Learn About Cord Blood Banking for Twins with CBR

cord blood registry cord blood banking for twins

In these uncertain times, having peace of mind about your family’s future is more important than ever. One winner will join the millions of parents who have preserved newborn stem cells with CBR. To learn more, click here.

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✅ More protection for your family’s future

Cord blood stem cells have a 30-year history of saving lives

✅ Stem cells already being researched for their potential to treat COVID-19

Why You Should Bank Cord Blood for Both Twins

At Twiniversity, we are huge advocates of storing newborn stem cells. Through the process of cord blood and cord tissue banking, you can save the newborn stem cells found in your babies’ umbilical cords at birth to use if there’s ever a medical need in the future that can be treated with newborn stem cells, such as with certain cancers, blood and immune diseases and some metabolic diseases.

cbr cord blood registry cord blood banking for twins

More than a million parents have chosen to preserve their children’s newborn stem cells with CBR. Why? Not only are they locking in the benefits of newborn stem cells that are known today, they’re banking on the future of science and research. In the future, more doors may be open for their families if health issues arise.

Program Offers Cord Blood Banking for Families in Need

Five Facts About Storing Newborn Stem Cells (Cord Blood & Cord Tissue)

  1. Vast potential for future therapies. Over 500 clinical trials have been started studying newborn stem cells for potential future regenerative medicine uses.1,2
  2. Restoring balance. Many diseases, like autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, and neurological conditions like autism, have an underlying inflammatory component. Newborn stem cells have anti-inflammatory properties and are great candidates for helping the body heal itself. Potential uses include COVID-19 treatments for lung inflammation. 
  3. Family matters. Preserving at birth is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help protect your family’s future health. Each baby is always a perfect genetic match to his or her stem cells, and full siblings have a 75% chance of being at least a partial genetic match.
  4. Painless and easy collection. Collection is fast, easy, and 100% noninvasive. Your healthcare provider does not need to change the normal birthing process in any way.
  5. A growing investment. With an entire area of science and research backing an investment in newborn stem cells, we think we’ll see even more uses and more efficient treatment methods in the future, including for COVID-19.

Ready to get started? Set up your account on CBR’s website, or call to speak with an Educator at 888.240.1996. Don’t forget to mention the code DUO2 for a twins discount!

Twiniversity Tip: Make sure you have your collection kit well in advance of delivery! 

5 Facts About Storing Cord Blood

References: 1. Verter F, Couto PS, Bersenev A. A dozen years of clinical trials performing advanced cell therapy with perinatal cells. Future Sci OA. 2018;4(10):FSO351. doi:10.4155/fsoa-2018-0085  2. clinicaltrials.gov