10 Misconceptions About Stay-At-Home Parents of Twins

infant twins lying on a blanket stay-at-home parents of twins

Long hours, no days off, and very demanding bosses… being stay-at-home parents of twins is no picnic. But it’s the best job in the world!

The top 10 misconceptions about stay-at-home parents of twins…

That it’s an easy job.

I always get told I have it so easy staying at home and not having a real job. I work harder now than I EVER did as a teacher or special needs home provider. stay-at-home parents of twins

newborn twins sleeping stay-at-home parents of twins

That you do nothing all day.

Hello! I am a referee, nurse, laundry worker, cook, etc etc etc!! Oh yes, I’m just sitting here painting my nails, eating ice cream, and watching Oprah. Get real people! stay-at-home parents of twins

That we’re well off because I can “afford” to stay home.

In reality, any job I could get would not pay for two babies in daycare. Instead, my husband works his butt off at several jobs while I care for my twins and my 4-year-old.

That all you do is play with two babies all day.

Sure I play with two babies all day if you mean change poop, get thrown up on, break up the fighting, constantly have to find one of them, try to figure out new ways to use a gate, clean the house, feed them, and oh yes, try to take a bite of my own food while it’s still warm. Sure, I do nothing all day… stay-at-home parents of twins

twin boy toddlers playing with ride on car stay-at-home parents of twins

That having twins must be so easy because they hit the same milestones together.

Yeah, its a breeze being home alone all day with two screaming, teething babies at once and juggling two toilet training kids at once, and having to divide yourself between two classes at school on their very first day, or have two start walking at once but both go separate ways. LOL! Yeah, its a breeze… stay-at-home parents of twins

That it’s twice the work of one.

It’s so much more than twice the work! People seem to think that twins are the same baby split in two. They’re not. They’re two separate people with separate demands. Trying to reason with them is often pointless because they just don’t understand reason yet. stay-at-home parents of twins

laughing twins stay-at-home parents of twins

That you can nap when they nap.

Um… no. What’s a nap? That’s not in the Mother of Twins vocabulary. When do you think we get everything done? When they are napping! It’s often the only chance you get to do things like laundry, tidying up, making some food for yourself… before they suddenly wake up early. Surprise! 🙂

That you have all the time in the world, being able to stay home with your children.

They’re not thinking of all the chores that need to be done, other kids to watch, laundry, etc.  I also home-school so teaching and getting things done around the house is very difficult. Even with my house (that was set up for them to run free) they work together and out-think you — like building stairs up the hutch…and 4 hands open more things then 2! stay-at-home parents of twins

That you don’t need help or a break.

At least at work if you’re drowning usually there’s someone there to help you! If you’re stressed you can take a 5 minute break. If you’re stressed with twins you better suck it up and get on with it!! Haha. You will never go to the bathroom alone again, forget having a bath or shower when they nap! Make lunch, tidy mess, hoover and get ready to do it all over again!! The list is endless. And this doesn’t make me unappreciative of the work my partner does, I’m not saying he’s got it easy! And I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love my life but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

dad holding newborn twins stay-at-home parents of twins

That it has to be a mom…

I am a stay at home dad of 18-month-old twins and a 3-year-old boy. I think the biggest misconception is that they entertain one another or they are very much the same. Mine are different and appeased by different things. I got one boy that loves to be held and climbs on EVERYTHING…his twin sister and old brother play and entertain each other…until I leave the room… stay-at-home parents of twins

No one ever promised that being a stay-at-home parent of twins was going to be easy. You face many trials and tribulations, smiling all the while you do it. It’s hard…really hard. There are days when it is a struggle to put one foot in front of the other but there are also those days where you get to hear your children laugh and giggle like crazy. You get to see them chase each other around the living room and listen to them squeal with glee.

You are always going to hear nay-saying and negativity about your journey as a stay-at-home parent but you must look past that. Hold your head high and know you are building a productive citizen of society by just BEING there 24/7, 7 days a week. Is it all sunshine and roses? Uh…no. But at the end of day you’ve accomplished something great. You’ve succeeded in sailing (well, maybe not SMOOTH sailing) through another 24 hours. And several years down the road…your children will remember that of you. You are stay-at-home parents of twins and you can be proud of that!

stay-at-home parents of twins

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