Baby Trend Booth Tour at the JPMA Baby Show 2019

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Baby Trend Booth Tour at JPMA Baby Show 2019

We got the full tour of the Baby Trend booth at the JPMA Baby Show 2019! Check out this video to see all of Baby Trend's new products for twins.

Good morning. I’m Natalie Diaz with Twinversity here at the Baby Trend booth at the JPMA baby show in Orlando, Florida.

If you’re expecting twins, Baby Trend will meet all your needs without breaking the bank. It’s an honor to work with Baby Trend. We have for years and they’re one of the most responsive companies to work with.

Baby Trend is actually the only company at this trade show to have a special twins section of their booth. They really want to make us twin families feel recognized and valued. John, The VP of Baby Trend, tells us that this company wants to continue to support the growing twin family market.

baby trend snap n go double

First up, we have the Snap-N-Go Double. This stroller has been around for around 20 years. It’s a metal frame that accommodates most car seats you can find on the market today.

While this system is called a Snap-N-Go, it is actually more like a Strap-N-Go. This enables parents to choose their own seats, strap them in and use the stroller safely without worry of one of the seats not being secure.

This starter travel system retails for $99, and at Twiniversity we have seen it on sale for as low as $50 because they made a minor design or packaging change. Follow us on Instagram or our new Facebook Twiniversity Deals page to catch the sales when we post them. 

baby trend sit n stand

Baby Trend was one of the first to make a Sit N’ Stand. The ample foot space between the first and second seat is why we love this stroller. You need a tool to remove the back seat which actually makes this a more stable option. This tandem converts to a Sit N’ Stand and retails for $169.

Baby Trend also has a Twins Nursery Center. The Go Lite Twins Nursery Center has been on the market for about 2 years. You have 2 independent side-to-side rocking bassinets.

We know babies should be sleeping on a firm surface and that there should be mesh side in case baby gets their face stuck in the corner. This one could be a bit firmer but checks all the regulatory boxes and meets all the industry standards.

baby trend go lite twins nursery center

These bassinets each have a canopy and the lining is removable and machine washable. They also come with a unit equipped with a light and various sounds. Under the removable bassinets, you have two levels for sleep/play.

The higher level is great for c-section moms and other caregivers who may have a hard time bending too far for their newborns. The lower level is great for when they get a bit older.

This also has mesh sides and a removable shelf with pockets for diapers and other extras, which is handy for the flip over changer that twists off to remove. This folds into a tiny travel bag. The Go Lite Twins Nursery Center retails for $299.

baby trend retreat twins nursery center

There is also a new nursery called the Retreat Twins Nursery Center. This version is slightly less expensive than the original model at $199. Its’ frame is made of steel rather than aluminum which may be a bit heavier, it is also sturdier.

This one also has 2 removable bassinets that rock front to back and a 2 level pack and play. Some changes to this model are that the changing table snaps on, the sides have more mesh and the bassinets linings are not removable. The sound and light unit is also removable for use on the go. The Retreat Twins Nursery Center is only $199.

Baby Trend has two choices for twins who are too big for the Snap-N-Go double stroller.

baby trend expedition double stroller

The Baby Trend Expedition is a 3-wheel jogging stroller. The front wheel locks for safety and stability. The handle height doesn’t adjust for the same reason.

It also has real tires, like on a bicycle. Before you take this stroller out you should bring it to a local bike shop to check and see if the tires need to be adjusted for your climate. As always, read your manual for further direction and register your stroller.

The Expedition has a single canopy and peekaboo window. The seats recline independently and the dimensions make it Disney friendly per the new regulations.

This stroller folds with ease. Engage the break, grab the red pieces on the handle and pull. Then push the handle down and use the red latch to lock it in the folded position. This stroller sells for $199 and is often on sale. 

baby trend lightweight double stroller

The Lightweight Double Stroller has 2 extendable canopies and visors. It has adjustable leg rests and footrests. The seat has a 5 point harness and is a quilted material you can spot clean as needed.

The recline on these seats is a tab instead of a typical drawstring. This stroller is good for when your babies can sit upright independently and up.

Folding this stroller is a bit different than other strollers, but it’s still simple. Incline the seats all the way forward and look for the small handle that says ‘pull to fold’. Then you press the handle down and it folds into itself.

There is a handle for easy carrying. The Lightweight Double Stroller sells for $199. 

Be sure to register all your Baby Trend gear. This is the best way to ensure Baby Trend can reach you in the event of a recall. Now, you can use the registration card that comes with your item, or go to their website to register online.

Baby Trend is currently developing an app with a QR code reader for smartphone registration so be on the lookout for that. Check out their website for more products and info on the products from the baby show.

Check us out at Twiniversity on the web and social media. Expectant twin families join us for an online class, in person with Crystal in Houston, in Chicago with Julie, or in New York with Natalie.

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