How to Get Me Time as a Stay-At-Home Parent to Twins

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A mom of twins asked us: “How do you manage ‘me time’? For stay-at-home parents, it’s all babies all the time, while the partner/spouse goes to work all day, neither of which count as ‘me time’. So what can we do or what advice is there from twin mommas?”

Here’s what our community of twin parents had to say…

How to Get Me Time as a Stay-At-Home Parent to Twins

I joined a gym with childcare. Not gonna lie – I’ve been known to drop the kids off in the childcare, but then go sit in the lobby with a book, and then take an uninterrupted shower before picking them up! Two whole hours in twin time is golden, then you come back to pick them up and you love them all over again ???. Sure we got kicked out of the kids club a couple times because my two-year-old was a biter, and sometimes they had to come to get me because one wouldn’t stop crying, but we kept on, and they learned to love it. It was our home away from home. – Janine S.

I go out with friends, or by myself, to do errands/nails/etc after he’s off work or on the weekend. Dads are more than capable of parenting and being in charge. He can handle it ?? – Kelli M.

infant twins How to Get Me Time

I’m a working mom but a teacher so I don’t count work as me time. I get me time in the evening when the kids are in bed. I started selling thrift-one as a hobby and extra money doesn’t hurt. I binge-watch Netflix, paint, occasionally read. – Jenifer P.

Reasonable bedtime for the littles, if it’s in the budget a nanny a couple times a month just for a few hours, gym daycare, wake up a little earlier than them (though I’ve never mastered this). And treat your self to a self-care routine once a week. -Raihna K.

Usually, I just tell my husband to handle it while I either go driving pointlessly around my town, or go shopping, or get a coffee. Or when I’m broke, I lock our bedroom door then lock myself into the bathroom to have a nice long shower with music blaring so I can’t hear the kids or my husband.? – Taylor S.

I lock myself in my room every night when he gets home from work and I take 30 mins where I do nothing kid related…I knit usually. – Jen E.

I started a monthly mom date with my friends. We go to the movies, do wine and paint/plant nights, dinner, whatever we feel like. In between, if I need an extra break, my hubby lets me veg out in our bedroom. This has been happening more often as I’ve been suffering from migraines. Communication with your partner is really important. If you need alone time just ask him for some. Have him handle the kids. Just be willing to return the favor some days when hubby needs his time. – Delores B.

infant twins How to Get Me Time

My twins to sleep at 7 sharp on weekdays and 7:30 on weekends (so they sleep in a little the next day.). Two-hour nap every day between 11-12. This leaves us time for ourselves. Also, try and get a baby sitter for at least 1 date day a month, more if you can swing it. – Sam T.

The gym has been my savior since my oldest was born and ESPECIALLY true when my twins were born! Workout, shower, get ready without distraction or get a massage or facial when you really need some down time-all while the kids are being well cared for. I am also vigilant about naps. I try not to spend the entirety of naptime doing chores. I’ll fold clothes or make dinner for the evening, but I always keep at least an hour just for myself. We all need and deserve alone time, especially as a stay at home mom! – Ashley J.

One of the things I like is that I joined MOPS at my local church. It’s time with other moms and breakfast. They have childcare as a part of the fee. They also have play dates and moms night outs. It’s been a huge blessing. It’s also good because it creates a village of support. It’s during the morning so I don’t feel guilty asking my husband later in the day for help because I had me time while he was at work. – Emily S.

My me time is when I can take a shower during nap time and when they go to bed. Every now and then I’ll have a girls night with my family but that’s pretty much the extent of my me time. Otherwise, I’m with my twins and teenager all damn day, every day! – Rachael A.

I keep getting told by people going to work is me time (LOL, it definitely isn’t.) Personally, I find the days I’m off and need me time after a day with the kids I ask my partner to mind them for 30 mins and this allows me to have a shower/bath, coffee, nap or read a book. In saying that those 30 mins are few and far between as normally one of kids ends up screaming and I’m called back down to help my husband. – Jo B.

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I’m a Navy wife and don’t currently live where my husband is stationed so I get NO break whatsoever. I joined the YMCA which offers childcare for 2 hours a day. I also have my own business. I get to better myself/continue on my fitness journey and I get a break!! Win win win! – Nessa H.

Right now, I manage a bath on the weekends (alone!! With wine!!) and, if he is feeling up to it, he takes the twins plus big sis out for a while. Our struggle is finding “together” time. We’re leaning heavily on our faith in each other at the moment. – Kayla L.

Sleep training has been so important for us! Their 8:00 bedtime means I have a couple hours in the evening to work on projects or relax and watch tv with my husband. Naps are good too. My best “me time” is usually when my in-laws visit on weekends. I still have to feed the babies so I don’t go too far, but in between feedings I let grandma and grandpa have their time with the twins while I work on stuff around the house, nap, or do errands! – Stefanie M.

How to Get Me Time as a Stay-At-Home Parent to Twins

I’m a stay at home mom, my husband works sun up to sun down Mon-Fri. On weekends sometimes I’ll go grocery shopping while he’s home and the babies are napping. If I don’t get that time then I do laundry downstairs. I just sit on the floor and fold clothes in silence — it’s the only me time I get. Sometimes the older two will come looking for me and I am strict about my time downstairs…me time. Go ask Dad, LOL! – Shelby T.

I wake up early and work out. I also joined a moms group that has a night out once a month and arrange it with my husband to go out that night. We just had our 3rd baby 3 months ago and our twins are 2.5. So my me time hasn’t really happened lately. But it’s very important that you help each other get me time and make time for the two of you. – Kaylea D.

At home spa nights. I mud mask a do a foot soak about once a week and just zone out for about 20 minutes after the kids are in bed. – Heather M.

GYM WITH CHILDCARE!!!!!! USE THE FULL 2 HRS!!! shave your legs and take longgggg showers at the gym!!!! – Joyce F.

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