Missing Out on the Singleton Experience

missing out on the singleton experience

In episode 75 of the Twiniversity Podcast, “Missing Out on the Singleton Experience“, Nat and twin mom Lindsay Davidman talk about the things we miss out on as parents of twins but also the benefits of having twins that our singleton parent friends don’t get to experience.

If you feel like you’re missing out on the singleton experience, you’re not alone. While having twins is an incredible blessing and brings so much joy to our lives, there are a few things that parents who have just one baby at a time get to experience that we don’t. And that can be hard to accept and process.

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Missing Out on the Singleton Experience

Lindsay Davidman is a first-time mom of fraternal twin boys who are almost 8 months old as of this recording. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, her dog, an au pair, and the knowledge that her house won’t be clean for another 18-20 years. She works full time as a fundraiser for a local nonprofit that helps people in need in Philadelphia and around the world. When she found out she was having surprise twins, Lindsay started piecing together a network of fellow twin mamas and is thrilled to have found comrades in the adventure who teach her all the important twin things like “get the skinny car seats” and “pajamas count as outfits” and “barre classes prepare you the best for holding up two bottles for 8 months straight.” Her favorite answer to the question “are they twins?” is “holy s**t where did this second baby come from!?” Being a mom to twins is her favorite topic of conversation and despite the exhaustion, she’s never been so content.

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missing out on the singleton experience