What Are The Best Travel High Chairs for Eating Out With Twins?

travel high chairs

A MoM recently asked:

What is people’s experience with clamp-on travel high chairs? Are they worth buying 2 for eating out? My boys are currently 6 months and not yet sitting on their own. I’d like something more secure than restaurant high chairs, but don’t want to lug around any more items than necessary. Thanks!

Here’s what our Twiniversity fans had to say:

– Hands down the best thing we invested in for restaurants were the Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit Portable Booster seats. They come so small and compact, they support the child in a booth or chair and they are EASY. We keep ours in the car all the time. They have been so handy for play dates, parks, eating out, sporting events, airplanes, etc. RA

– We just used the high chairs they provided at the restaurant. NL

– I wouldn’t use the clamp on ones that I’ve seen unless the kids can fully sit on their own. They’re very low back and not for supported seating. JT

– We have the First Years On-The-Go Booster Seats for our twins. TVSL

– We use the clamp on ones at home to save space and take them with us when we go out. They are the best gift we received at the shower. The only issue with ours is the table cannot have a lip on it, or it won’t clamp on, so we actually call restaurants in advance. KMR

travel high chairs

– We have the Inglesina travel high chairs. They’re great! Heavy, but great. We were able to pack them into our suitcases when we had to travel via plane. They’re compact and come with its own travel bag. It’s sturdy and our kids loved them! A warning though – not all clamp-on chairs fit on all tables. Keep that in mind while shopping. Tables with a lip underneath the table can hinder the installation of the chairs. JHPB

– We loved ours. Also great for going to friends houses and clamping them to the island. We always brought one out with us because you can generally find 1 highchair, but 2 is sometimes hard. Only you know whether lugging two is offset by the convenience of your set-up. My vote would be to get one to try and if you find you love it, you can have another one sent to your door tomorrow. SS

– I got two for my girls and we used them a hand full of times. I kinda wish we didn’t get them because they were pricey and just seem to confuse people in the restaurant and when you are already carrying two kids, huge diaper bag and now add two of these it just feels like so much baggage. We just use the ones provided by the restaurant now. KP

– I LOVED them! We got ours as a gift after the boys were born, and I sort of sneered at them originally, but they turned out to be amazing. They are much safer, and much cleaner than restaurant high chairs. They set up quickly and easily and kept them better contained. We just kept them in the car and took them in whenever we ate. KM

– By far one of our best purchases was our Phil & Ted’s Lobster high chairs! These are a little pricier than some but well worth it! They are so compact, and light for traveling! We have used them for our twins, our youngest, and multiple friends/family kiddos! JG

travel high chairs

– Yes! You’d be surprised at how many restaurants only have one or two high chairs. Then you have the ones that are gross or the buckles are broken or they’re all taken. We had folding ones and I just kept them in the car for when we needed them. Also great for grandparents’ houses. LA

– We bought the Polar Gear Go Anywhere Booster seats. They fold and Velcro. We actually bought them when we camped in the cabins at Disney since they don’t have high chairs.  KJK

– Lots of friends swear by them. But only once have we gone somewhere and they didn’t have enough chairs for us because all their chairs were in use. We found carrying everything around for the babies, plus stroller, and then these would have just been too much. DM

– We have the Mountain Buggy Clip-On High Chairs and they’re amazing! So good that we’ve ditched normal ones and use them at home too. I love them. Saves a lot of space in our house. AC

– We bought the Ciao! Baby portable highchairs. They were the best purchase for my twins! We bring them EVERYWHERE and get a million compliments! AB

travel high chairs

– I would just buy one. They can be great when the table can support them but not all tables can. They did come in handy when restaurants didn’t have enough high chairs. KSA

– We had them for our girls. They were clunky to lug around, sure. BUT they were a lifesaver. Several times, we found ourselves in a restaurant with no available high chairs at all. I’m glad we had ours. Plus, they were great when we’d travel to family/friends’ houses. Simple to set up and take down, they let our kids eat easily everywhere we went. VM

– We use the Safety 1st Sit, Snack, and Go Convertible Booster Seats at home and we take them to restaurants and other people homes. They are terrific! Easy to take on/off, easy to clean, and not heavy. Our twins were not really able to sit up with them well until closer to 7 months though. Safety 1st Sit, Snack, and Go Convertible Booster Seat AB

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