Pregnancy Stretches to Ease Back, Hip, and Leg Pain

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Pregnant and looking for some physical relief? We’ve got you, girl. Read below to learn the benefits of daily pregnancy stretches and our top videos to learn some safe stretches you can start doing today.

The benefits of pregnancy stretches

Keeping a daily pregnancy stretch routine offers so many amazing benefits! Stretching during pregnancy may help relieve:

  • insomnia
  • restless leg syndrome
  • round ligament pain
  • back pain
  • sciatica
  • general aches and pains from pregnancy

If it’s early in your pregnancy and you don’t already have aches and pains, start a daily pregnancy stretch routine to keep your body limber and your muscles loose.

If you’re already feeling those pregnancy aches and pains, get started with some pregnancy-safe stretches today to help ease body soreness and stiffness. Just 5 minutes a day can really make a difference in the long run!

But be careful not to overdo it. If the stretch starts to hurt, ease off. During pregnancy, you produce a hormone called relaxin, which loosens ligaments in the pelvis to make delivery easier. However, relaxin affects all your ligaments! This will make you more flexible from head to toe, which can lead to injuries if you overstretch.

Stretching during pregnancy is also a great way to clear your head, focus on only you for a few minutes a day, and prepare your body for delivery day.

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A note from a physical therapist (and twin mom!) about pregnancy stretches

Stretching throughout your pregnancy is essential to help you stay comfortable and mobile, particularly towards the end! Especially for twin moms, who undergo more significant body changes to make room for our “bonus baby”, stretching early on will allow your body to make those changes more fluidly and help keep you out of pain. Think about it: your muscles, organs, and pelvis are literally shifting to make more space for not just one baby but two! You can help ease the transition by keeping your body loose and limber. This is critically important for women who sit for long periods of time throughout the day (think working at a computer or driving a long commute) and are more prone to getting tight or stiff. I love to give my pregnant patients stretches for their legs, back, and neck (which will also help you get ready for breastfeeding if you choose to do so.) Chest stretches are also wonderful to help improve your posture when your breasts get larger towards the end of pregnancy. 

Tiffany Zarcone, PT, DPT, and twin mom!

Preparing for pregnancy stretching

Use a yoga mat. If you’re stretching on hardwood or tile floors, a yoga mat is a must for comfort. But even if you’re stretching on carpet or a rug, a yoga mat will keep your feet from slipping and taking a nasty spill.

Have a full water bottle handy. If you feel lightheaded during your stretches, take a break and have some water, then try again when you’re ready. Also, make sure to hydrate after stretching.

Plan to hold your stretches for 20 to 30 seconds, or whatever feels comfortable, and move slowly to avoid injury. Avoid bouncing while stretching, as it can result in a pulled muscle. To avoid any potential problems, try not to go deeper into stretches than you could before pregnancy. If you’re a beginner, “gently and slowly” is the name of the game.

Be sure to get your doctor’s approval before practicing prenatal stretches or prenatal yoga. Certain pregnancy complications might make exercise dangerous.

What time of day should I stretch?

Stretching first thing in the morning can relieve any tension or pain from a night of sleep. It also helps increase your blood flow and prepares your body for the day ahead. Stretching before bed relaxes your muscles and helps prevent you from waking up with more pain.

white pregnant woman sitting on a yoga mat doing stretches

Can stretching while pregnant hurt the baby?

Yes, certain stretches and positions that cut off blood flow to the uterus can be dangerous for your babies. Avoid lying flat on your back for long periods of time after the first trimester. This can result in the cutting off of blood flow to the uterus, and cause lightheadedness and low blood pressure. In addition, avoid stretches during pregnancy that involve deep backbends or other contortions. Talk to your doctor for more specifics on what stretches and body positions they want you to avoid during pregnancy.

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Top Pregnancy Stretches Videos on YouTube

Get started on your new prenatal stretches with this list of YouTube pregnancy stretch videos:

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Pregnancy Stretches to Ease Back, Hip, and Leg Pain
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