Beat the Heat! Cool Tips for Hot Days

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Learn how to beat the heat with our helpful tips and hacks to stay cool on hot days with your little ones (and big ones!)

Are you looking for ways to beat the heat with some tried and true tips from parents who have been there? We've got tons of tips and hacks to help you stay cool with babies, toddlers, kids, adults, and even your furry friends on hot days. We will tell you how to deal with heat during the summer.

How to beat the heat

The best advice on how to beat the heat is to stay inside an air-conditioned location. This may be pretty obvious, but then again maybe you've got a family that insists on being outside all day even in extreme heat.

Make sure that you're forcing your family to take breaks inside periodically. Too much heat for too long can lead to heat exhaustion, heat rash, and even heatstroke. You need to know better and put your foot down to make sure on extreme heat days that your family is safe.

Start early

Your kids are probably up at the crack of dawn anyway. Get the day started with an early morning splash in the kiddie pool or a run through the sprinkler to beat the heat. Sure, you may wake up the neighbors, but this is really a crucial time to take advantage of the outdoors when the temperature is at its lowest.

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Invest in hot day gear

There are several items that will make it a lot easier to beat the heat for you and your kids. Frogg Toggs chilly pad cooling towels are brilliant! Just wet these towels and they turn cold. Modern technology at its finest.

A handheld misting fan will do the trick when you're on the go and need a cooldown. Spray this over tiny heads for instant relief.

Necklace fans are a must to help you beat the heat, especially at outdoor events where there isn't much shade. These are great for kids because there's a guard to stop them from touching the fan blades.

Drink water… LOTS of water

This may seem obvious, to drink lots of water on a hot day, but it's an important reminder for parents and kids alike. For mom and dad it's so easy to forget to take care of yourself when you're chasing around little ones.

Make sure each family member has their own insulated water bottle. These are a little more expensive than plastic water bottles but they are worth every penny. They will keep cold drinks ice cold for the entire day.

ThermoFlask kids insulated water bottles are just the right size for your kids and the ThermoFlask 24-oz bottles are great for adults.

Don't forget Bowser! Your dog needs extra water when it's hot out. Drop plenty of ice in your dog's water dish. In general, it's a good idea to keep pets inside when it's really hot out. They are wearing their own winter coats all the time so be extra cautious about their safety.

Freeze their stuffed animals

Here's a great tip for hot nights: send your kids to bed with frozen stuffed animals. Collect all your kids' favorite stuffies and put them in the freezer a few hours before bedtime (or do it right away when they wake up so you don't forget!) This will also kill dust mites in their stuffed animals, so it's a win-win.

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Cool snacks to beat the summer heat

Stock up on popsicles and freezy pops and don't feel bad about dolling these out several times a day. If you've got the time and the patience, make your own healthy popsicles with these recipes. Freeze yogurt tubes (ie. Gogurt) for a healthy cool snack. Cut-up fresh fruit and freeze for a chilly snack, or drop it in water bottles to bring more flavor to kids' drinks without adding a ton of sugar.

Avoid using the stove

Opt for cool foods, even at dinner time. Don't turn on the stove if you don't have to. Utilize your Instant Pot, air fryer, and slow cooker which will not make your kitchen hot.

Grill your meats quickly outside and offer cool side dishes such as pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, and mixed green salads. Add fruit for another cool and healthy side dish. We are really beating the heat now!

Serve meals in the bathtub

This is a super fun way to get kids to take a bath year-round, but especially fun on a hot day. Throw your kids in the tub and feed them bite-sized foods like a sea lion. It breaks up the monotony of dinnertime!

It's also a fun way to get your kids to eat enough when it's hot out. This is really fun in the kiddie pool too! Beat the summer heat and have fun in the process.

Blackout curtains

Use blackout curtains around the house to keep all your rooms cool. Blackout curtains will keep out the sun and keep your home cooler. This is perfect to beat the heat in rooms that you're not using much throughout the day, such as bedrooms.

Use these tips to beat the heat when the temp gets high and keep your family healthy and happy this summer.

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