How Do You Know Which Toddler Tricycle is Best For Your Kid?

How Do You Know Which Toddler Tricycle is Best For Your Kid?

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for your toddler? If they aren’t quite ready for a bicycle, give a toddler tricycle a try!

Tricycles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and children as young as 18 months of age can be seen riding one. For generations, the tricycle has been a child’s first experience with cycling. In fact, riding a tricycle seems to be a right of passage for most kids. Starting with a toddler tricycle is a great way to give children independence and encourage outdoor play.

A little girl with a pink helmet on a blue tricycle.

Are trikes good for toddlers?

Riding a tricycle is an effective way to improve balance and coordination of various parts of your child’s body. Riding a tricycle promotes hand-eye coordination, motor skills and enhances muscle growth. Additionally, it also helps enhance arm-leg coordination as your toddler learns to master climbing on and off the tricycle.

Of course, kids love it because it’s fun, but it also gives a child confidence in their physical abilities. The sense of accomplishment your child will feel when they pedal for the first time is awesome for their self-esteem.

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What age can a toddler ride a tricycle?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), most children are ready to ride a tricycle when they are around 3 years old. This is the age when children meet the cognitive milestones needed to succeed at riding a trike. 3-year-old children should be able to listen and respond to directions and have the physical coordination to pedal. If your child is unable to do these then it is a good idea to wait to teach them (not to mention less frustrating for the parent).

Toddler not ready for a tricycle? Check out this post about toddler scooters instead for hours of outdoor fun.

A red tricycle on a sidewalk outside

Can a 2 year old ride a trike?    

If you buy a tricycle at the wrong time, your little one might not be able to enjoy it. What’s more, the child may completely loathe the idea of riding a tricycle considering the effort it requires. Your toddler’s feet should be able to touch the ground, their knees should bend slightly when settled on the pedals and your child should be able to reach the handlebars.

Finding the most age-appropriate trike is not always a walk in the park. Some have seats too far from the pedals that your child can’t reach while others come without a footrest. This is when a 4-in-1 or Grow w/ Me tricycle is a good option. The best way for young children to learn the skill of pedaling is to start with a toddler tricycle and then progress to a bigger tricycle as they grow.

A red tricycle with a push handle on the back

What is the best tricycle for a 2 year old?

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike

This versatile tricycle is 2 trikes in 1. Pedals lock to become footrests for your child while you steer using the parent steering handle or unlock the pedals and remove the parent push handle when your child is ready to ride on their own. This trike features an adjustable seat that grows with your child and is equipped with a covered rear storage bin so your toddler can bring their favorite toys on every adventure. Supports up to 49 pounds and is constructed of a solid steel frame, chrome bell, and durable molded wheels. Buy one here.

A boy on the sidewalk wearing a helmet riding a toddler tricycle

What is the best tricycle for a 3 year old?

Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck Tricycle

This sturdy trike features steel construction, spoked wheels, a 12” front wheel, and real rubber tires for durability. The controlled turning radius prevents tipping for safe and confident riding. This tricycle is classically styled and includes chrome handlebars and a fender. Your child will also love the streamers and ringing bell, and the double-deck rear step makes climbing on and off easy. The adjustable seat grows with your child. This trike is designed with the seat placement at a 45-degree angle to the pedals, allowing your child to use a downward motion making pedaling easier. Buy this here.

How do I teach my 2 year old to pedal a tricycle?

The best way to show your child how pedals work is to demonstrate. You can do that by placing their feet on the pedal and then using your hands to rotate the pedals to make the wheels move. Ensuring that you teach pedaling before putting your little one on a toddler tricycle is going to help with their balance and understanding of how the trike works.

Are tricycles bad for toddlers?

Safety is always the most crucial element of riding any cycle, even a trike. Ensure that you introduce all safety gear to your toddler, including helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads.

A little boy with a helmet on a toddler tricycle

Should a toddler wear a helmet on a tricycle?

Just as kids should always wear helmets when riding bikes, research shows that even tricycle riders should wear a helmet. A study in the journal Pediatrics showed that in 2012 and 2013 there were about 9,340 tricycle-related injuries treated in U.S. emergency rooms. The head was the most frequently injured body part, and cuts on the face were the most common injury. Make sure your child wears a helmet every time they ride a tricycle. Also, make sure the helmet fits properly.

A helmet should be worn squarely on top of the head, covering the top of the forehead. If it is tipped back, it will not protect the forehead. The helmet should not move around on the head or slide down over the child’s eyes when pushed or pulled. The chin strap should be adjusted to fit snugly. When choosing a helmet, look for a sticker inside stating that it meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Children learn best by watching you. Whenever you ride your bike, put on your helmet.

How can I choose the best toddler tricycle?

Deciding on a toddler tricycle can be overwhelming; there are lots of options to choose from. If you can, test ride the tricycle with your child. You will know instantly if the tricycle is the right choice. If your child isn’t with you, look for tricycles that are low to the ground with big wheels that are easier to control due to their low center of gravity and are then less likely to tip over, and always remember, safety first!

Of course, this is a great way to have some outdoor fun with your toddlers. So buckles your helmets and head on out for a good time riding bikes (and trikes) with your little ones!

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