Girls Night Out On Broadway with Pretty Woman The Musical

Natalie at the Pretty Woman musical

Girls Night Out On Broadway with Pretty Woman The Musical

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Ok. I’ll tell you, before I say ANYTHING ELSE, that this play was NOT what I had expected. Was it entertaining, YES! Was it toe-tapping? Yup! Was it shocking? UHHHH… HECK YEAH! 

I think with all the other super family-friendly shows on Broadway, this one caught me by surprise, to SAY THE LEAST! 

The play is exactly what you think it is, it’s a Broadway adaption of the hit movie Pretty Woman staring (twin mom) Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The Broadway production has equally as talented stars Samantha Barks and Andy Karl

The play, of course, takes slight turns here and there with mostly songs instead of dialogue and the songs really do stay with you for a bit. 

Pretty Woman the Musical

I figured out why all the songs had such a cool 80s vibe too. Besides the fact that the original movie was released in 1990, the score was written by Mr. Bryan Adams himself! I love little tidbits like that. 

The play is NOT for the young ones. To be honest, I was mortified for the kids that were in the theater with their parents. YIKES!

pretty woman the musical pic

Let’s just say that the play was definitely rated R and not PG like most folks think Broadway plays are. So yeah, this is a girls night out for sure! Perhaps even a great Mother’s Day Gift for your sister. BUT, if you are someone who might blush too much over the fairly graphic scenes (for Broadway that is), choose your guests wisely.

Tickets are on sale NOW and great news…if you use the code MOM1 you’ll get an extra discount directly from our friends at Pretty Woman The Musical.

Enjoy your night out on Broadway if you love Pretty Woman the movie and you don’t blush easily. 

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