Delicious Kid Snacks Using Whole Milk Yogurt

Delicious Kid Snacks Using Whole Milk Yogurt

Nat hosted a Facebook live video to share some great kid snacks featuring the new Happy Baby and Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt, sponsored by Happy Family Organics. Learn all about it in the video below!

Delicious Kid Snacks Using Whole Milk Yogurt

Happy Family and Natalie Diaz go way back to 2006. When they launched I was still the director of the Manhattan Twins Club and I would always run our consignment sale. We always had one in Manhattan and when Happy Family launched they were one of the first like sponsors of the Manhattan Twins club which was so cool. So I had like this big consignment sale and in order to cover the costs of the space rental I had people that came and sponsored their goodies and it was like a win-win for the club.

So when Happy Family launched I just heard about them. They weren't in like any stores yet. Like they were just getting into stores so that they were in they weren't in any stores yet. But I have a lot of love for them. So I have watched this company evolve from literally just when like Shazi was doing everything herself to now this, you know, big gigantic corporation. And one of the highlights that I have to say out of everybody that I’ve ever known is that in 2014 Shazi actually went to the White House and had dinner with our formal presidential peeps. And she was named one of the rock stars of the new economy. I mean how crazy is that? She was just a woman, she didn't even have her kids yet. She was inspired by her friends who couldn't find really good food. Happy Family has now evolved to Happy Baby, Happy Mama, Happy Tot, and Happy Kids.

A cool thing that Happy Family did is, look at this package. Do you see that it's clear? They did this for two reasons. Number one they wanted you to be able to see what was in the package. So like why are you hiding it? Why are we hiding stuff in white packages? What's behind there? See that the food is actually real food. So it's Clearly Crafted, right? Clear like the packaging but clear as in we know exactly what the ingredients are. But I love it because as you're using the package you can see that it gets empty which I really really love.

So when Shazi founded this company she really wanted to fill a need that was currently in the world at the time and she did definitely. They have a giant line of baby stuff. They make formula, they make baby puree pouches, they make cereals, and they actually make a probiotic cereal if you guys aren't aware of that. They make teething wafers. They make superfood puffs. They make Yogis which are these great little yogurt melts, and they make so much more. And now they launched a whole new line of whole milk yogurt. There are yogurts that are like the baby's first yogurts, which are these small ones which are part of the Happy Baby line. And then there's the Happy Tot line which is also available in stores.

So the benefits of yogurt are, number one, yogurt contains probiotics that are good for your tummy. It's an immunity booster. It promotes healthy skin for us. Which is why I love yogurt. It relieves constipation so if you have babies that are having some tummy trouble with gas or constipation this is going to help them. So your babies should be eating yogurt, it's one of the things that should be in their daily diet. What is so fantastic about the baby's first yogurts is that there are no added sweeteners. And it's made with all organic dairy and it's full of calcium and vitamin D.

Now when should you introduce yogurt to your babies? Just ask. Thank you so much for asking. You could introduce them. I would say a little bit early so talk to your doctor and perhaps start introducing yogurt between 6 and 12 months depending.

I'm going to take these things out of here okay? I'm going to use that box for my crocheting. I'm so excited. I love a good box. Now I got this tiny little spoon. Oh how sweet is that little spoon? And oh my gosh even the little wrap is super cuties. Oh man. And I got a tiny little bib that says “this is my happy belly”. Thank you so much Happy Family for the little prize pack. That is awesome. Now in here is also a bunch of recipes and we are going to make a few right now.

whole milk yogurt

So the first thing that I wanted to make that one that I think would be my twins favorite was the yummy yogurt pancakes. So what you start with is in a bowl you combine Happy Baby whole milk yogurt. So you put in four of these then you put in a 1/2 a cup of whole wheat flour, half a cup of white flour, baking powder, whole milk, and an egg. And then you have your butter and so on. Now I have to say Happy Family I hope you don't get mad at me but I cheated a tiny bit. I fallen in love with this Kodiak Cakes pancake mix which is packed with protein. I used to use another pancake mix but I got a sample of this that's at some kind of conference and I dig it because it has 12 grams of protein per serving.

So I use this. I'm totally cheating. I used the serving of this as what it's said for pancakes. I used an egg. I use some whole milk and then I put in the blueberry yogurts. So I put in two blueberry yogurts. So before I add milk into pancakes, instead of adding milk add yogurt. You could use this with any pancake mix or you can make it from scratch like Happy Family says. But I actually don't make things from scratch like that. I'm like hey, you made a pancake mix, that's what's going to happen. So I made these sweet little pancakes and they came out so super delish. So those are my pancakes that I just made which would be like a fantastic little snack for your twinnies. When you are making pancakes under no circumstances should you ever make one batch. Make batches and batches and batches of pancakes. You could always put them into Ziploc bags and then you could take them out. If you leave them in the freezer and then you're out for the day and they're in your bag they're going to defrost in your bag and stay cold. Then the kiddies will eat them and they’re delicious. These are really really good. I'm telling you this pancake mix is the jam. So this would be a snap.

If I don't feel like making multiple batches pancakes that day, if I have pancake batter I actually put it into a water bottle okay. So just like this, you can actually even put the dry ingredients in here and then you could shake it and you use this. Now why do I do this? Are you ready? The reason why I do this is because then when I want to make pancakes I could turn them into shapes so I could squeeze it right onto the griddle or right into the frying pan. And I could do whatever I want. Are you ready for the big reveal? So it's so simple to make letters. So I did HB for Happy Baby. Come on guys can I have a little bit of love? This was so easy to do and the kids love it. So you could see this for number recognition, letter recognition. How to spell their name. Perhaps you want them to learn your home address and you just put in you know 18 Mockingbird way or whatever it is. But it's so simple if you just take this. Now this is I swear to you this was made with the yogurt and this smells exactly like fresh blueberries.

whole milk yogurt

But wait there's more. If you add extra yogurt and you make it thinner, you could actually turn your mix into a crepe. And you could fill the crepe. So this is just a long pancake that I made in a round pan and instead of making one pancake I just swirl it around. You could fill it with fresh fruit. You could fill it with fresh cream. You could fill it with more yogurt but I figured we would actually top it with yogurt. Like why not? If you were going to give your kids pancakes why give them syrup when you could literally just top it with fresh yogurt? So there, boom kids, no more syrup for your kiddies. If you start giving your kids syrup they're always going to ask for it. Don't start. Don't start at all. Who says that kids have to have syrup? It's not necessary. Give them good stuff on top of it. So yogurt peanut butter is another good one. So like those are the good things that should be on top of yogurt. Yes, throw it on top of eggs and veggies too okay?

Are you ready? Next thing that we're going to make is super simple. Grab yourself some parchment paper okay? Get a cookie sheet or any kind of stable surface okay? So I got out a little bit of parchment paper on this dish. Now what I’ve done is I got myself a Ziploc bag and I filled it with the Happy Tot yogurt. I think that what is in here is the apple mango and carrot yogurt. If you're going to have little kids help you then put a rubber band on top of it. But virtually I made a little frosting bag out of a Ziploc bag. Has anybody done this before? You should be doing this too. But you can't stop the flow once you start it. Now if I had scissors or if I had remembered to get myself scissors what I would do is I would snip off the tiny end of it. It's already coming out. So now take your parchment paper and just drizzle little droplets of yogurt on the parchment paper okay? Do you see what I'm doing here? Everywhere try not to make them touch. You have to make the hole super super tiny.

Once the parchment paper is filled with this you can now take this and put it into the freezer okay? Put this someplace so that it's not going to get everywhere. Take this and put it into the freezer and after it freezes I would say 4 to 6 hours leave it in the freezer. You will be able to peel these yogurt dots off and eat them. I did not do this soon enough and my yogurt dots were not ready. But this is so simple and you could give these to your kids. It's going to melt. It's not a choking hazard.  You can make bigger or rounder ones. I would recommend that you make small ones the size of about a quarter because they melt faster. Once you pick them up and put them in your mouth. But this is something that you should be doing with yogurt. Look it's just tiny little yogurt dots and then you freeze it and it is a cold, delicious tasty snack. It's also fantastic for teething. Like as they get bigger and those harder teeth are coming in. This is going to relieve their tiny little gums.

Next thing that we're going to use is popsicle molds from the dollar store. Take these little guys off. Get yourself some fresh fruit. I actually have a variety of fresh fruit and match up the flavors of the yogurt with the flavors of the fruit but I don't mean like match it up like strawberry with strawberry. I mean like what would go good together? So I personally think that the banana and sweet potato goes good together. You could fill these with anything, by the way. But I would cut up some bananas and because I'm super crazy because I'm not like a normal person. When I put the bananas in here I like to actually lay them so that they form a line. This is my the only whacko source. So do you see what I'm doing? I'm forming like two lines of bananas because I really want them to have as much fruit as possible. And then what you could do I'm actually going to use my little squeezy thing that I just had you fill the rest of this with the yogurt. And then it actually shows you the little line that you have to fill to. But once you fill that tap it to make sure there's no air bubbles. It's very important that you make sure that there's no air bubbles okay? Then you just put this right in here and I have my little bananas on the side filled with yogurt. A snack that my kids are going to absolutely love that I'm not going to go crazy over because it's filled with junk. It's not going to give them like some crazy sugar high. That is definitely something.

whole milk yogurt

Now listen to me now. You could also take these. This is something else that you could do okay? You could also take the baby food and if you have let's say you have a smaller kid do the same thing. Fill these containers with baby food okay? If I'm not wrong one pouch is going to give you one bar. Now that's it. You’re done. You have a whole other bar which is going to be like a treat for the kids because it's a frozen thing and the kids are going to be like yeah we love frozen treats right? So there are two frozen treats. Guilt-free parenting. Totally totally great. But fill it up. I don't put grapes in there because I'm afraid they're going to choke. But you could take honeydew so take some honeydew. Put the honeydew in here. What other yogurts do I have? This is the strawberry banana oats and Chia. This is the one that my kids were already eating. Now you can see that the Happy Tot has a larger cup size. Okay so I just snap them off and I actually leave them snapped off in the fridge when they were little because I knew that they could grab and go.

Another thing is if you get the large straws like the large straws from Dunkin Donuts let's say or the large straws from Starbucks. If you take this and you just make an X in the top of it you can stick the straw in and the kids could drink this like a smoothie, just saying. Just another little Nat’s life hack. Are you getting all these? Now that one had the honeydew. So the honeydew I'm going to fill this with the strawberry and the Chia and the oats and the banana. And of course, I'm a mess because that's what I do. So those would be the different treats that I would have. And then maybe what you could do is you can even have like a taste test with the twinnies. If your twins are old enough to say like, “Hey this one is my favorite,” then you could be like “Okay let's have a taste test. We're all going to try this one what do we think about the strawberry banana and watermelon? What do we think about this?” and then make a little chart for the summer and be like these are the ones we like mom. That is the greatest way to introduce fresh fruits to your kids and have them have a say and what they do like.

Now don't throw these cups out. These cups are fantastic for the beach. Little tiny sandcastles. I washed these ones out already but little tiny sandcastles. Another thing that you could do if you poke holes in the bottom right you're just a tiny little hole you could even use a pen. Okay literally I poked a tiny little hole in the bottom you could poke multiple holes. But if you poke tiny holes it'll make a little rain toy in the bathtub, in the shower, in the pool, in the lake, in the ocean so san toy waters in it. So that also the water the little holes at the bottom are great so then it doesn't get moldy if you end up keeping them and stacking. But all this stuff makes for great sand and pool toys.

whole milk yogurt

I have one more recipe for you guys. Actually have a lot more recipes but I don't know how much we're actually going to be able to get to. But the next one that I wanted to show you is also another fun one. Grab a bowl. Next take a little bit of nut butter. Any kind of nut butter. Peanut butter, almond butter. I have today I'm using an almond butter that's like my new thing. I'm super into almond butter. I wish I had a clear bowl to show you but take a little bit of almond butter and you can do this in big batches, in little batches whatever you want. I'm going to mix the almond butter and I'm going to mix the blueberry and I'm going to literally mix this up okay? And then what I'm going to do the mix is very simple. So it basically just makes a thinner butter. So mix it mix it mix and mix and mix it. Now we have a delicious dip. You could dip this with veggies. You could dip this with fruit. You could literally give them anything to dip with this.

I like to give them a fun snack. Pretzel sticks are my jam yo. I love pretzel sticks. So what I do, I get some pretzel sticks. I get some bananas. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to make little banana skewers with my nut butter for them to dip okay? So they can literally just take this and they could dip this in here. So what you do you take your sticks and you stick little bananas on it and now the kids could dip right? So now you have a little bit of the nut butter a little bit of the banana and a little bit of the pretzel. I eat it in one bite because I mean that's what you're supposed to do. Make the food that they want to eat and Happy Family has
given you the food and you're going to have to do a little bit of work with some of these recipes. But they have given you food that you could feel good about giving to your twinnies.

So all this I made with whole milk yogurt. There's actually a lot more that you could do. Another thing that you could do with this spread it on waffles. Make yourself some frozen waffles, spread this on top. Once again syrup no thank you. We have a lot more choices. Take two waffles put this in the center of the waffle. Not only do they get the protein from the nut butter but they got the probiotics, the calcium and the vitamin D from the yogurt. Come on guys. I love making snacks. I really do. I love making dinners too.

I have so many more. So now another thing that I'm making with the yogurt is tzatziki. That's my number one thing to make with yogurt. You will always always always find plain yogurt in my house. Thanks to Happy Family I now have a new one to try with and what's cool about this is that the portion is smaller so I can make myself an independent tzatziki. And if you don't know what that is, that's just cucumber, some garlic, some lemon juice, dill and yogurt. It sounds
complicated. It's really not that complicated. I drizzle it over everything: chicken, meatballs, fish, bread, cheese. Like I literally use it as a super dip. I did not make any today because I feared eating it all. I'm trying to be carb free. Although today who I am I’ve been carb free for like over a month. It is the first day that I ate carbs but I'm doing it for Happy Family.

whole milk yogurt

So there's so much more that we could go on and on telling you, and I do oh make frozen bananas on a stick and dip them in the yogurt. Mac and cheese is another great thing to make with yogurt. Before you add the milk into mac and cheese, add yogurt-why not? Who says that we just can't add yogurt to things. You could put yogurt in literally everything. It adds in all that bonus probiotics that your kiddies are going to need.

All of these recipes are on the Happy Family website. And there's so much more on the Happy Family website. They have lactation support that is available to you that you could go on and chat with people. There's so much more on there. Oh you know what else I love? If your kids have an allergy you could go to a little area on their site and you could sort biology so you could be like you know my kids allergic to soy you click on soy and it shows you all the products that have no soy in it. You're going to love it.

Guys go give some love to our friends over at Happy Family. I'm telling you they’ve literally been there since day one of Twiniversity. We have never not had a season of Twiniversity when Happy Family was not at our side. There are very few partners out there that were with me from day one. Happy Family is one of those. I absolutely am dedicated to the loyalty and I know that they are really dedicated to the betterment of twin families and they keep doing better and better and better. So Happy Family, my friends. Happy day to you guys. Happy summer. Thanks for watching and good luck and happy snacking. See you later alligators.

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