Having Twins is Like…

having twins is like 2 year old boy twins

Have you ever wondered what having twins is like? We asked our community of twin moms and dads to give us their best explanations of what having twins is like and they did not disappoint!

Finish this sentence: “Having twins is like…”

A double twister touching down at the same time and you don't know which direction to run, and at the same time being overwhelmed with double the love and joy. 😍😍 – Patricia B.

Like riding a magical unicorn across a rainbow where all you hear is the laughter of your children and every one cheering you on from the sidelines… just kidding, I’m in my bathroom drinking wine while dad tries to herd our hyperactive overtired children into the playroom 😂😂😂😂 – Deanna B.

A redneck saying hold my beer and watch this…except there is no one there to film it… LOL! It can be an amazing, game-changing feat or a total disaster. Both happen daily! – Rachel A.

having twins is like infant twin girls

Like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos! 🤪 – Danielle L.

Living your life in a blender and you have no idea when someone will turn it on. Then sometimes you fear it will never be turned off. – Whitney C.

Being at the top of the first hill of a rollercoaster and wanting to get off but deep down enjoying the craziness of it all. – Cam Z.

10 reasons why having twins totally ROCKS!

Having twins is like winning the lottery and being in the middle of a game of Jumanji all at the same time. –  Jacklen P. 

Herding cats. But they are on fire. And your floor is covered in oil. And you are blindfolded. – Stephanie F.

Like walking through a storm only to realize you are only in the eye and there is a whole nother storm waiting for you…over and over, like hurricane season all the time. – Alison W.

twin girls in a flower bed having twins is like

Surviving the earthquake but wait… here comes the tsunami! – Agnieszka K.

Bahahaha… I asked my 7-year-old this about her 13-year-old twin sisters and her reply was, “Having twins is like . . . A NIGHTMARE, my sisters scream, fight and are super bossy!” – Tamsen T.

It’s like the craziest version of Groundhog Day… eat, diapers, play, sleep — on steroids. – Gayle M.

The most amazing miracle (never thought I’d have twins) and every day it is special to see how close or far apart these two special humans are. Since the day they were born, I studied everything about their faces and watched their unique personalities emerge – alike but different – and now that they are heading into adulthood I’m still amazed by my identical but different twin sons. I feel like a very special mama. – Jessica L.

The Benefits of Having Twins

Having twins is like simultaneously feeling like a rock star and completely inadequate. Until you have two little heads resting on your shoulders; then everything is completely perfect and as it should be. – Amanda F.

Being in a tornado of feedings, diaper changes, and laundry but loving every second of it. – Paige M.

It’s like jumping out of a plane with a bunch of people who don’t know how to open up their own chutes. So you fly around doing it for them. Then you hit the ground. But you don’t die. You get up and cook dinner. 🤪🤪- Katelyn L.

Running around all day like a chicken with your head cut off, but you love the chickens and can’t wait to sit and play with them, until something else happens and you feel like strapping them together with a bungee cord so they snap back together at some point. 🤣 – Sara A.

twin toddler girls in a car having twins is like

Herding cats. By the time you convince one mobile twin to come your direction the other one is across the park/room/field etc. – Samantha B.

Like living in a frat house 24/7. Everything a mess, its always a party situation, someone is always yelling “chug chug chug” and you never know who is going to be in your bed in the morning. – Aaron W.

Having twins is like being in a bad group project. You do all the research and hard work and they get all the attention for it! – Erin H.

A petting zoo with feral animals. And somehow every night you go to bed thinking how amazing and adorable they are. – Kristin M.

I love having twins. No, I really do!

You’re constantly running around taking care of your kiddos thinking, “Wow I need a break!” But as soon as someone wants to watch them to give you a break you miss them too much and have to go back to the craziness. 😂 – Kendra H.

… is like “no, don’t eat that — and you, get down from there”… sorry, can’t answer this right now, have to go. – Jennifer V.

It’s like feeling every emotion known to man at the end of the day and wondering how you survived and realizing you still have 18 years to go. Lol. – Alexis W.

Having twins is like a never-ending roller coaster of emotions and hormones. From a mom to girl 14 1/2 year old Twins. Lord help me! – Jennifer G.

Every one feeling sorry for you and being jealous of you at the same time! – Laurel H.

Being a captain on a ship where you just stand and watch the mutiny unfold while the boat is on fire… and you’re on fire… – Amanda H.

twin toddler boys laying on the floor having twins is like

Being a celebrity. Everyone wants to talk to you, stop you in the store, envies you. But in reality, it’s a hot mess of stress, feelings of isolation, parties at your house that you didn’t want, random clothes everywhere, a jam-packed schedule, and a bed full of people every night. – Carla E.

Not only thinking outside the box, but there is no box. Solving problems like how to wash dishes while simultaneously rocking 2 babies and answering crazy questions. Embracing the crazy and embracing the difficulties. Laughing when it gets out of control. Finding one twin napping on a mattress on the roof. Laughing at the army as you send one twin off to basic training cuz they have no idea what is about to hit them. Ditto college. – Marianne K.

What's the biggest challenge about having twins?

Raking leaves during a tornado and officiating a boxing match at the same time. The baby stage was much easier for me the toddler years? Holy heck. – Bonnie L.

Being a part of fight club in which no one’s allowed to talk about fight club, although I never signed up for fight club, yet here I am. 😂🤷 – Mish C.

Like playing a 24-7 version of whack-a-mole except some of the moles are on fire and one just tried to tackle his brother and KID JUST GIVE ME A SECOND THIS BOTTLE WON'T REFILL ITSELF… But also like really enjoying the terror. – Lacey S.

Being part of the best club in the world…. watching my girls in their own world has always been amazing. A dream. – Gemma L.

twin kids hugging having twins is like

Winning the lottery!! One pregnancy, built-in best friend, and you go through each stage once (bottles/potty training/teen hormones/ etc) 🤣 – Robin H.

Being on a roller coaster that never ends. The great days and “highs” are thrilling and so much fun. Yet, there are times where everything is out of control and all you can do is hold on and wait for the level part to arrive again. I happen to love roller coasters though and I feel honored and blessed to be on the ride. 😊 – Korina W.

…a dream come true. Almost a decade later and I still can’t believe we got exactly what we wanted. – Rachel V.

Having twins made me into the woman I've always wanted to be