Planning the Perfect Twin Pregnancy Announcement

twin pregnancy announcement

There is a lot to think about when considering how to make a twin pregnancy announcement. The approaching arrival of your twins is exciting and you’ll want an announcement that reflects your excitement. When deciding how to make you twin pregnancy announcement, you’ll want to consider several things:

1. Who is your audience?

Is your official twin pregnancy announcement just for close family and everyone else will find out through the grapevine? Is your twin pregnancy announcement for all friends and family? Will your twin pregnancy announcement be going on social media?

If you’re doing a smaller twin pregnancy announcement, there are lots of fun things you can do with gifts. You can get custom fortune cookies made to hand out to family and close friends. Better yet, hand out two fortune cookies to each person to announce each baby individually. There are also lots of cute announcement gifts on websites like Etsy such as custom drinking glasses or Christmas tree ornaments to give out to a small group.

twin pregnancy announcement

However, if you’re going to be doing a large/mass announcement, you’ll most likely have to do a picture or card of some sort to mail out, or maybe even a video to email. Sending out a card with an image of you and your partner holding double baby gear, such as 2 bottles or 2 sets of baby booties, or enclosing a little poem about twins are all great ideas for cards. The great thing about creating a card is you can easily post it on social media if you want to make your twin pregnancy announcement that way. Also, video announcements are becoming more popular. Record a heartfelt greeting with your message and email to friends and family.  You could also record yourself telling your family and post that on social media.

You may also want to consider making different twin pregnancy announcements for different audiences. For example, giving future grandparents a gift is a nice personal way to make the announcement.  You can then share the special moment on social media as your way to announce your upcoming bundles of joy to the rest of your friends and family.

twin pregnancy announcement

Some gifts to give to grandparents for the twin pregnancy announcements might be a picture frame that says “Grandkids” on it. You can put either a an ultra-sound picture in it or a written message saying something like “Yes…plural.” (with an arrow pointing to the word “Grandchildren”. Another gift option for grandparents are t-shirts that say “Grandpa of Twins” or “Grandma of Twins“. Watch as they open these gifts and enjoy the happiness and excitement you will see in their eyes when they realize the surprise!

2. Where are you in your pregnancy?

Are you only a couple months along? Are you sporting quite the baby bump? Do you know the genders yet?

If you are already showing, having your belly be the star of your twin pregnancy announcement is never a bad decision. If it’s pretty early, or you are carrying small, you can still try to emphasize your belly in your twin pregnancy announcement, or you don’t need to be in it at all. Using a picture of your ultrasound is always fitting. If you are waiting to know the genders, you can do a dual twin pregnancy announcement/gender reveal. Gender reveals are also fun to do with gifts, cards, props or video.

twin pregnancy announcement

3.What is your style?

Are you more classic or are you more comical? There are lots of beautiful announcements out there that depict couples making two heart shapes with their hands or featuring mom and dad holding two onesies. These are the kind of classic announcements that will never go out of style. And while classic, they are easy to customize to fit your family. There are also announcements with amusing rhymes or pictures of dads in t-shirts that say “Real Men Make Twins”. You can also get the onesie set with the first onesie stating “buy one” and the second saying “get one free.” Do you prefer a classic look or funny one? Either way, you can come up with something very cute that represents your family.

4. Finally, consider the time of year, your personalities and your family.

What holidays are coming up? What season is it? What family events are approaching? What kind of things are you as a couple or your family passionate about? Do you have other children already?

If you celebrate Christmas or if it is near your birthday, you could make your protruding belly look like a gift. Likewise, you can do the gift idea if yours or your partner’s birthday is coming up. If it’s fall, saying something about pumpkins with a picture of you holding two pumpkins would be adorable. If you both LOVE football, consider using infant sized jersey’s in your announcement. Or if you’re board game fanatics, consider using a picture of the “twins” space from the Game of Life. If you have a child already, you absolutely want to include them in the announcement. Consider a picture of your child holding up a number 1 and Mom holds up number 2 and 3 in front of her tummy. Or maybe have your older child looking dumbstruck at the ultrasound.

twin pregnancy announcement

All of these ideas are adaptable to pregnancies of more than 2 babies as well. Change a number 2 to a number 3 or pick up four onesies instead of two. Or consider coming up with a completely original multiples poem.

Once you’ve decided what kind of twin pregnancy announcement you want, pick up you gifts or pick out your props and pick a day to make the announcement. Don’t forget to put your due date or month of your twins expected arrival so that people know when to welcome your little ones into the world! The most important thing to remember is to have fun creating your twin pregnancy announcement and spreading the good news. Good luck!

Planning the Perfect Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Maya Mason lives in the Twin Cities, MN and works as a Juvenile Probation Officer. Maya is the mom of 6 month old boy/girl twins named Theo and Teia who were born at 24 weeks. Maya has Lupus and this diagnosis has led her to become passionate about natural health and wellness. Maya loves to spend time with her family, play volleyball and travel. She also is an avid writer and is in the process of writing a teen fiction series.  

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