this in person, when could they see this in person at their local stores?

Karen: The end of January, but we don't know who is going to have it on the floor.

Nat: You tell me, I will tell you, then we will find out.

Karen: We have an unbelievable video that will be loaded on all of the retailer pages and that really is what you need to see for the functionality.

Nat: This is kind of a great example of functionality.

Karen: I told you it won an award – did I mention that?

Nat: Yes, you did.

Karen: We can't stop talking about that enough. Can we talk about the product that won the award last year? Next year we are going for the three-peat, we don’t know what it is yet though!

Come over here and see this SNOOZYpod. Now, everyone has been in their bassinests, they are really happy, but now it is time to move to the crib. You've had vibration, and white noise, and guess what – nothing. Look at this. The SNOOZYpod vibrates the mattress.

Nat: Oh, that's nice.

Karen: Isn't it? There are two levels of vibration and this can work on twin beds for older kids. It has got this night light that is going to project amber light onto the ceiling. There are three levels of white noise. Either white noise or soothing sounds. There is a rainforest. Here is the cool thing. This works on your phone with the Bluetooth. You put this on, then it turns off after a certain amount of time, say half an hour. Then in the middle of the night you hear on the baby monitor that the baby is crying – instead of going into the room and possibly have them see you and think that it is party time, you can just from your own bed grab your phone and turn the vibration back on.

Nat: You know what I am going to ask now. Can I have two on that same app?

Karen: Yes you can, and you name them! So you can say Natalie's bed and Karen's bed.

Nat: I did not know that. See, a lot of times you get fancy features but you don't actually get it for two.

Karen: This is available right now at Babies R Us, Nordstrom stores has it.

Nat: Can I play guess how much again?

Karen: Yes you can.

Nat: I'm gonna guess $99.

Karen: $79.99.

Nat: Ohhh! So we just saved ourselves a few bucks.

Karen: It works on batteries. The battery life is about 25 hours. It also plugs in and there is a really cool cord with a containment system so there is no loose cord. The installation is really easy. All you do is just go like this.

Nat: Check it out. That's it, it is literally under.

Karen: That thing is flat against the mattress. It is so cool.

Nat: I get so excited. Everybody needs ones. How awesome is that. For seventy nine bucks. To have this same feature that people love in their bouncers. They buy all these bouncers and their babies fall asleep.

Karen: When they don't get to be in the bouncer anymore and they have to be in the crib it's like “What am I doing? There's no noise, I don't have any vibration.” It is too quiet.

Nat: Are we giving these away? Are these on our list? Oh, we are giving away two sleep sack swaddles. Let's go see the swaddles. Okay, we are walking through, take a look around at the other products that are here. We can't play with everything.

Karen: If you know a friend who is only having one or if you want two of them; this is the assortment. This is a stand for the singleton bassinest so you can pop the top off of your bassinest in your bedroom. Bring it downstairs. Without the baby in it thank you! And put this is your kitchen or living room for the day and then bring it back up at night.

Nat: These are all your accessories for the bassinest.

Karen: This is your twin mattress pad, your twin sheets. This is single sheets. There is a different shape of a mattress so don't buy two of the single sheets for the twin bassinest. That is really important. The mobiles will fit on the side also. We have a newborn insert but that doesn't fit in the twin because we haven't yet figures out a way to handle that mesh insert.

Nat: That makes sense. I am going to tell you guys to find your buddy. Tag your buddy right this minute because I am going to give away a prize. So Julie is going to pick a winner, both you and your buddy are going to win a $10 Amazon gift card that you could use wither in January when it comes out – you could pre-purchase it now. Or if you just need some Elmer's glue for your kids extra slime that she is making. Julie will pick, and you and your buddy are going to win a little gift from your friends at Twiniversity.

Karen: Look at this. I mentioned that HALO was the first company to bring the wearable blanket concept to the United States. Sleep Sack is out name…like Thermos, and Kleenex, and Google. About 17 years ago. First we invented the wearable blankets.

Nat: Aren't they the cutest! I am calling that the Elk.

Karen: Reverse zipper for easy diaper changing – which is incredibly under rated.

Nat: You only realize it is under rated when you don't have it. That's when you are like what!

Karen: We have been having this discussion all day about when I was a buyer for a retail chain. I was young and single. I used to say I was going to have a baby and write it off as a business expense because I didn't know what any of this stuff was and what to use it for. Also like how many products you thought you needed but you didn't. Then how many products you really did need but you didn't know it.

Nat: It is hard to know, to weed out. We actually have a list at Twiniversity that is needs, wants, and must haves. Then we have thing to not buy. A whole list of the don't buys. Even if they are great products – like diaper pails – they are great products but they really don't hold enough for twins.

Karen: That is a good point. Someone should invent a twin diaper pail.

Nat: Well, Décor has one, it is not a twin diaper pail but they sell it for adult diapers. But it doesn't matter. The process is the same and it can accommodate two. Did you know that parents of twins use sleep sacks longer then singleton parents because we don't want our kid escaping. Our kid goes and gets the other kid.

Karen: Another really good reason for using our HALO sleep sack too is because we don't want you using bumper pads in the crib and everybody says my kid's leg gets stuck.

Nat: But they are illegal!

Karen: No, they aren't illegal. They are only illegal in a few states. If you are concerned about your babies legs getting stuck through the crib rungs, put them in a sleep sack and then that's not going to happen.

Nat: I have just received a special notification…apparently we ARE giving away 2 SNOOZYpods.

Karen: That is awesome.

Nat: We have a tradition. When we give away a prize, they have to say something. I am not going to say what it is. They are going to start saying it. What time is it? It's Prize Time! Sometimes they will just yell it out. You know when you go to a wedding and they clink the glasses – this is similar. If you would like to win 2 SNOOZY pods for your twinnies, you have to say it. We kind of weed it out because not everybody wants to win. All you need to say is “I need snooze”.

Karen: Let's talk about the swaddle feature of the wearable blanket. This product is used in 1,500 hospitals nationwide. You might be getting one as a gift when you leave the hospital with twins. They might be using it in the hospital.

Nat: Do you have a preemie size?

Karen: yes we do have a preemie size. A lot of NICUs use the HALO sleep sack swaddle. A ton of them do.

Nat: Talk about this swaddle, the process.

Karen: This is fun. The covered ones and the double zippers are from our new Platinum Series line which is shipping right now. The attached swaddle wings are going to wrap around the baby. Here is the cool thing. You can do arms down, you can do arms up, you can do one arm up, one arm out, you can do no arms. This is the three-in-one versatile swaddle. It is the most versatile swaddle that you can buy.

Nat: I love this, I'm into it because even if mom and dad know how to swaddle, whoever is coming over will know how. I don't know why every company doesn't put their instructions in the lining.

Karen: Because they are not as smart as we are.

Nat: We have a zipper cover here as well. I wish we had these on winter coats.

Karen: These are available at specialty stores and Nordstrom right now. This is the specialty line which is called our HALO Platinum Series. We want to stop swaddling when babies show signs of rolling over. That is when you want to transition from the two arms to the one arm out. Look at this beautiful packaging. This is a gift set. Now, these don't come in preemie size, but this is 6-10 pounds on the swaddle and 10-18 pounds on the sleep sack. This is going to take care of you for at least the first six months of life. Our preemie swaddle comes in zero to five pounds.

Nat: How much is this?

Karen: This is $50 retail and this is $28.99. You get a good deal with the 2-pack.

Nat: If you are considering getting sleep sacks, get a minimum of 3 per baby. One in use, one in the wash and one in backup.

Karen: Have you been reading my training guide? That's what I always say.

Nat: Have you been reading my book? We will have to see who published first! Let's go to the publishers and get facts.

Karen: Now we are giving away two swaddles, over there. They come in pink, blue and gray. Look the star matches your tattoo.

Nat: We are going to give two of these guys away. If you would like to win two Platinum Series HALO sleep sack swaddles…all you have to say this time is “It's swaddle time”. They are already saying Prize Time.

Where do they go to find more information?

Karen: Halosleep.com.

Nat: What about your social channels?

Karen: @halosleep, everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat.

Nat: Okay, we are going to go. Our winners are picked for everything.

Karen: The twin bassinests come out the end of January.

Nat: These are out now. This is a good baby shower gift.

Karen: All of the sleep sacks behind you are available everywhere. Target, Babies R Us, buybuyBaby, Amazon, Walmart, Pottery Barn Kids.  All of your local stores.

Nat: That's it. See you all later.