Moments to Look Forward to With Twins


We at Twiniversity wanted to know what our fans thought were the moments that new twin parents have to look forward to with their twins. So we asked them “What has been your favorite twin milestone so far?”

Here’s what they had to say:

– One of my favorite twin moments has been the first time they used teamwork to get something accomplished together. ∼ ND

– When they started playing and giggling together. When they’re alone you can hear nothing but baby belly laughs.   ∼ AR

– When I took them to the park and they could play on their own without my help going down the slide! I love seeing them make up games and chase each other around. Plus having a bit of time to sit back and sip a coffee is glorious!   ∼ AP


– My girls hugged each other for the first time the other day. My heart turned to a pile of goo.  ∼ NH

– My favorite moments were when they were finally potty trained and the first time they said “I Love You”. It was really awesome.  ∼ MZ

– When they were old enough and they could legally stay home alone! Dinner dates occur more often now!  ∼ CEP

– Smiling at each other, and just interacting in general. I love the smiles and laughs – we are almost 4 months in and loving it!  ∼ JMD

– No more bottles and diapers! That was one of the happiest moments for me.  ∼ MC

– One of the best moments was when they started to really interact with each other when they played. It’s so much fun to watch them.  ∼ JM

– Some of my favorite moments with my twins were when they were able to hold their own bottles. It was a game changer! And as toddlers my favorite moments was being able to take themselves to the bathroom.  ∼ ANL

– When they finally started playing with each other, giggling together and holding hands.  ∼ CAT

– My favorite moments was when they could drink regular milk (no more pumping), walking, and definitely when they started to play together.  ∼ AB

– One of my favorite moments was when they both started walking. Carrying an extra 50 lbs was getting exhausting. ∼ DMP

– When they both said “I love you” to each other before bed. ∼ THH

– When they said “mama” for the first time. ∼ AS


– When they were old enough to play together early in the morning without me needing to wake up. ∼ HK

– When they reached for the other’s hand out of sweetness to help. ∼ JK

– When they could wipe their own booties! ∼ KBR

– My 8 month old twins are starting to wave and it’s just the cutest thing ever. ∼ DNG

– I have a tie for my favorite moments between potty training and the first day of school. ∼ HM

– My favorite moments are whenever my 7 year old boys hold hands or hug each other. It’s rare.  ∼ AM

– Watching them play together, hearing them tell each other “I love you!”  ∼ VM

– Definitely when they started holding hands and asking for hugs from each other. Instant heart melt.  ∼ KM

– When they started giving me real smiles.  ∼ LC

– My favorite moments when my twins have been whent they put their twin first. They have such a wonderful connection.  ∼ SC

– I have at tie for my favoirte moments between our first outing alone with the twins and the first time they hugged each other.  ∼ AM

– When they start playing together and give me a littel free time.  ∼ LE


– First time they brushed their own teeth was one of my favorite twin moments.  ∼ JN

– Finding their first best friend in each other.  ∼ MK

– One of my favorite moments was when they started giving a genuine, around-the-neck hug to one another. ∼ DRM

– Playing peek a boo with each other.  ∼ EK

– Puberty!!…just kidding! Feeding them solid foods was one of my favorite moments.  ∼ JJS

– One of my favorite moments was when my twins were accepted to their first choice universities this summer. ∼ SM

– I enjoy hearing them call each other’s names.  ∼ CMB

– My twins girls getting married!  ∼ SVDB

– My favorite twin moment was when they could buckle themselves in the car!  ∼ LD

– The start of preschool was definitely one of my favorite moments!  ∼ AC

– I loved whent hey started sticking up for each other!  ∼ MH

– My most favorite moment was when they kicked the pacificer habit.  ∼ MN


– First time I went out by myself without the kids was by far the best moment!  ∼ ML

– Leaving the house without needin a stroller was probably one of my favorite moments.  ∼ CB

– The first time we went out to eat as a family and didn’t leave in tears was definitely my favorite moment.  ∼ LO

– I have 2 favorite moments. The first time I realized I didn’t need to buy another diaper and first time they dressed themselves.  ∼ KB

– The first time they made their own meal was one of my favorite moments. Even if it was only a bowl of cereal it was a big thing to me.  ∼ DO

– My favorite moments were when my twins could start helping out around the house. Them being able to empty the dishwasher is a big win for me!  ∼ RM

– One of the moments that is not only my favorite, but is also funny, was when my twins realized that not everyone has a twin!  ∼ NW

– Sleeping through the night…or at least one of them was at 3 months. But seriously, just so blessed that they’re both hitting their milestones on time.  ∼ HE

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