oogiebear Coupon Code – Take 30% off – May 2021

oogiebear coupon code

One of my LEAST favorite things about being a parent of twins is dealing with two stuffy noses at the same time. So that’s why I’m so excited to share with you a GREAT product to help you clear out those two tiny noses when your twins are congested. This is going to be a game-changer for sick days with your twins. I highly recommend stocking up on 4-6 of these so you have one per baby in the nursery, in your purse, and at your caregiver’s.


Meet the oogiebear better booger picker. Safely and effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses with the oogiebear booger picker, which are great for cleaning little ears too!

  • Patented bear head design ensures that the ends will not go too far into the nose
  • Loop and scoop ends with a curved design specifically made for removing boogers
  • The loop end is perfect for sticky boogers and the scoop end has you covered for those dry crusties
  • Can also be used to clean ears!
  • Unlike aspirators, the oogiebear is an easy-to-use baby booger removal tool that doesn’t require you to finagle parts together
  • Cleaning your oogiebear is simple – just wash it with warm soapy water and let it air dry
  • oogiebear nosebalm and oogiebear chestrub are the perfect pairings; they are 100% certified organic products to help clear infant airways and provide long-lasting moisture to irritated skin
  • The inventor of oogiebear is a Doctor of Pharmacy and mom of 3, so you know you’re in the best of hands

The oogiebear 2-pack is perfect for twins and it comes in a handy carrying case.

oogiebear Coupon Code – Take 30% off – May 2021
Take 30% off with the code TWINS (expires 2/28/22)

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