Three Ingredient Homemade Hand Sanitizer

homemade hand sanitizer

With stores running out of supplies so quickly these days because of the potential (or imminent) outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) you might be getting panicky that you don’t have the right supplies on hand to ride out any lengthly period of time. One of the supplies you want to have on hand is hand sanitizer! So, why not make your own homemade hand sanitizer?

*Please remember that NOTHING beats really washing your hands. While hand sanitizer is great in a pinch, NOTHING and we mean NOTHING, is better then good old soap and water for a count of 20 seconds. Teaching your kids to sing “Happy Birthday” is a great way to time it out. *

While you might be fearful of the virus itself like I am since I’m a super germaphobe (did you know that about me?), I never worry about running out of hand sanitizer because I always have everything in my home already.

UPDATE: Since the publishing of this article, the CDC has warned that you need an alcohol base that is 60% alcohol. Tito’s and many other store bought spirits are 40%. NOTE: There are spirits on the market that will meet the 60% guideline, please check and double check before making your homemade hand sanitizer.

Ready for the simplest at home hand sanitizer recipe? I got this from a Good Housekeeping article years ago (which also recommended a store bought vodka) and I’ve been making it for a while. Since my twins came home from the NICU 15 years ago, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t leave the house without hand sanitizer. Call me crazy, I’m ok with it, but it’s just something I’ve gotten accustomed to doing. Many time’s I’ve run out, and many times I’ve made this homemade hand sanitizer. Ready to make it with me?

homemade hand sanitizer

First, get a small squeeze bottle (like these on amazon). If you don’t want to spend any money, odds are you have some of these on hand already. They could be filled with travel shampoo or conditioner or maybe you dropped one in your makeup bag last time you visited a hotel and they had those irresistible tiny bottles. That’s what I’m using here. If you are reusing any containers, please make sure they are 100% clean! Wash. Rinse. Repeat until they are clean.

homemade hand sanitizer

Once you have your container, grab some vodka or any other alcohol that is 60% alcohol.

Fill the bottle 2/3 of the way full. No, I’m not giving you specific amounts since the bottle you may be using could be a different size than someone else.

Next, grab your aloe gel. This isn’t hard to find. We always have it on hand incase someone gets a burn or a sunburn. The one I’m using is from CVS but can be bought easily online here.

homemade hand sanitizer

Fill your bottle the rest of the way, leaving a minimal space at the top. Depending on the top of the container you’re using, this can be a bit messy, so make sure to squeeze out the air bubbles to fill your bottle quicker when making homemade hand sanitizer.

homemade hand sanitizers
homemade hand sanitizer

The last and final step is to add you scent if you want to. I love to add peppermint to it since it clears up my nose (and the twins noses) when we are using it, but you can use any essential oil you’d like when making homemade hand sanitizer.

homemade hand sanitizer

I’ve added lemon and orange before too. I also change it up each time I make a small batch. You can literally get a whole set for about $20 here on amazon.

homemade handsanitizer

And that’s it. You’re done! You can make this in any size batch you’d like from a small bottle like the one shown here, to a bottle the size of a shampoo bottle.

Like I’ve said before, please don’t depend on hand sanitizer alone. Hand washing is the #1 recommended way to get rid of germs and bacteria. That’s why when a doc is preparing for surgery, you never see him/her splashing a little tito’s on their hands!

For up to date information on the Corona virus, please make sure to always check the CDC website.

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Good luck and if you have sick munchkins (like I do right now), I hope they feel better soon. -Nat