The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

The #1 Resource & Support Network for Parents of Twins

Twin Classes

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How Would You Like to Learn?
  • The most popular option with families expecting twins!
  • Often called our “Twins Crash Course” since we compact most of our Twiniversity classes into two evenings LIVE on zoom.  
  • ALL questions answered in REAL time in our virtual classroom
  • Meet other families due around the same time as you.
  • Best choice for families that are extra worried (more reassurance given).
  • Best for families that feel either themself or their partner is totally unprepared. 
  • LIVE demonstrations of many helpful skills like diapering, bottle making/feeding, breastfeeding and more! 
Live Virtual Classes Live Virtual Classes

Live Virtual Classes

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Self Paced Classes
Personalized Twin Parenting Support

This option is perfect for families who need instant answers or may require extra discretion. Whether your twins are still on the way or well into their adventure, you can rest assured that our team is here to provide customized support for your family’s particular situation. If you need help creating a schedule, getting you and your partner on the same page, wondering about class room placement, having potty training problems, or worried about a behavioral issue, we are here to help. Take this opportunity to provide your family with the support they need and deserve.

private expecting twins class

Why Do I Need To Take A Twiniversity Expecting Twins Class?

1. Preparation: Twins come with unique challenges and require different preparation plans compared to a single baby. Taking a twins class can help parents understand what to expect and prepare them for the realities of having two babies at once!

2. Knowledge and Skills: Our Twiniversity Expecting Twins classes provide valuable knowledge and skills specific to caring for and raising twins. Topics covered may include breastfeeding your duo, sleep schedules, managing two infants at once, and communicating effectively with partner and family regarding the help you really need.

3. Bonding and Support: Attending a Twiniversity Expecting Twins Class allows parents to connect with and seek support from other expecting parents of multiples. Sharing experiences, challenges, and tips with others going through similar journeys can be extremely helpful and reassuring.

4. Professional Advice: Our Twiniversity Expecting Twins Classes are taught by the world’s #1 Twin Pregnancy and Parenting Expert, Natalie Diaz. This allows students to gain insight and advice from top professional who understand the unique needs of twins. Psst: Nat’s a mom of twins too!

5. Confidence Building: Expecting twins can be overwhelming, and attending a Twiniversity Expecting Twins Class WILL boost parents’ confidence in handling their babies. Learning essential skills and strategies can help parents feel more prepared and capable of caring for their twins.

6. Your Medical Insurance Covers Some Classes: Many folks don’t know, but childbirth and breastfeeding classes and support are typically covered by your medical insurance. Our Twiniversity Team will happily provide you with a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

So what are you waiting for? Register for our next class today! 


What They Say

about taking Twiniversity Classes

Laura K.

"I just want to thank you so much for the class! Not only did the hours fly by, but you absolutely nailed everything we were puzzled about going in. I described you to my friends as, ‘It was as if I had a very cool, very ballsy sister who had twins already and she was imparting her experience on to us with humor and reality."

Julius E.

I turned to Twiniversity as I was nearing the birth of my twins. As a single gay dad, I found the resource landscape minimal until I took the two-day course. I still use the book and consult this site for practical parent hacks and fun stories. Thank you for being awesome!

Cassandra B.

Natalie is one of the most compassionate and caring people we know. She also has a passion for her job, which is teaching other twin moms how to navigate parenting twins. Natalie is THE resource for parenting twins.

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