What should be packed in your twin diaper bag

Ever wonder what you REALLY need in your twin diaper bag? See what we put in ours.

Hey gang, it’s Natalie Diaz with Twiniversity. Today we are going to talk about packing your diaper bag.

When you are out with your twinnies on a beautiful day like today, you want to make sure that you are always prepared. Let’s go over what’s inside my diaper bag.

One thing I want to say is when you’re looking for a diaper bag, you always want to make sure that the strap is long enough because it’s got to fit over the handle of your double stroller. And also before you know it, you’re going to be holding two little hands. You always want to make sure that whatever bag you buy, it gives you the option to be hands-free.

But let’s go through line-by-line exactly what I have in here:

The first thing I have, always with me is my wallet. Hi, I need some identification, don’t I? And a little bit of cash. And I always have my house keys.

I always keep these things the most-handy. If my babies fall asleep but I need to buy an emergency ice cream, I know exactly where my money is at all times.

When I’m packing my bag for the day, even if I’m going out for an hour, I always plan to pack for the entire day because you’ll never know what’s going to happen. I always have a blanket for each baby. I have both the receiving blanket that I’m going to use for warmth and I’m also going to have a swaddling blanket. This blanket is very light and gauzy. Not only could I use it as a blanket, but I could use it as a privacy shield and a sunshield for my twinnies.

When you are travelling outside with your kids and if you’re with friends and you’re able to take just one baby into the restroom for a diaper change, you know what’s really cool? If you pack a bag for each baby.

Instead of taking this entire thing to the restroom, I could just pull out one pack and I’m ready to go. What’s inside of this? Let me show you: I have wipes. I have diapers. I have a change of clothes. I have some diaper cream. And I have a bag. This bag could be used for my soiled diaper or could be used for clothes that maybe have a little poop or pee on them – whatever you got. But you know what? I could put it all in here and I don’t have to worry about these getting the rest of the stuff in my bag dirty.

It’s feeding time at the zoo. I’m outside with my kids, what do I do? I see a lot of people buy the little formula containers, fill in their little scoops of powder and then put it in a bottle. Why do that? Just preload your bottles with the powder that you need for the feeding for your baby. That way you always know you have the right amount.

Then, not only that, I always always travel with a bottle of water – whether I use it to actually make a bottle or I use it for myself, I always have water with me. It’s room temperature so there’s really not much need to warm it any further.

Also what we’re talking about formula feeding, instead of getting that container that I just talked about, just get an entire container of formula and just put it in the bag. It doesn’t really weigh much.

Parents of singletons, maybe you need two scoops. But for us, that two scoops is at least four scoops. You may have a baby that has three scoops of formula and one that has two scoops. Don’t even bother. Just get a small container and always keep it with you.

Since you’re having feeding time at the zoo, outside, don’t forget your bibs. This bib is called the Quib. This is one of my all-time favorite things that I love so much. Here’s why I think I love it. I have to say, I know many parents are often very neat and have a clean bib for each baby and they’re always swapping them out. I always know that when my kids were little, they look somewhat like slobs. I was lucky if I had a one bib with no stains on it.

When I saw this Quib – it’s made by Bebe au Lait – it’s a four-sided bib, hands to quib. You have one side, one side, one side and one side. If this was out when my kids were little, I would always use this side when I was in the house and this side when I was outside of the house. Because a lot of times the backside of bibs have a little plastic coating so you really can’t turn them around. The Quib is definitely something to look into.

You always want to make sure that you pack your diaper bag per season. In the summertime, do not forget your sunscreen and do not forget your bug protection. I always make sure to have appropriate, child-friendly sunscreen.

I always keep food with me, you never know. Instead of having to run into the grocery store and buy a little food, I always have some in here. It’s not going to go bad. It’s well-protected outside of the heat and sun.

Please also make sure that I have plenty of pacifiers enough for everybody involved. If I have kids that love pacifiers, I have a minimum of two per child.

You always have a diaper changing pad with you as well. I always recommend that you get the disposable ones. I find that these changing pads, when you open it, they’re just going down on the gross table beneath you. And then you got to fold it back up and put it back in your clean bag – pretty gross.

If you don’t get the disposable ones and you opt to use the one that came with your diaper bag, you may want to look into some kind of disinfecting spray. You could spray down the table before you put your pad down and you don’t have to worry about getting anything dirty.

Always make sure that I have hand sanitizer with me. When I’m changing a diaper on the go, it doesn’t mean that there’s going to be a sink readily available. Even if there’s a sink, there may be no soap so I always get an eco-friendly hand sanitizer. This one in particular is CleanWell, not only does it clean well but I absolutely love the scent.

Now out of all these things that you have here, there’s actually something that is significantly more important than anything else. What is that? Quiz! Alright relax, I’ll tell you. You should always have a first aid kit with you. This first aid kit should not only contain first aid material like wipes, in case they get a scratch, or bandage in case they get a little boo-boo, but in our first aid kit there’s also some extras.

I do recommend that you always have a copy of your children’s health insurance cards. God forbid, they have to go right to the emergency room from the playground – whether it’s you, your mother, your nanny, whoever’s with them – they’ll have identification and they’ll be able to just give this to the hospital when they get there.

Not only do we have this identification, but I always have cash with me.

But, what about me? I always, always, always recommend that you have a shirt that is large enough for everybody in your family. If your partner wears an extra-large and you wear a small, just put the extra-large in the bag but it’s always worth it. If somebody does puke or pee on you, you don’t have to stay there with the stains all day. Just change your shirt.

And you know what? Even better yet, if you end up not using it but you see somebody on the playground that maybe going through it a little bit, give it to them. You could buy one of these shirts for about three bucks at Old Navy. It’s worth the money.

If you’re wondering what diaper bag I have been using to contain the massive wonders that are before me, it is the Fisher-Price Messenger Bag. Why do I like this bag? Number one, not only does it have that handle that I was talking about that’s super long, but also, it weighs next to nothing. It really does. When you’re buying a diaper bag, you always need to think about that. If it‘s heavy, before you even load it up with all these stuff, imagine what it’s going to feel like after everything is in it. It’s a ton of pockets. You just contain all of these stuff. It does have this little wipes pocket, which I’m not really a huge fan of because I hate to reload things. It’s like I feel it’s another job.

But who says that you have to put wipes in here? You could put your keys in here. You could put paper in here. You could put a little dog poop bags in here. You could do whatever you want. It gives you a ton of options and I really think that it’s a great bag.

Over and out, this is Natalie Diaz with Twiniversity. Make sure that you’re prepared next time you leave the house with your twins.

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