Britax View-N-Go Backseat Organizer Review

britax view-n-go backseat organizer

Julie shares details and opinions on the Britax View-N-Go Backseat Organizer. Find out in the video below if she thinks this is a good choice for your twins!

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*This is a paid review, but all opinions are my own.*

Britax View-N-Go Backseat Organizer Review

Hey twin moms and dads! This is Julie from Twiniversity and I am here today to tell you all about View-N-Go Backseat Organizer from Britax. Let’s take a closer look.

I love so many things about this backseat organizer, let me tell you all about them. First of all, the tablet holder at the top is so great because it's got these little pockets right here so you can fit the headphone cord as well as a charging cable, and it's just really easy right there on the side. And, also, this is a touchscreen, so you can manipulate things on the screen straight through the plastic. It's really great.

The next thing that I love about the Britax View-N-Go Backseat Organizer is all the little mesh pockets that are throughout the organizer. You've got a couple of skinny ones up here that can hold crayons and pens and pencils, some hand sanitizer, and then there's some bigger ones that can hold cups, some snacks, some toys. You just have a really great variety of different kinds of mesh pockets.

Then, of course, the centerpiece, which holds tons of books, magazines, coloring books; you can just shove a ton of stuff in here and it's gonna hold it all. It's also got this handy little snap right here to keep it closed if you need to.

The Britax View-N-Go Backseat Organizer weighs 0.88 pounds, is 13.14 inches in length, 0.39 inches in width, and 22.48 inches in height. It has adjustable straps which easily attach to the back of most vehicle seats for a secure installation.

That was the View-N-Go Backseat Organizer from Britax. For information and to purchase, visit We’ll see you next time at Twiniversity.

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britax view-n-go backseat organizer


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Britax View-N-Go Backseat Organizer Review

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